No1 Sun Engine opens tomorrow


Did you know that the world's First Industrial-sized Solar plant  was built in Cairo, Egypt, in the Maadi neighbourhood? I didn't, and I am sure there are many many many egyptians, let alone people from all over, unaware of that fact. Thanks to the work of two Swiss artists, Christina hemauer and Roman keller, this fact is being brought to light. And they are sending this invite to any one who lives in Cairo and is interested in that fact:

Dear friends and colleagues
Dear art lovers

We would kindly invite you for the opening
of our information kiosk in Maadi –
part of our project «No1 Sun Engine»
at the 11th Cairo International Biennale.

The opening takes place exactly where the
world's first industrial size solar plant was
built in Maadi, 6th street 101,
Monday 15th December, from 4 to 6 pm –
where vision meets history.

There will be a small buffet, pictures,
a lot of information
and many things to discuss.

We are looking forward to see you
Christina Hemauer | Roman Keller

Check it out!


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