Dreaming of an Escape


The Beach, Hurghada, Egypt! 


  1. maybe go to jolli sahara while you are at it :)

  2. anonymous says:

    I’m dreaming that same dream right this minute…

  3. I’m dreaming that I’ll be in a peaceful place where I could spend for days away from problems and pains.


  4. could anyone shed some light on my stallions odd behavour he seems to be dribbling semen looking liquid from his sheat (small part of penis showing) just after excercise he does not change personality while doing this and remains placid and calm,, and is happy to carry on working is this something to worry about?

    have a 4 year old stallion. When he is collected on the dummy it usually takes 3 mounts before he ejaculates. After being collected he has friction burns on the inside of each knee. He has been collected on different dummys with different covers and gets the burns regardless. At the end of last season he became reluctant to mount and after mounting wants to stay far off the dummy to protect his legs. After his first collection this year he already has the burns. The breeding farm tried wrapping his legs but couldn’t keep the wraps on. I have seen pictures of stallions with knee protectors on and am wondering what brands are best and will stay on when a large stallion mounts the dummy.

  5. hey SM, random question: a little while ago i found a link to this really cool photography blog on here but now I can’t find it. Any idea what it is or am I SOL?

  6. What?
    What the Hell?
    Why is your stallion mounting a dummy? Do we sound like vets here?
    Actually, I know more about this than you’d ever believe…enough to change my mind about Vet school:):):)
    Give the horse a break? Vacation? Let him free to run the wild prairie for awhile

    Thanks for the smile

  7. Hmmm..maybe you could give your stallion a real horse? Let nature take it’s course? Poor thing..sounds like he knows he’s being used as a commodity and a scientific experiment…Definitely a vacation:):)

  8. Hurghada is the place to be in Egypt

  9. It looks beautiful.