At this point, McCain can not win this. We are now living in the age of Obama. Congratulations Obama supporters. You earned this one and won it fair and square!


  1. Why can’t he ? Dare to explain ?

  2. @9:01 PM EST More states called. Obama’s up to 206 electoral votes… which doesn’t include California (with 55). Do we have to keep watching? are u still there Youssef? :)

  3. 11:00 PM EST CNN just projected OBAMA won with 297

  4. Obama did the damn thing.

  5. I congratulate Obama supporters with hard earned victory.

    PS. If Palin runs in 2012 she got my vote. That is unless Obama will prove me wrong.

  6. well I would’ve voted for McCain (but I’m canadian) but I think Obama will still be good for the country.

  7. obama is the shit

  8. yea o bama

  9. Obama was in the right place at the right time. he benefited from Bush being the worst precedent in history. McCain picking Sarah Palin and the economy crash. but with that said there is no doubt the is a great politician. i hope America can pull together and be the great nation that it once was.

  10. Well i really wasnt really supporting any candidate but im happy Obama won.
    Wow, the first black prez, thats awesome!

  11. Congrats to Obama :D Even Indonesian people happy when he wins…

  12. Eskil von Eskil says:

    Statistics indicate that 86% of the Swedish population supports Obama.
    So 86% of the Swedish population is happy now (including me)! yay!

  13. I’m Singaporean, and personally very very very glad Obama won. This is a sign of a new era. I wish him all the best, he’s got a tough term ahead of him, with the country in the mess it is in, he has a tough job on his hands. I believe he can do it though.

  14. Won, yes. Fair and square? Not. But Obama should thank all the international supporters for their generous, and illegal, contributions to his campaign. And the American Comintern, oops, media for it’s insightful obfuscation of his lack of experience, academic efforts, and mentors.

    Four years, folks. There’s a reason why we have immigration, rather than emigration. And it’s not because we’re like everyone else.

  15. Congrats to the winner. Now THAT is something the other side of the spectrum would never ever say….remember 2000 anyone?

  16. Yep, those 200,000 false ACORN Votes in Ohio sure turned the tables on this one. Feels like Deja Vu and it’s 1976 again. This is not going to be good folks. I know small buisness owners this morning are reading to put their survival mode into play most are planning to lay off 1/2 of their staffs. Stock market dropped first thing this morning and probably will continue to until the massive sell off is done as investors dump their stocks knowing that the tax man cometh. Now reality begins, no more fluff. It’s all on the dems now, they created the financal meltdown now it’s their’s to fix.

  17. Christina/Ohio, good thing that Obama won Ohio with 206,000 votes so those 200,000 votes wouldn’t have changed anything. Good thing Obama also won Florida, Indiana, Colorado, and New Mexico so Ohio didn’t really matter after all. Too bad that voter fraud and voter registration fraud is different and just because someone is registered twice doesn’t mean they get a second vote. Also Obama won the popular vote by around 7 million votes. Quit crying and do what every republican has been telling me to do for the last 8 years and get behind YOUR president and support him.

  18. McGruff,

    “Quit crying and do what every republican has been telling me to do for the last 8 years and get behind YOUR president and support him.”

    Will do just that. Too bad the Dems couldn’t in the past 8 years. We may not be in this mess today if they would have.

  19. you’re right dems didn’t… wait did support going to iraq that has been so successful.

  20. “This is our Moment. This is our time”

    President-elect Barack Obama

  21. mackenzie says:

    go! obama!!!! kid and adults everywhere in north america watched!! even the canadians!
    right here 15 year old canadian!!!
    go! obama!
    know its time to see what he does! don’t do us wrong obama!!