The Sandmonkey Doha Blues

Ok, so the question, last time we were here has been, where do we go from here? Well, Doha, apparently. Surprised? Yeah, me too.

Here is the story: After spending a couple of months in my new company, heading the new business unit, with expansion plans and its ilk, our company went belly up,, because our MBA holding CEO didn'tt do a fiancial valuation before putting all of our free-cash-flow (a.k.a. the money supposed to finance the expansion) in a business venture that even the dumbest dummy would've told him was a very very bad idea. So suddenly the company was on the rocks, going concern became an issue, and salaries started getting delayed. So, I bounced.

Right before the bouncing, I got me that offer to go to Dubai, to which I gave my signiture Fuck you post to, all secure in knowing that there must be a job in Egypt out there for me. I submitted my resignation, took august off, chilling on the beach, enjoying the life. The following month I went on my US-monitoring-the-election trip, and then came back in October for almost a month. Facing dim job prospects from a freaked out economy (Thank you global economic crisis, you cunt you), I was approached by a headhunter for a really fancy job in Doha. Hvaing nothing to do, I agreed to go for a job interview, figuring that it will be ncie to go for a plane ride and a posh hotel. I did have nothing to do really.

So I went, I wowed and I impressed. I was offerd the job on the spot, and for posterity said I would think about it. I went home, and looked around, and found that I either was offerd job that involved advancement but paid half of my current paygrade, or jobs that paid well, but offerd no mental stimulation what-so-ever. For a while I convinced myself that I should go for that job that paid well, but offerd little, because I had a lifestyle to support. I was living the bachelor life in zamalek: girls, parties, foriegn alcohol, afghani hash, etc you name the debauchery, I had it and indulged in it. And I found myself willing to take a job that I knew offerd me nothing but a steady high income in order to support it. And slowly but surely that started eating at me.

You see, in Cairo, all you really have is your friends. You create your alternate reality, our own ghetto if you will, in order to survive this town. And I have done that successfully in the past, so successfull that all I needed to do is to continue to sustain that lifestyle. I knew all the right people, all the IN-crowd folks and those who couldn't care less. I had pull inside the hottest clubs and the fringiest anti-culture hang-out. I had the life, and I had it on lock-down, and I knew that I had peaked, and there was nothing left to do, but to do it all over and over again. 

And then there was Zamalek itself, the Island, and how it insulates you from everything happening around you. If you live in Zamalek, you never have to elave it, excpet to go to downtown, and if you really feel like taking a trip, you ventrue into Maadi. This is your life, on the L shape of the Nile coast. Never really having to inetract with anybody you don't want to interact with. All of your friends speak english to you, and thsoe who don't are not living like the rest of egypt is. It was everything any one could ever need, which to someone like me felt exactly like a trap.

Maybe I am simply a restless soul who can't abide with comfort for long. Maybe I just needed to challenge myself. Or maybe, just maybe, the time was up and I needed a job. Either way, I came back from the states in November, and relaized that in 2 weeks I was going to Doha. And it, somehow, felt right. I needed to remove msyelf from my stagnation. Embark on a new adventure and recharge. And maybe re-start this blog all over again. I have so much to tell you about. This place is insane.

But that's for later. For now I just wanted to send you guys a note: I am alive, and well, and in Doha for at least the enxt 6 months. If you live here, drop me a line. I would love to hear from you! 


  1. I don’t get it.. what does Doha offer that Dubai doesn’t?

  2. Dubai offers everything, and maybe that’s the problem. It’s like a Housepart: In dubai, the party is at 2 am, so even though its happening, it will last another hour or two tops. In Doha, the party hasn;t even begun. It’s like 7 pm or something. Gives you access to all the liwiour early, and if you wanna leave in an hour or two, no sweat, cause the party isn’t in full swing yet.

  3. Mabruuk, I think? The job for sure, the new start, reverse stagnation…just go easy on the debauchery :)

  4. You made the right decision, stay till about 1:20 a.m. then get out !!

  5. Damn, I just got back, and wish I would have known you were there, would have been cool to meet up for a drink. I’ll give you a shout next time I am in town, Scotch is on me.

  6. i luv egypt says:

    Sandmonkey is in town…damn i never expected both of us being in the same city. I lived in Australia and now im here. Sandmonkey you dont have a lot places to go to but try the Pearl at the Marriott. Do not fuck with hash here cuz they will fuck u up. It aint like Egypt! I still do not like you for your ideas but it will be cool drinking with you. So now all i hav to do is look for a chubby guy in da club with hairy hands. I shudnt confuse u wid a Lebanese or a palastenian. Hopefuly u hav da unique egyptian nose to distinguish u from others. Anybody knows how he look like, i need to get him drunk!!!

    Anyways SM, welcome to Doha and enjoy the luxury tax free life…

  7. I need your help. Can you find time between drinks and work ? Just a few words. I´m sitting here sweating …writing my master degree project about coptic christians life in Egypt …any links ?…research please.What area would be wildest to look at ? You got all the informations. Please give me some help here !!!

  8. How odd that u ended up in the place I’ve been looking 2 relocate 2 for the past year and a half despite not being a computer geek. Dubai sucks donkeys…all Goldie Hawn had to say was that it had a lot of “really tall buildings”…lol…wannabe NYC of the Middle East…yeah right…glad u didn’t end up there..

    I took a month off from my comfortable Western life 2 venture back 2 Egypt…couldn’t stand more than a day or 2 in Mohandiseen/Cairo…sorry but Cairo is a city on the road 2 nowhere…traffic is outta control…the pollution is outta control…real Egyptians r a miserable lot…depressed faces everywhere…prices have gone up…I missed the fake clean air I breathe in N. America…

    But I did fall in love with the beaches in Mersa Matruh (even if they weren’t all that clean) and the lovely Bedoin Egyptians…darlings that never sexually harassed me like the rest of the male population in Egypt tended 2…also really fell in love with the coral and the gorgeous fish in Hurghada…true they need 2 dump all of those ugly Russians from there…Eurotrash does bring in hard currency…but a message 2 them…Egypt still belongs 2 the Egyptians…even if they r banned from some of its best beaches…and hey eurotrash…if u c some Egyptians wearing a scarf get over it already…lose the dirty looks…freedom should apply 2 those that want 2 cover as well as those that want 2 strip down 2 bikinis…

    Anyways if I ever do get that dream tax free job that would help me build my nest egg and let me quit working in 5 yrs and live a live of intellectual leisure…i’ll definitely drop ur geeky butt a line.. :)