David Duchovny enters rehab for sex addiction

I am shocked. SHOCKED. People have sex with David Duchovny? For real?


  1. Well, Téa Leoni did at least twice! They have two children.

    Actual proof of David’s addiction!


    I hope someone washed that cup in an autoclave!!

  2. I wonder if he just bothered his wife all the time or if looking elsewhere to get some was part of the problem.

  3. I wonder if he just bothered his wife all the time or if looking elsewhere to get some was part of the problem.

    Karen, I’m guessing that a lot of compulsive and uncontrollable behavior is involved, since it is called an “addiction”. Unless there is something different about “sex addiction” from other types.

  4. Jewish boy, princton, NY I’m getting worried lol

  5. *Princeton*

    God forgive me if I misspell that :)

  6. humble simpleton says:

    Just for curiosity: Pronounciation of russian word “duchovnyi” meaning “spiritual”.

  7. Craig,

    I think both would be a problem for me.

    He’s Jewish/Scottish. I don’t think his ethnicity was a factor in his compulsive behaviour :)

  8. Wait – isn’t this the same program YOU were in?

  9. wasn’t Michael Douglas suffering of the same disease ?

    uh, better they get profit from their tool before Andropose take rid of this possibility :lol:

  10. Mike Nargizian says:

    Interesting story except there’s no link to where you heard the story from?

    Just curious what guy isn’t addicted to having good sex?

  11. Set him up with the Cairo chick looking for a hubby. I think they would match well.

  12. Mike, it is all over the news google it :) Obviously in his case he was too addicted. I never heard of a rehab though…those Nuw Yourkers!

    Howie, The Cairo chick needs a husband and a father not to get pregnant again :)

  13. Marie Claude says:

    WTF, I can’t pass through the spam filter !!!!!!!!!!!

    what I said, Mickael Douglas suffered of the same disease, isn’t theat the men that approaches the fifties are afraid of loosing, ????????

    Dame Andropose will take care of that lot of shit :mrgreen:

  14. He was on sex and the city sandmonkey! That should have been a hint of some type!

  15. Melissa in NorCal says:

    Apparantly, he has a online porn problem. He didn’t cheat on his wife, but locking yourself in the bedroom for hours and sifting through hundreds of videos and pictures can be quite destructive for a family no doubt.