A Muslim Second Life


The concept is based on other popular virtual worlds such as the The
Sims or Second Life but is different in that content portraying
violence, drugs, sexual references or profanity is not allowed.


On Muxlim Pal, which is free of charge to join, users can shop for
clothes for their avatar at the mall, hang out at the beach cafe, pray
at the mosque or go to concerts.

Users can flag content they find unsuitable and inform community
managers, who will delete material after it has been flagged a number
of times.

The absence of obscene material is not only out of respect for Muslim values, but also to create a family-friendly site. 

Ok, but are males and females segregated? Can the females wear bikinis when they hang out at the beach cafes, or even, on the beach? Are there female only beaches? Can you eat and drink during Ramadan, or are the cafes closed? And what if you saw someones female avatar wearing a T-shirt that is revealing her virtual cleavage, do you report it as an inappropriate enticement for your own male avatar to think of sinful sexual urges? And do they lash her slutty avatar ass for it, or just ban her from the site?

Does anybody know? Does the websites FAQ section cover those..eh.. areas?


  1. Something tells me that one isn’t gonna be too popular! People get into this “virtual worlds” so that they can do things they wouldn’t normally do… not so that they can be even more restricted than they are in real life, eh? :O