Those Iranian missiles

Apparently the Iranians photoshopped those Missile pictures that shocked and scared the world, and in response, the world has decided to make their own photoshopped versions of that same picture. The one above is my favorite, but please go here and here for more. I would even tell you  feel free to makes new ones and sending them to me, but this was out 6 days ago, and it would feel dated. You know?


  1. bishbish says:

    lol the original chopped photo was such a hack job, you can literaly see where he placed the ‘healing tool’ for you photoshop geeks out there…………no i’d never hire reza to airbrush boobs for playboy..

  2. yochanan says:

    this is my second fav. one my fav is not safe for my personal health

  3. yochanan says:
  4. Charles says:

    So what the fuss about ?

    You know, those iranians live in the Middle-Age so… they´re unable to build missile or master nuclear energy…

  5. Uchuck the Tuchuck says:

    The People’s Cube has got an article on the photoshopped launch.

  6. Uchuck the Tuchuck says:

    Sorry, forgot to provide the link:

  7. I’m really surprised no one’s made a comment in LOLspeak yet…. Because that image is all, “O hai! I can haz doom?”

  8. Finlander says:

    Well, this is all around …

    Wow, am I the only one who thinks there might be something fishy about the whole incident, starting from the bad photo manipulation in a govenrmental level and it coming out so quickly and effortlessly. Yeah, let’s just dabble with the manipulations of our own and make fun of them … makes the world a much better place. (Sarcasm intended.)

  9. #9

    You are probably not the only one. However, given all this mucho prette and all this honor here and honor there BS I personally doubt so.
    I think Ahmadinejad would rather be dead than look as a fool, which still did not help. Ironicly.

  10. Finlander says:


    It’s just that dead-fool comment of yours that makes me even more doubtful about the whole thing … Hard to believe that he’d let a secret like that out so easy.

    He could, ofcourse, be a big believer of proverbs like me, you know, such as the “He who laughs last laughs best.”

  11. I am not laughing at the moment, however I agree with this wise proverb. WE shell see.

  12. twosret says:

    Can someone show us Israel weapons of mass destruction even if it is photo shopped LOL you lot make me laugh :)

  13. Roman Kalik says:

    It’s just that dead-fool comment of yours that makes me even more doubtful about the whole thing … Hard to believe that he’d let a secret like that out so easy.

    This assumes that the Iranian state-owned press is intelligent. Or that it cares at all about foreign consumption. Propaganda is often merely for internal consumption – and these pictures came along with Iranian articles about “mass emigration from Tel-Aviv”, “Israel says won’t attack Iran after missile test”, and so on. When one is playing a balancing act between brainwashing one’s own populace and one’s foreign policy, one can often slip and fall. The Soviet Union often did, as do many other authoritarian regimes where foreign opinions aren’t nearly as important as keeping the local populace ignorant and obedient.

    My guess? Some “photographer” was too hasty in his work, and some propaganda officer was too lax in his oversight.

  14. Why go and waste missiles? LOL

  15. They were probably also mini-missiles that were enlarged a gazillion times. :)

  16. “Why don’t you drop your cold tomfoolery
    And shed your nasty jewelry?” – Captain Beefheart

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  18. Funny pictures indeed!!! I wonder if they are created to change the mood of people living in such atmosphere or what for.

  19. 13. Twosret -> Don’t like it when we’re making fun of your dear friend AJ? :D