The Conspiracy reaches farther than you’ve imagined

The JOOZ now control Microsoft word, luckily for us, the astute minds of the Kabobfest boys were there to stop them from getting away with it. Ohh..they are soo dreamy!!!!


  1. obviously they were being sarcastic.

  2. hahaha…
    I just can’t understand it.
    o.k., those bullshit Israeli conspiracies are effective on the simple falah, but in the US?
    Those storuis just make the Arabs look ridiculous and feeding the “Eastern imagination” prejudice.

    Great blog you got here, watching it for a while.

  3. Um Sandmonkey says:

    AF, I don’t think it was obvious to Sandmonkey and his minions that the KABOBfest “boys” were being sarcastic. (BTW, Sandmonkey: you sure there aren’t any women contributors on that blog?)

    Not only does satire go over the head of people like Sandmonkey, this Ariel Qassis person and a couple of commenters on the KABOBfest page, but any joke about these consipracies throws them into hysterics as if everyone is an anti-semite. People are going to stop believe anti-semitism exists if they keep throwing around the accusation, especially at a sarcastic piece of writing!

  4. Palastink needs to wake up! this is too sick

  5. Regallo says:


  6. Suzanne says:

    @Um Sandmonkey, sometimes it’s just hard to distinguish irony and seriousness behind a zionist conspiracy plot. That’s a fact. Every plot makes me laugh, because they are usually extremely silly. The problem is only that there are people out there, honestly believing this crap – whether it was ironic or not. That does not make it funny anymore.

  7. anonymous says:

    Is Bill Gates Jewish?