The Carrie Bradshaw effect on middle-east politics

Just read this!


  1. eggs!!

  2. I find it very disturbing that you can make fun of a 23-year old who has had a prophylactic double mastectomy, regardless of her behaviour. Frankly, I think your attitude is insulting to all breast cancer survivors and their families.

    II am usually a fan of your blog and have never taken offence at any of your posts before. On the contrary, I usually enjoy your commentary.

    Cynicism is not appropriate for every situation.


  3. CarpetCaptain says:

    NH I think you missed the point here. His cynicism was not at her mastechtomy but at the way she wrote about her entire experience with Rambo. Remember Sex and the City and the way she told her story?

  4. That girl is psycho!