Dying in Austin

Guys, I have been having the worst case of body flu ever contracted, and it sucks that it happens to me when I finally get to Texas, which in my humble opinion, kicks New York's ass. My mind is working, but I have to say that my body is feeble, and I have no idea what to do. If any of you is a doctor, and can give me an idea of what kind of Over the Counter medication I could take to combat this, let me know. We are talking temperature rise, cold sweats, hellucination in sleep (I had a dream where I was part of a competition, where democrats had to roll me like a bucket down hills or else I will get worse. I know, my brain is a scary place!), alternations between feeling cold and hot and a bronchital cough, not to mention an upset stomach.  I have been living off of Dayquil so far. Any ideas, recommendations or home remedies welcome.

Let me know! 


  1. And you call yourself an Egyptian! Afterall, all you need is …


    I once suffered from a similar condition while staying at some friends in Egypt. Especially those hallucinations really got my friends worried so they felt they had to take some action. The ‘action’ was left to my friends Egyptian mother who just stripped me to my underwear, cut up a bunch of limes and started to douse me with lime juice from my fingertips to my toes, even my scalp and ears. Finally she even forced me to breath the juice into my nostrils (I was feelin too much like a wet rag to object.). In less than half an hour I was cured. Since then I have used the same method whenever I feel even a slight sore throat and not once had a serious flu since. Considering the incident happend like 10 years ago and that I live on the Arctic Circle, it’s a miracle. Personally I see it, the lime, as me giving a warning sign to my body to behave. :P

  2. Sorry to hear you are sick. When in Austin check out Don Juan in a Million for a great breakfast. The absolute best. And yes Austin blows NY away.
    Enjoy and hope you feel better.

  3. Melissa in NorCal says:

    Make sure if your fever gets over 104 to go to the hospital. Drink plenty of fluids and stay in bed. I’m not sure how much Day Quil helps. If you have congestion, just get some Mucinex. The stuff they sell over the counter is worthless now. The pharmacist can give you the real deal for the same price. I hope you feel better soon. You just got introduced to a new bug is all.

  4. Sleep. Lots of sleep. Vitamin C helps too. Lots of liquids. Take a multivitamin if you don’t normally.

    Hope you’re better soon.

  5. As you do not mention high grade fever (> 40 °C respectively > 104.0 °F), it does not sound like a flu or another serious infection. If I were walking in your boots, I would abstain from any medication. Most of those “cold”/”flu” treatment drugs are useless anyway (except for the drug companies, of course). I would rather help my body fighting the pathogen by taking a break for some days, sleep a lot and drink a lot (water, tea, home-made lemonade, chicken broth, but no alcohol). If you can hardly sleep because of the cough, it might help to put up the bed-head and ask your host for a humidifier. A light diet will help to calm down your stomach (i.e. carrot soup, apple purée with rice, dates or rusk and tea with honey (dip the rusk, that ‘s good and allowed for patients :) ). If you should not feel better after 5 days or your temperature should raise over 40.0 °C, you might want to see a doctor.

    Maybe your stomach trouble is a side effect of the medication anyway. Dextromethorphan is a common agent in OTCD for “cold”/”flu” treatment. It may cause dizziness, drowsiness or restlessness, nausea, vomiting, stomach pain or diarrhoea. It does interact with alcohol and may interact with certain antidepressants (SRI, MAOI) and other drugs. Hallucinations are among the possible effects of an overdose.

    Get well soon.

  6. Go to a doctor. There are some nasty flu-like diseases going around that do not cause a high fever, but do respond quite handily to antibiotics.

  7. Not a dr., but if I were in your shoes I would take something for the fever and sleep. You will eventually get better if this is viral. If you think it could be bacterial, go see a dr. and get some antibiotics.

  8. To bad you not feeling well. you know how much fun Austin can be with all those college girls running around!!!! Get well soon!!

  9. CarpetCaptain says:

    Two things spiced rum and tea. Then wrap yourself up in a blanket and go to sleep. You’ll overheat your virus (and body) beyond the narrow spectrum that it can flourish in and hopefully feel better in the morning. Hope you feel human enough in the morning to see about those college girls Teddy is going on about.

  10. sweetheart, if it’s really that bad, go to a doctor!!!

    my advice would be to milk whatever egyptian/arab connections you guys have there… find an egyptian doctor who won’t mind writing your prescription in the name of a friend who has insurance. seriously. this is what i did last time i was sick stateside.

    if you absolutely refuse to see a doctor, just drink as much water as you can hold down and have a mug of the US equivalent of lemsip (maybe theraflu?) every few hours. try to eat a little bit of soup or plain rice to give your body some energy.

    also, advil liqui-gels are a total miracle cure for any aches and pains, fever, and inflammation you may have. so hook yourself up with a bottle of those too.

    salemtak!!!!!!! XOXO

  11. Theraflu. really.

    Tastes nasty, but helps.

    Good luck.

  12. Shay.

    It cures everything.

  13. It is probably just the 24-hour flu or possibly 48-hour flu. Take pain medication and sweat it out….literally. The flu sucks.

  14. Shay?

  15. Arabic for ‘tea’ tedders.

    It’s the cure all in our culture. Add a little honey and it could quite possibly cure cancer.

  16. Get Mucinex for an expectorant, Ibuprofen/acetaminophen/naproxen for pain and Gatorade (excellent source of electrolytes, which are vital for maintaining body fluid function and are lost quickly when sick) to help stay hydrated. Also, you can go into any major pharmacy chain here in the US (CVS and Walgreens, for example) and speak with a pharmacist, who will direct your to exactly what you need and help you avoid the stuff that won’t help.

  17. Sandmonkey:

    There are very few medicines that work on viral diseases, and that includes flu. Immunization is the only reliable control, and if you already have the disease, it’s too late.

    Try “Theraflu”, which you can get at any pharmacy without prescription. Lots of liquids (hot or cold) to stay hydrated. Aspirin to reduce the fever.

    If you don’t see a reduction in symptoms within a few days, get to an Emergency Room and make certain you have the flu, and not something else (worse)

    Stay well-

    Ken Price

  18. Sanddude,
    I usually take about four to five shots of Patron Tequila. I know it sounds harsh but trust me, it is the one thing that is guaranteed to make you fell better:) Smootches.. OBTW I am a chick.

  19. SM,

    How are you today? Getting better yet?

    I am not a doctor so I will not be able to suggest anything.

    I just noticed that there are contradictory suggestions so if you are not getting any better go see a doctor in person.

    Shay? Shouldn’t it be ‘chai’?

  20. How are you today, Sandmonkey?

  21. Just recovering from the same thing I picked up during a trip to Doha and Dubai I returned from yesterday. You’re the balancing point for my sickness, I’m afraid.

    If you’re still in Austin next weekend, or meander through Houston, let me know and I’ll meet you for scotch, wine, whatever floats your boat. Get well soon.

    Oh, and I recommend either Ibuprofrin or Advil Flu medicine. It made my time in the ME just bearable…dayquil is for sissy flus only unless you, like, triple the dosage.

  22. I’m not a doctor, but I’m sure if you quit taking the narcotics you found on the street in NYC…
    only kidding. It sucks to be sick away from home

  23. Hey! I have an idea.
    Get some Ben and Jerrys breast milk and blame them…

  24. Leo,

    It is Shay not the Chai you know :-) pretty much english breakfast tea.


    Comm’on you can’t complain about the food in the Marriott in Doha :-) Unfortunately Sandmonkey left Austin to Egypt tedders and I tried to make a bloggers get together but it didn’t work out Ike complicated my schedule.


    Hey girl :-) where have you been?

  25. Twosret,

    ‘Shay’ it is.
    I know Russians say ‘chai’ and I also know this word is not of Russian origin and probably not of Arabic origin as well.

  26. There is a liquid Tylenol severe cold formula that might help you sleep and feel better.

    If you have no doctor – (a part of traveling that sucks) and do not want to go to the emergency room – some large Wal-Mart stores have walk in clinics with good doctors. I used one, surprisingly professional clinic, while on vacation – what a time to get acute bronchitus – and $50 and 30 minutes later, I had a Rx for massive antibiotics… which I could fill at the same location.

  27. Unless we’re talking two different kinds of tea, “chai” is the generally accepted way of spelling it…

  28. Leo and Adam,

    I don’t know the origin of the word but we call it shay :-)

    I guess it is time to let you guys know that Sandmonkey did go to the ER and did travel and arrived safe in Egypt.

  29. Chai appears in more than one language. In India, Chai is tea with spices, which is essentially what spiced tea is called in North America. In Hebrew, Chai means “life.” Historically, Russia has had exposure to Jews and Indian culture (because of the silk road just south of it, so it could have come from either source there.

  30. Thanks for the info, Twosret. I hope he ‘s recovered.

  31. Twos!! Your online again!!


    Good to hear Sam made it home in one piece! Is he feeling any better?

  32. brooklynjon says:


    Thx for the update. I had added it to the list of things I worry about.


  33. Twosret,

    Thank you for the update on SM.

  34. Teddy,

    Yes he is better and the pneumonia is down graded to bronchitis last I heard. His family is busting his butt to get his lungs checked one more time. Good for them :-)


    Glad that your list is getting shorter :-)


    You are more than welcome, I have been hesitant to post since he left but thought it will be good to let everyone know since he is too exhausted to post.

  35. igni,

    You are more than welcome

  36. And Shana Tova to all of you who celebrate the new year!

  37. Shana Tova to you too.


    PS. Rosh Hashana is not religious holiday. Everybody can celebrate it.

  38. Leo,

    Thanks but I thought it includes some praying and time off etc….

  39. “Yes he is better”

    Great news!! You’re in our prayers Sam!

  40. “I thought it includes some praying and time off etc…”

    I am not sure there maybe special Rosh Hashana payer. However, nobody will twist your arm if you will pray in the manner you are accustomed to. But in a nut shell it is just to celebrate beginning of the year with joy so year would pass in similar fashion. And as far as I know, time off never hurt anybody before.

  41. leo,

    A prayer, time off, and good food and company :) I’m all for it!


    Howdy doo. I thought I was alone here glad to see that you guys are still checking.

  42. Hmm, I wonder if you should head to a doctor. Over the counter remedies don’t seem to do much against the flu. The basics like hot tea and maybe a pain reliever (Advil, Tylenol, etc.) may help, but if you’ve been sick for a while, head to a doctor.

  43. Hi Chickies :)

    Wow, pneumonia is really dangerous

  44. Becky,

    Yeah Thank God he is better now. I hope he starts posting soon.

  45. brooklynjon says:


    Can I get a note from you saying that R.H. is not a religious holiday, so I can present it to my rabbi and get exempted from going to prayer services? And if you could put in a good word about Yom Kippur and Sukkot, I’d appreciate it!



  46. I’m late posting this, as you are clearly gone.

    Austin has an allergy season for everybody. So, either:
    1) If you are running a fever: take 50/50 vodka/water or sake (preferred)
    break two raw eggs into it. Drink. That’s the flu / protein / sleep thing.

    2) Get yourself some allergy medication. Sept/Oct is Oak pollen season in Austin. Stay away from red wine (has histamines in it). This is probably what is ailing you — because it makes you feel like shit, you aren’t sneezing and it isn’t a cold or flu.

    Austin is great, except for the allergies. I left the US when I was 18, and spent 10 years in Asia Pacific. They (the company) moved me to Austin — and now, I wouldn’t live anywhere else in the US. Allergies suck, though…

    BTW: I would have responded sooner if you hadn’t taken a haitus! :-)

    If you ever get back to Austin, please e-mail me: I’d love to set up an evening on the town for you. The e-mail is in your system…

    Best Regards,
    W. Archibald