Omar Bakri’s duaghter is a stripper

Praise Allah:

As the daughter of firebrand cleric Omar Bakri Mohammed, Yasmin Fostok might be expected to share his fanatical beliefs.

But the radical Muslim's daughter has ditched his extreme interpretation of Islam  -  as well as most of her clothing.

The busty blonde has been revealed as a topless, tattooed pole dancer.

The 26-year-old single mother has been displaying her charms in
London clubs and touring as a 'podium' dancer with a troupe called
Ibiza Untouched.

Hundreds of youngsters go wild over the daughter of the preacher of hate who rants against Western 'depravity'.

shrugged off the secret life that her father would abhor. 'I don't
agree with his views  -  I just get on with my life and that's it,' she

And what's his reaction of this? Oh, it's all lies, naturally:

Perhaps predictably Bakri, now exiled to Lebanon, dismissed the news
as a ' fabrication' and described it as an attack on him and Islam.

'The more you put pressure on me, the stronger I become. Islam will conquer Britain,' he said.

'I have not seen my daughter for nine years, but because she is a member of my family people want to make things up about her.

'You are going to pay a heavy price. You can read it any way you like. The time is now.'

Yeah, yeah, Tough guy. Remember how tough he was during the War on Lebanon, when he tried to board the british ship leaving the country after the brits kicked his ass out? He is very good at making threats from the safety of his home this guy.

But I digress, I don't usually find pleasure in seeing a man's daughter turn into a topless pole dancer (although it is a respectable way to get yourself through college, wink wink), since it is kind of every man's nightmare. However, when it comes to Bakri, ehh, I dunno. It seems kinda Karmic. I just hope they don't kill her in some weird attempt to avenge his honor. 


  1. Priceless!!! :D

  2. Mike Nargizian says:

    nah I was just thinking I wonder how hot she might be… and if you know the place or places where she’s dancing….

  3. Sheikh's Friends says:

    Statement by Sheikh Omar Bakri Mohammed

    Allah (swt) says: “Verily, those who like that (the crime of) illegal sexual intercourse should be propagated among those who believe, they will have a painful torment in this world and in the Hereafter. And Allah knows and you know not.” (Noor: 19)

    The Prophet Mohammed (saw) said: “no one has come with what I have come with; except that people had animosity towards him”

    What I would like to explain and Allah (swt) is my witness, that whatever the Sun newspaper has mentioned, the one that is famous amongst those that promote pornography and blackmail in Britain and has falsely attributed it to me false accusations and what the Arab and western media have portrayed from them unfortunately, claiming that I have a daughter who works in night clubs and that her name is Yasmine who has a son, and attribute to me many fabricated quotes such : that I was shocked when i heard the news…. and such as i said : she can act as she wills…. and the claims that I have allegedly funded cosmetic surgery to enlarge her chest, so that she can work as a strip dancer in night clubs….etc
    My Answers : I seek refuge in Allah (swt) from all the above lies and fabrications of made up why the pornographic the sun newspaper and its likes claims .

    All these lewd accusations are completely fabricated and unfounded and cannot be accepted by any sane person without proof, except the one who is a Kafir and the one who is envious or he is of those who has a grudge against Islam and its people.
    And this girl, if she ever existed, which has bee mentioned in the newspaper, has nothing to do with my family in anyway. And indeed I never did and never will have any interview with those pornographic newspapers like the sun or any other of that like ever in my life, which continues to publish lies and fabricate stories and interviews against those Islamic activists and the Mujahideen
    While it knows (SUN) that this day and age, it is possible to fabricate any accusation and attribute it to any Muslim Activist without him have any recourse to defend himself or his honour, especially after they have learnt that the Muslim activist who is holding firm onto his Islamic principles, will never arbitrate to the man-made law or to any man-made court, whether British or otherwise for whatever reason. As it is known that to arbitrate to man-made law is act of apostasy which takes out of the fold of Islam.
    The truth is that my family comprises of 6 children, 3 males, Muhammad (30 years old, married with 2 children), Yussra (27 years old, Married with 3 children), Abdul Rahman (21 years old, married), Rukan (18 years old, married with no children), Rayh Tul Islam (13 years old) and Bilal (10 years old).
    It is know amongst my family and my beloved ones and my students that my family is a very conservative family with an Islamic upbringing that abides by the Islamic commandments and none of them is engaged in any Islamically prohibited profession or even that which could cast doubt.
    Indeed this is nothing but a orchestrated campaign against Islam and Muslims with strategic aims and dimensions, by maligning my reputation and the reputation of my children to get at the Dawah which I hold firmly onto, the way that many others have attempted to do before, until today. The same way they did with the Messengers and Prophets of Allah (swt) and their families, the Scholars, the Islamic activists and the Mujahideen.
    There is no doubt that the firmness of the da’iees and the Ulema and the people of Jihad on the word of Haq (truth), i.e Islam and to propagate it and sacrifice or even dies for the sake of Allah (swt) is the direct reason for all this misleading media campaigns, let alone the arbitrary and barbaric campaigns against Islam and Muslims.
    By Allah (swt), the one whom there is none worthy to be worshipped but him, even if Allah (swt) has destined and tested with a daughter who might remove her Hijab, I will be free from her deed, as long as I am on the deen of Islam and Islamic teachings. I ask Allah (swt) for her to be guided while keeping distance from her, because Allah (swt) said,
    “You (O Muhammad SAW) will not find any people who believe in Allâh and the Last Day, making friendship with those who oppose Allâh and His Messenger (Muhammad SAW), even though they were their fathers or their sons or their brothers or their kindred (people)”. (Mujadilah:22).
    As for defaming me, all I can do is to leave my affairs with Allah (swt) and I ask Him (swt) to take revenge for me and all the other Islamic activists and Mujahideen on the day of judgement and for Him (swt) to empower us to establish His (swt).
    And know for a fact, my Muslim brother that we are living in a age where people have forgotten a lot of what the Shari’ah has brought, there gatherings will never be sweet until they violate the honour of active Islamic Scholars and the sincere Islamic activists and those Mujahideen for the sake of Allah (swt) who support his deen, the ones who strive to raise the banner of Islam, seeking nothing but to uphold the word of Allah (swt) and defeat the falsehood and its people.
    Unfortunately you will find many of the corrupted people quick to violate the honour of the Islamic scholars, Islamic activist and the Mujahideen and expose their affairs and get pleasure from talking about them in their gatherings and mocking their honour and repeat all the lies and fabrications that has been rumoured about them, to the extent that some of their tongues did not even fear to make up lies and throw accusations at them and repeating falsehood attributed o them, which is by Allah (swt) made up by the enemies of Islam and its opponents from the secularists, atheists and others, the one’s whose hearts are being torn apart when they see the banner of Islam rising high and on its way to empowerment.
    This is without a doubt the inevitable result of the struggle of those who call to Allah (swt), similarly to when the Messenger Muhammad (saw) was harmed by the non-Muslims and has been said about him that He was a magician, poet, priest, crazy, liar and a radical. The Messenger Muhammad (saw) was even falsely accused in his honour.
    In spite all of that, Allah (swt) has established his deen and made Islam and the Muslims victorious even when the disbelievers hated it. But it is from His (swt) almighty traditions to bring out from amongst the Muslims a group of hypocrites at a time when Islam and Muslims were given honour and dignity, claiming to be Muslims, but Islam is free from them. Their wish is to destroy Islam and whoever calls for it. So they took the path of hypocrisy as their Deen. And whoever takes this path, he has anger Almighty Allah (swt), and has become from amongst the dwellers of the worst level in the hell-fire.
    There are many lessons for the Muslims that can be learnt from the incident of the slander (Verily, therein is indeed a reminder for him who has a heart or gives ear while he is heedful) Qaaf:37, that the path of Dawah and Jihad is a path laden with obstacles, pain and harm from the enemy. The Islamic activists have faced great plotting against them but it never deterred them from their Deen.
    O my Muslim brother, the callers to Islam are always targeted, especially their leader Muhammad (saw), who had many rumours spread about him and spreading rumours is a great and dangerous disease. As if they never heard the saying of Allah (swt) (When you were propagating it with your tongues, and uttering with your mouths that whereof you had no knowledge, you counted it a little thing, while with Allâh it was very great) 24:15.
    And His saying, (We know indeed the grief which their words cause you (O Muhammad SAW): it is not you that they deny, but it is the Verses (the Qur’ân) of Allâh that the Zâlimûn (polytheists and wrong¬doers) deny.) 6:33
    (You shall certainly be tried and tested in your wealth and properties and in your personal selves, and you shall certainly hear much that will grieve you from those who received the Scripture before you (Jews and Christians) and from those who ascribe partners to Allâh; but if you persevere patiently, and become Al-Muttaqûn (the pious) then verily, that will be a determining factor in all affairs.) 3:186
    And the saying of R (saw), “enough lie from a man, is to speak about everything he heard of…enough sin for a man is to speak about everything he heard…how many words will make the hell-fire inevitable for the one who said it…and man will speak a word without verifying and he will go down hell-fire 70 autumns because of it”
    Finally, I say from amongst the tribulation and trials that this Ummah is facing, is to take the disbelievers as allies, while they are attacking and insulting our Deen, they belittle our Prophet (saw) and they mock us. Only the ignorant will take them as allies and this never occurred in the straight path of Allah (swt), where the disassociation from the disbelievers and Shirk (associating partners with Allah (swt)) has been so emphasised even before the belief in oneness of Allah (swt), as He (swt) said,
    “Whoever disbelieves in Tâghût[] and believes in Allâh, then he has grasped the most trustworthy handhold that will never break. And Allâh is All-Hearer, All-Knower”. (2:256).
    The people of kufr and apostasy and hypocrisy has left no means of mocking Allah (swt) and His Deen and His servants and this is very clear in their actions, sayings, media and plotting, so to Allah (swt) alone is our complaint and with Him (swt) is our reckoning and he is the best to look after our affairs.
    The servant of Allah (swt) who is needy for the mercy of His Lord (swt).

    Sheikh Omar Bakri Muhammad Fostok
    Lecturer in the College of Teaching Usul Ul Deen
    27th Ramadhan 1429, 27th September 2008
    Tripoli, Abu Samra, Lebanon
    Tel: 00961 70957759

  4. “There aren’t many ways to judge how good you are as a father, but if your daughter is a stripper — you fucked up.” — Chris Rock

  5. That is one long winded response! However, is the sheikh trying to convince us that he will not sue the Sun -provided he has proof of its ‘falsehood’- because he will not have recourse to man made laws? Is it to be understood that he never crossed path with secular state laws? What an excuse ! How did he regularize his residency in the UK? Sign a rental contract, pay a fine ..etc., in the lands of the mushrekeen?! If it’s so bad, what was he doing living there, seeking their protection? He laments the ‘victimization’ of muslims, but he is its biggest advocate with his rants & nice choice of words such as ” Islam will CONQUER Britain”? D’oh seedna el sheikh !

  6. Nony, he’s a loon, best ignored and hopefully soon forgotten…

  7. @Adam,

    I agree with you that he’s a loon, the sad thing is that he’s is a loon with a following!

  8. He does have a following, yes, but they’re not as numerous as they’re just plain loud… What we need to do is ignore him and his ilk – no coverage, no publicity and hopefully he and his preachings will slowly slip into oblivion.

  9. charlie 316 says:

    You have to feel sorry for the Lebanese having that prolix bore living among them. Is it too much to hope that the Israelis or whoever will do the world a favour the next time they have a punch up in Lebanon?

  10. brooklynjon says:

    charlie 316,

    They would need an idiocy-seeking missile which, sadly, is yet to be invented.

  11. She is about as hot as pop is cowardly and evil. See pictures in The Sun tabloid.

  12. Sand Ape says:

    Friend of Sheikh # 3.

    You posted on the wrong blog, this a blog of the ridiculously insane, deaf & racist people that you detailed in your post.

    You said nothing wrong and they called you a loon.

    Very sad indeed!