Here we go again

Another bullshit article , by another idiotic foriegn journalist (Today's dunce is called Joseph Mayton. Joseph, I would like you to meet everybody; everybody, I would like you to meet the new idiot in town.) about how the new generation of Muslim Brotherhood bloggers are going to provoke change inside the movement itself. This myth of reformist MB bloggers got started by our old friend Abdel Monem, and has gained traction amongst some very smart people, like Marc Lynch, despite its utter idiocy. (Now, for the interest of full disclosure, I would like to inform you guys of something I didn't share before: In retaliation to an interview that I made with the Brotherhood's second man, where he admitted that CAIR is the MB front in the US, Abdel Monem wrote a news piece on my US trip in the daily newspaper he works at, where he outed me by name. He stated my real name, and identified me as the author of this blog. Thankfully, nobody, or almost nobody, read that article, and I refsued to point it out back then in order to let it get buried.)

Now, the reason why this whole notion is idiotic, is really really simple, and I do hope that Mr. Lynch and his cohorts pay attention, because I won't say this twice. First of all, the MB blogger movemnet is a made-up movement, something I clearly explained in that post back when, so please re-read it so we can move on from that one. Secondly, even if they are honest to god refromers, those bloggers do not exist anywhere close to any decision-making power within the MB structure. Their job, in case you haven't noticed, is to say the words that make the hasmter hit the paddle: i.e. tell you what you want to hear so that you can feel better about yourself and your world. That the Muslim Brotherhood's goals are to live in a democratic society where everyone's rights are respected. Fine, ok, I will bite: As champions of democratic reforms, the MB must carry democratic elections to elect its supreme elader and his council, right? Wrong, you say? The supreme leader is chosen by a secret and shadowy council inside the MB organization itself? The Council itself gets chosen by the Supreme Leaders and the supreme leaders only? The younger generations never, not once, managed to get any of their people into the decision making cabal? So, how exactly is it their goal to exercise that which they themselves don't exercise? 

"But wait," the article says. "We know all of this, but surely, if the upcoming US admisntration started a dialogue with those young MB bloggers, a reconciliation process will start between the US and those islamist organizations. After all, those bloggers like American movies. One of them even says his favorite actor is Brad Pitt. Surely, we can use that to make inroads to create better relations with the US. You must agree with that, no?"

Ehh, who said you need those people to have a better relationship with the MB? You want a relationship with the MB, you just tell them you wnat to have a relationship with them, and they will form one with you. In case y'all haven't noticed,the MB organization, with all its branches, including Hamas, is  made up of a bunch of whores who are willing get in bed with anyone they could in order to gain more power and support. Hamas-The MB of Palestine- is in bed with the Syrians and the Iranians, despite the fact that those two regimes are opressing their local version of the MB, and its normal. The Egyptian MB is not really in opposition with the government. Hell, they would endorse Mubarak for Life tomorrow if he agreed to give them a lick of Power. They are not clean, and they are not above corruption, because they don't have principles. They will play ball with everyone who is willing to play ball with them. So please, new Obama admisntration, if you want to engage the Brotherhood, you can do that directly at any time, without the help of the MB "reformist bloggers". Just call in your nearest CAIR rep, and he will get the message through. Just do it quickly, because I am not sure how many more of those articles I can take.


  1. i luv egypt says:

    Even tho i am not pro-US nor Israel plus i hate you Sandmonkey, but i have to say u hav a point! How on earth can you be a religious man and fight for power. I still do not understand the connection. Politics is a dirty job and requires corruption regardless of the individual’s principles. C mon now, name me one politician that was pure or had no real enemies! I aint no socialist but i do care about the environment cuz i study dat shit anf trust me it aint no joke. Thats why i was impressed by the MB when they opposed the entrance of a European tanker via suez canal, that holds toxic waste that can harm our marine ecosystem.

    Fuck all politicians and PMs, but if one can be brave enough to discuss an enviromental issue in the middle east, then he/she will definitely hav my vote.

    and what da fuck happened t u sandmonkey?? Did the Egyptian SS police get you???? you have been gone for a long time! i thought politics was no mo in ur interest if Obama is our president.

    I feel sorry for you and other voters (whom thought Obama was an Arab) to have a non-white, no no conservative black nosed man as the world’s leader. The “anti-christ” is in power, be afraid!!! Yet its funny how on the same day Obama became president, a palastenian farmer helped a goat to deliver a two headed-goat!!!

  2. Sandmonkey I commend you on gathering the slimiest bunch of regular posters you “egotistical hating blogger”

  3. The more I read this blog the more I realise how much I don’t know.

  4. Not wise bro, a quick Google search would yield the fore mentioned article. You should’ve kept that buried since no one reads that thing anyways. And you know welad el metnaka who have nothing to do all day but read blogs looking for clues like these.

  5. Ass monkey, i must admit i’ve heard farts that made more sense than your writing. now you miss quoted the article, creating some ficional version of it.
    You say the MB blogger is a made up movement. dunno what world you live in really, but allow me to guess: AUC prick who cant even locate his own penis.
    there were times when creatures like yourself would hide under a rock waitting and anticipating for times like these to crawl out and sell your fart as ideas. let me put it to you straight: you are an idiot that history will shit on.