Gotta love the Daily news

Egypt's leading english-langauge rag news paper has published another fantastic article, this time on women in marriages that end up getting destoryed because the Husbends ending up catching "the Gay" later on in life. Please note two things in the article: 1) the absence of mentioning of lesbians, cause girl on girl action is, well, not really a problem for us here in Chauvinism land, and 2) the fact that they are talking about therapy for gayness. Wait, cause this is great. You are going to love this part:

While some specialists believe that marriage is the best “cure” for homosexual men who seek help, others stress that, on the contrary, before they take this step, they should seek the right therapy.

Translation: Some specialists are complete and utter irresponsible morons who think that men who like other men should marry women,so, that, eh,, they can ruin their lives forever? As for the other specialists who think that they should seek therapy, well:

“The therapy would depend on what type of homosexual the patient is and the degree of his homosexuality,” said Osama Shaeer, an andrologist at Cairo University’s Faculty of Medicine. “From a psychiatric viewpoint, there is the ‘ego-dystonic’ type who rejects his abnormal tendencies and the ‘ego-syntonic’ type who doesn’t wish to change.

Ok, fine, I will bite. so how are we going to cure the ego-dystonic ones? 

“As andrologists we take little interest in their psychological makeup as that remains the domain of the psychiatrist,” said Shaeer. “But we could interfere mostly with the passive ‘ego-dystonic’ by providing him with an ‘erectile implant’ that’s surgically planted within the penis to help him achieve a proper erection because some of the ‘ego-dystonics’ — active or passive — do experience erectile dysfunction as they start the act with a woman. But I’d like to note that the role played by the wife is always important.”

Ok, please re-read that paragraph again, and note the idea behind the tehrapy. The men, who can't achieve an erection with a woman cause he is not attracted to her (but probably gets fine erections with other men), should have a surgically planted erectile implant so that he can force his dick to get hard when he is about to have sex with a creature that doesn't turn him on? That's the proposed therapy? Brilliant. Utterly so.

You know, I am not exactly someone who will marsh the streets for gay rights, but it is my belief that people should just be happy with who they are, and that others should just give up on the notion that they can make people "better", whatever that may mean. I say let the gay men be gay and out and happy, because that means more straight- or god willing, bisexual- women for us. Those men didn't chose this, so let them be. Why make their lives even more miserable with therapy ideas that don't make a lick of sense?


  1. i luv egypt says:

    Loool my english is not perfect at all, but i thought therapy refered to mental aid. Since when did therapy suggest plastic surgery??!!!! Well if that “therapy” can get his d**K up it will definintely make his wife happy, but what about him??? He has zero feelings towards her, it like me telling any of you men to go and have sex with your “BAwaab” while unwillingly ur dick is up with no feeling or pleasure. That is the most unnatural thing ive eva heard. In this case, ide say leave em fags alone rather than having horney confused man with a boner marrying my sister or my daughters!!!

  2. hahahaha… wow.

    glad to see you back, love…

  3. I am guessing that these “specialists” think that all male homosexuals get sucked into the lifestyle.

  4. Sandmonkey you are the expert. I mean rumor has it you slobber a bit but do a fine job. Jamiehood ring any bells. come on, don’t deny it, you are bi-sexual. Not that it is any of our business right

  5. lol facebook-oops, I mean face it sandmonkey. You are half way between dystonic and syntonic aren’t you? wha a way to live, you have my sympathies man.

  6. i luv egypt says:

    people i think you have misunderstod the purpose of this post. He is trying to show how retarded people have become. They are trying to convert a homosexual to straight (which is imposible) by applying plastic surgery. It aint about supporting homos! Plus all men luv or dream of having a bisexual girl friend for sexual fantasies. you know every man’s dream of a free 3sum..

  7. In DK in the forties and fifties there was a lot of hardcore experiments in male homosexuals, from lobotomi to chemical experiments, that could drive even the sane insane. Thankfully we have come a long way from that way of thinking. I have never ever met a gay person who didnt say that it is so much more complicated to be gay…