Damn you Carrie Fisher!

There goes that golden Bikini Fantasy. Yep, totally shot to shit!

Now, about that sordid relationship she is having with Jabba the Hut..


  1. she hit the wall very hard, almost egyptian style,

  2. She traded places with Jabba. He looks like an underwear model now, but she keeps him as a sex slave.

  3. Cruel!
    Funny as hell but Cruel!
    I like it!

  4. come on… she is still in a good shape!
    here is a picture of her less than a year old


    stop making esha3at!

  5. Mike in Virginia says:

    When someone gets bloated like that in less than a year, it is probably the result of taking some strong medication for a serious disease. Do you remember what Jerry Lewis looked like a few years ago?

  6. Damn she was hot in that metal bikini.

    What was with Jabba anyway? He liked skinny bipeds instead of she-hutts? That’s just weird. But I suppose if you’re a bloated gangster warlord you can indulge any antasy, just ask Charley Sheen

  7. Here’s a picture taken 17 Dec 2008. Pic above is wrong: