The retired Dictator program

What a truly great Idea!


  1. Well, for this program to work a tyrant needs to admit first that he is one (you know, the 1st step in the process & whatnot) which well be a problem since they’re all “kinda” in denial…

    Consider maybe adding anonymous meetings to the program & see how it’ll turn out (this should be fun hahah)

  2. didn’t Roger Waters think that up 25 years ago?

  3. Adam B. says:

    2. Rob -> No, Roger thought it would be a good idea to place democratically elected leaders in retirement homes because they didn’t share his personal opinion…

    His exit was the best thing that could have happened to PF!

    >Ducks and covers!< :D

  4. antares says:

    Mexico has an effective retirement program for its presidents. Not de jure but de facto.

    Understand, Mexico is not a republic with a representative assembly. That is an illusion. Mexico is a presidential regime — an elective dictatorship.

    Under the Mexican constitution, criticism of the president is forbidden. The press gets around this by criticizing everybody else associated with the administration.

    So typically what happens after a president leaves office is he moves to the US. (Mexico has a long string of presidents with graduate degrees in economics from Harvard. Go figure. Anyway, all of them speak American English fluently.) While they are living in the US, the press uncovers the crime and corruption they committed during their administrations. Warrants issue for their arrest.

    What happens? Mexican ex-presidents divide their time between the US and Ireland. No embarassing trials. Life goes on for everybody.

    Last note: Vicente Fox may have broken this record. I think he still lives in Mexico. He began a needed and desirable reform of the Mexican courts. Hope it continues.