The Special candidate

Hillary wasn't only the first woman with a strong chance of being nominated for President, as Hitchens reminds us:

Posterity may well remember the Hillary Clinton campaign as the nearest
that a member of the female gender had thus far gotten to the
nomination of a major political party. But the episode will be recalled
for many other salient features as well. The first time that the wife
of an ex-president had leveraged her first-lady status into a
senatorial seat and then a bid for the presidency. The first time that
the candidate's spouse (and campaigner in chief) was a person who had
been disbarred for perjury and impeached for—among other
things—obstruction of justice. The first time since the 1960s that a
Democrat seeking the nomination had implicitly relied on a "Southern
strategy" of appealing to the rancor of the "white working class." The
first time since the lachrymose Ed Muskie that a candidate's eyes had
welled up with tears in New Hampshire. The first time that a woman
candidate was married to a man who had been believably accused of rape
and sexual harassment.
The first time that a candidate had said of her half-African-American
rival that he was not a member of the Muslim faith "as far as I know."
The first time that the loser in the delegate count had failed to
congratulate or even acknowledge the winner on the night of his
historic victory.

But please remember, she lost because she was a woman. Oh, and white. 


  1. antares says:

    Barack Obama is NOT half African-American. He is half African. His father is from Kenya.

  2. Clean-Machine says:

    Jeeeeh antares, thanks for bringing all of that to our attention lol. In the end he is of African origin and now American, so technically, he is Afro-American, Yeaaahh!

  3. She lost because there are more registered Democrats who don’t like her or trust her than there are registered Democrats who have yet been given reasons to dislike or distrust Obama. I mean who could trust a woman who would stick by a leacherous satyr like Bill for the sake of political power? And then there’s the old Whitewater business.