Making fun of Palin

Here is the Tina Fey impression of the debate (which saddens me to say was rather spot on) and Bill Maher's reaction to it, where he showed the amount of eye-winkage she put in there (He put in 4, I counted 5. She did give a wink to that 3rd grade class that was watching, or something, right?). There is also that piece by George Saunders, which made me fall on the floor from laughing, using her folksy speak. Hey, I like her, but damn she is easy to make fun off.


  1. One does have to ask – what is there to like? She reminds me of my first year college roommate. A fun woman and good friend, but I wouldn’t even dream of putting her in the White House to lead the free world.

  2. AHH, She will school all of you (especially non-Americans) later. Just wait you ignorant mother fuckers.

  3. joe the machinegunner says:

    Palin belongs in a small meth ridden Alaska town. She is suited for it. Please don’t thust her onto the entire country. She has a place where she can excell. Let her succeed. Go Palin!

  4. Old Amsterdam says:

    Dear Nancy, I don’t want to be rude, but americans are the only people who see the leader of the white house as the leader of the free world. Basically , the free world is kinda thed up with you americans. But you already knew that. Palin is a disgrace as veep. And mccain is a disgrace as presidential nominee. You people really don’t give a fuck about democracy whatsoever, do you? Europe is preparing itself with beer and peanuts. Let the craziest show on earth begin :-)