Obama the Palestinian

The fears of the american right and the zionist movemnet have now been confirmed: A Palestinian tribe from AlGaleel has claimed that Obama is one of its decendents, and therefore Palestinian. I would like to take this opprutunity to encourage Obama to run in the upcoming palestinian elections as the alternative third candidate between Hamas and Fatah, and then, upon winning, resume negotiations with himself over how to adequetly resolve the mid-east peace crisis. Should be awesome. Kafka would be proud!


  1. From what I get from the autotranslation is that he is either a Bedouin or a Druze.

  2. Well referring to Kafka, I suppose torn between his different identities he will just transfom himself into a big bug unable to move, hiding in a locked room. Aaaargh…….. apocalyptic future visions

  3. Sooooo … does that make Dick Cheney a Palestinian too? ;-)


  4. Marie Claude says:

    tedders, dick is a f..g phillistin :lol:

  5. obaaama my guzar frome anazar mazar…well so’s brad pit lol

  6. if we use that same logic THEN SONS OF ISHMAEL AND ISSAC SHOULD STOP FIGHTING AS they are all related!

  7. well if barry wins the election in palestine, he should sell the US veep seat. it’s bleeping golden. he shouldn’t just not give it up for bleeping nothing. he shouldn’t do it. he can always use it. and can parachute michelle there.

  8. HA!! Your killin’ me ahmed ! If it weren’t so close to the truth it would be funny!!! ;-)

  9. i luv egypt says:

    loooooooool Wow Palastenian are that desperate for an american reliefe programme.