The Christian Nymphos blog

Well, now the blogsphere officially has everything!


  1. Hilarious! :D

    “Anal Play, Christians Can Like It Too!”

    Oh me, oh my!!! :D

  2. Twos!!! turn back now, shield your eye’s!! Don’t go to the light!!!


  3. “WARNING: Some of the sexual acts we mention on our blog could cause physical damage to you or your spouse.”


  4. *hiding*

    I don’t blame you!!!

  5. brooklynjon says:

    I have no comment, except to say that I have no comment.


  6. brooklynjon says:

    Okay, I have a second comment.

    We have 613 commandments. “Be fruitful and multiply” is the first one. Presumably it is the first one for a reason.


  7. I have no comment.

  8. *hiding behind tedders peeking at bj*

  9. It is issued by 2012.05.14