Mugabe, I am confused!

Ok, Mugabe, out of curiosity: If you are going to arrest your opponent in the upcoming election and his second man in charge, Impound the buses he uses to campaign in the country, send hired killers against Human Rights activists, and state that the opposition will never govern in your lifetime and that you would rather go to war than cede power to them even if they did win , then..ehh…why even have an election? Why go through all of that trouble? Or are you just doing it for attention, you attention-whore you?


  1. You have no shame, nor inhibitions, and your brevity speaks volumes. I applaud your wit in the face of Mugabe’s obscenity.

  2. Mugabe should find himself in Charles Taylor’s shoes, … soon.

  3. CarpetCaptain says:

    Mugabe has hurt his country much more than Taylor did. He single handedly managed to turn Africa’s breadbasket into a starving nation that relies on handouts that he doesnt allow aid agencies to distribute properly.

    But hey the man according to himself was appointed by god…..ring a bell?