A Psychotic day in Egypt

Today has been quite a psychotic day in Egypt. First of all, today was the sentencing of the 49 people who got arrested during the Mahalla riots, 22 of which were sentenced to jail time between 3 and 5 years. There was literally no evidence against them, and the decisions can not be appealed. It was an abortion of Justice, and all in order to set an example to other egyptians: You can't tear down Mubarak pictures and stand on them and expect to get away with it.

And there is today's incident in Alex, which was very very Bizzare. In Egypt we have those motorcycles- vehicles that can seat 3 people in the back, and are called the "Toktok", and are used to transport people around. They are a cheap alternative to taxis and they are not allowed to be registered in most govornrates, but are generally tolerated. Well, a police Officer stopped a Toktok today and wanted to confiscate it. When the Driver's pleadings fell to deaf ear, the driver decidded to resport to drastic measure: He got out a bottle of fuel, and doused himself and his motorcycle with it, threatening to set himself and the vehicle on fire if it got confiscated, since it's the one piece of property he has. The Police officer reportedly told him to go ahead and and the man actually did it and set himself on fire, and was then sent to the Hospital for severe burns. Apparently the man's relatives and friends heard about it, but in the version they heard, the driver was actually set on fire by a cigarette the police officer flicked on him in his gasoline soaked state, so they went and attacked the police, throwing them with stones and empty bottles. The riot police was brought in and 15 people were arrested.

 The country is going to hell in a hand basket, it seems!


  1. i luv egypt says:

    ya im watching it live, i aint got nuffin beta 2 do!! most people say that he did it to him self. It aint about what really hapened, it about the Egyptian frustration. Egypt is falling into hell, the shift from military to Islamist government, bellydancers wearing hijab is more important than how clean Egyptian streets are, since modernisation is westernization; Egypt is falling more into ignorance and smarter people are leaving the country.

  2. ‘smarter people are leaving the country.’

    News flash——- they already have!!! the last one took the flag and slammed the door long before you were conceived!

    too bad none of us 2nd gen fuck ups born abroad will never measure up to them!

  3. i luv egypt says:

    Im against the SS police of Egypt but god damn em Tok TOKs wat eva u call em are damn ugly. We dont need more retarded lookin vechiles!

    If egyptians only start fucking wid rubbers, i mean cmon, another kid! Have u eva seen the underground Mubrarak metro?? I shud ve youtubed em people! we are like rats man fuckin hell! If people stop giving birth and concentrate more in cleaner streets and less populated/polluted cities like cairo. Mo fos i cant even breath in my native country!

    And why are da poor so fucking ugly and da rich are amazingly hot???? Money is defin. beauty in Egypt.

  4. No clue about entire Egypt, but I feel very sorry for those who were sentenced to prison and for the man who set himself on fire. I hope his burns are not third degree and not extensive. Else, if the toktok was all he had, he could hardly afford the therapy it needs to avert permanent disability and constant pain.

  5. “The country is going to hell in a hand basket, it seems!”

    Well, if it makes you feel any better, the rest of the world is headed in that direction too, so you have lots of company.