Salamtak Ya Joe

Your prayers are needed! 


  1. Patrick says:

    What a powerful voice for reason, progress, and art. There is a reason why the festival organizers at Cannes decided to give him the Lifetime Achievement Award at Canne’s special 50th anniversary. Insha’allah you will recover soon.

  2. yoursugamama says:

    talk about takin news from s&h u imposter!

  3. Powerful through all his movies, up to his last movie “le Chaos”.
    A GREAT person!

  4. “Heya Fawda” sucked dead elephant balls. Thanks to Khaled “sexy movies” Youseff.

  5. I agree with Bob. “Heya Fawda” was terrible. I’m still a fan of his earlier work.

  6. EgyptianKangaroo says:

    Hang in there Joe. Your a legend !!

  7. Regallo says:

    bob , congratulation about your kick ass English , but you are still have alot to learn in the domain of criticizing movies.