Citizenship tests

Germany and the USA are putting out new citizenship tests, and they are kind of hard. I mean, I passed them, but I am a history junkie, and strangely enough I did better on the german test (6 out of 7) than on the american test (7 out of 10..and I have read books on the constitution. SHAMEFUL!). So, if you think you know your shit, go take the sample german one here and the US one here! 

PS: Don't you just love that the picture they have for a person testing to be a german citizen is a Hijabi? 


  1. Mike Nargizian says:

    It’s late and my memory is tired.. but here goes…
    Sandmonkey help me out where I missed.

    Amendments – forget how many
    Checks and balances – division of power
    House of Rep – 400 and something – Senate 100
    Right of Women to Vote – (do you know the other three?)
    2 Rights only a US Citizen has – Right to Vote – _______________________
    Federalist Papers 1 writer – Thomas Jefferson
    Territory bought from France 1803? Louisiana Purchase?
    Woodrow Wilson – President during WWI
    Puerto Rico – 1 US Territory?
    13 Colonies rep 13 Stripes on the Flag

  2. Mike Nargizian says:

    Got the answers… I was going to also say the Right to be President… but then I thought that was actually about being born in the US… ie.. Kissinger and Arnold could never be President….
    makes sense that a non-citizen can not run for office though..

    Jefferson wasn’t a Federalist… forgot about that… the liberals back then were for more powers to the states because they were afraid of a too powerful Federal Gov’t ie.. like the King… unlike today where Democrats are more for creating a nanny federal gov’t etc… whereas Republicans are all for the Federal Gov’t knowing your business like any time you transfer more than 10k from a Bank Account… which is fing creepy too… using the excuse it helped them catch Drug Dealers and now terrorist networks that the Saudis then pressure the FBI and CIA to leave alone anyway… or the Justice Dept so badly fucks up the prosecution… (Sami Al Arian – CAIR) but I digress.

    Nonetheless, Washington put down a rebellion against the Federal Gov’t early in his Presidency that was crucial to the new found Union…

    Thanks for the link… American History from the Revolutionary War on were my favorite classes by far.


  3. I got all ten on the US questionnaire. Hopefully the full one is a touch more rigorous. I mean, most of those would be on a third grade history quiz.

  4. I don’t know what a Hijabi is, but the picture shows how Muslims are generally perceived here in Germany. I’d say the majority of muslim women around here look like that. Funny, isn’t it, since they’d have any chance to excell here, but there culture is strong enough to keep ‘em down even if they live in a free society.

  5. I got 4 out of 10 (US). What a shame.

  6. Mike Nargizian says:

    Kurt that wouldn’t be on any 3rd grade test… who wrote the Federalist Papers? Who was President during WWI? How many Amendments to the Constitution? A 3rd grader doesn’t even know what an Amendment is and may be vaguely familar as to what the Constitution is..
    Speaking of which… thank g-d for the Amendments especially the 1rst Amendment.. even the pathetic pandering NY Times is questioning the Right to Free Speech kissing the ass of the Guardian and the stupid Europeans and their ridiculous petty free speech laws… that do nothing but drive people right to the extremists… ie the fascist parties…

    Thomas Jefferson was a genius wayyy beyond his time.

  7. We must have attended very different elementary schools, then. I thought the Woodrow Wilson question was especially ludicrous. “Who was president during WWI?” Is there really any American, child or adult, who doesn’t know this?

  8. I got five correct on the German questionnaire. Did anyone else find some of the German questions to be bizarre? When I first read the ones about Willy Brandt, the Bundestag, and juvenile crime, I paused for a moment because I thought they HAD to be trick questions.

  9. I got 7/7 on the German test & 6/10 U.S,

    who knew becoming German was easier?!!

  10. Flonkbob says:

    Kurt… Yeah, I couldn’t remember Woodrow Wilson was president during ‘The Big One’, but oddly enough I could picture his face. I have lived in the US all my life, so of course I couldn’t answer all these. It’s my patriotic duty to take it all for granted.


  11. CarpetCaptain says:

    5′s on both and the closest I got to readig anything in German was German Playboy.

    Its quite telling though that the person they have waiting to take the exam is wearing a thought blocking helmet.

  12. Marie (Germany) says:

    PS: Don’t you just love that the picture they have for a person testing to be a german citizen is a Hijabi?

    You want the truth?

    I just hate it. If they want to wear a hijab, they should not bother us in Germany with it. It is so uuuuggggllllyyyyy!


  13. That US test must be a joke. No prospective US citizen could pass that. The only way they could be serious is if they plan on reducing the nationalization rate to 0 lol. That’s obviously not the case, though, since the Federal govt keeps floating “amnesty” bills to deal with the problem of illegal immigration. Hey, what a concept. Deal with illegals by making them all legal, right? That’s be a great way to cut down on crime rates too, wouldn’t it? :O

    SM< what problem do you have with that picture of the woman in hijab? Who else but Muslims are immigrating to Germany in large numbers? Wouldn’t it be intellectually dishonest to try and pretend that some other group of people has been mass-immigrating to Germany the last 20 or 30 years? US it’s latinos, UK has South Asians, Germany has Muslims (turks), France has disgruntled Hollywood elites.