On the shoe throwing Incident

Three thoughts:

1) Bush has some seriously fast reflexes for an old man.

2) You notice that Malki did not move or budge throughout the whole incident? He wasn't exen startled or shocked. Check out the Slideshow to see for yourself.

3) The thrower of said shoe, Muthathar al Zaidi, a Baghdadiya reporter who is a supporter of the secterian sunni shia militias that attack both the US and the Predominantly Shia government forces, is going to be just fine. I know some people over in Juan Cole land are worried that their Hero might be tortured or his life be put in jeoprady, but rest assured that no such thing will happen. No matter how pathethic that may be, that boy just became a Hero to the majority of the "arab street" and the "leftist world". He will be fine, and he will get invited to Dinner parties for a very long time just for doing that.


  1. no, he missed, no glory.

  2. Haha exactly u should go see the number of groups on Facebook that were created today for our new hero.. That’s really pathetic..

  3. I wonder whether anyone tried throwing a shoe at Saddam Hussein? Sure proof that he was the beloved leader isn’t it?

  4. Odd how bad behaviour like that doesn’t automatically trigger a negative response from everyone? You can think of Bush what you will, but how about showing your disagreement in a civilized manner?

    Oh well, it just goes to show how times have changed since looking at Saddam the wrong way meant 2 years of torture… How can anyone not applaud the development that has ensured that this will not result in agony and death for the poor man? :)

  5. “Malki did not move or budge throughout the whole incident?”

    No, Malki deflected (or at least attempted to) the second incoming shoe!!

    But boy did W react with some seriously fast reflexes for a “young” man!

    I say throw the idiot shoe thrower in jail for a few months, then after Obama is in office and has completely pissed off the hard left and shown what “suckers” they were, let him out. By then they’ll see that Obama has suddenly changed his mind about his campaign rhetoric since he’s the one responsible for the countries well being.

  6. dude bush is badass, reflexes of a 20 y/o. oh yeah tedders malki does that whole arab powerful as a mountain thing. he acted the same way when ban ki moon visited last year didn’t budge. while ban went under the podium.

    it’s all about the arab version of machismo….. but dubya rules!!!!!!!!!

  7. Iraqi Expat says:

    This animal Muntadhar is probably not a supporter of Sunni militias… his first name is very Shi’ite. Probably a piece of Sadrist filth.

  8. Marie Claude says:

    so, there was a Krutchev shoe, now we have Bush shoes, some good reference points for the pupils to learn history while amusing :lol:

  9. Funny, I hadn’t thought of the whole “what if the journo had thrown a shoe at Saddam” angle. That’s actually a really good point. I work in a very starched-white-collar type of corporation in California, though, and even my Republican coworkers thought it was funny. I mean, for Americans — who have no sense of anything particularly insulting about shoes — it’s just totally random. Regardless of political orientation or nationality, people appreciate stuff that’s random.

  10. i luv egypt says:

    so far everybody i met praised that hero. Im not sure how the world is refered to as the “leftist world”! It wasnt the leftist world happy about what happened to Bush, it was the whole world SM. The only people not happy with the incident were the republicans! Something is wrong with you if you believe that republicans represent the whole world and n e body who opposes that party is a crazy leftist!! Im no leftist but i laughed my ass off! For all the Iraqi, Afgani, Syrians women children and civilians whom lost their lives because of Bush; i believe throwing a shoe on such person is fair enough.

    Bush however will not be shaken by such actions but it builds a reliefe somhow on the arab streets. Throwing a shoe on some1 you hate but cannot touch or see, is pretty impressing… Ide rather see more shoe throwers at some Arab leaders for my personal relief.

    Why are guys pissed off any ways, it is not like the shoe was thrown at Jesus or the Pope!! Its just a funny lookin crack head with fast recations. Plus obviously it was no random inccident. Every action has a reaction, and for an iraqi sunni who is obviously not a leftist throwing a shoe at bush means bush must really pissed him off either indirectly or directly. Maybe Bush war on Iraq caused the bombimg of the reporter’s town causing the death of his family. Sheeeeyt, that will piss me off…

  11. I didn’t say it wasn’t funny, but goddamn are people excited. I mean, at the end of the day, the guy didn’t hit Bush with the shoe, and he had 2 shots at doing that. If all of this hooplah is over a shoe that missed its target, I winder what would’ve happened had he actually managed to hit Bush with it! Probably erected statues for him or something!

  12. i luv egypt says:

    Well people are excited because everybody dreamed of that day. cmon we all know that the world hates bush and this was an excellent footage to see. Shoe + Bush/president, CIA. People will b ova da whole thing in a couple of days but the journalist is locked up so its still an issue untill his release. If it was n e other arab reporter in another country people it wud ve been rude, but in dis case, its iraq and bush invaided iraq. U will c a very diff reaction if it was in Egypt or Saudi. Bush reaction was funny, he was smiling between the first and da second shoe attempt.

  13. Melissa in NorCal says:

    Bush laughed because our leaders don’t take themselves so seriously. This guy who threw the shoe, immature boy lacking the maturity of manhood. I would be really embarrassed if I were an Arab. He kind of reminded me of the monkey that throws its own poop to get attention. Geez! What an animal. You know very well that if an Arab threw a shoe at an Arab leader, he would be cooling his heels in prison for years or worse, starting to decompose in a mass grave along with his family. Perhaps after going threw a wood chipper feet first Saddam style. I am proud to have a President with a sense of humility and a sense of humor. You can’t even write something bad about Mubarak, let alone throw a shoe at him. I don’t think the guy should be punished. Just like a spoiled child, they just don’t get to play anymore if they can’t play nice. He should sit in the corner for awhile since he is clearly too old for a spanking.

  14. C’mon this was clearly another false flag incident instigated by the Mossad & CIA to garner sympathy for Bush. That duck was clearly rehearsed – this is brought to you by the same people who put on 9/11. This is just the beginning of keeping Bush in power!

  15. it was an statement…some people talk about the lack of maturity from the journalist, but the Bush-policy’s over the last zeven years , has resulted in thousants of killed people , thats what i called barbaric,

  16. Melissa you should be embarassed about the policy’s from Bush and his neo-cons friends …the lies and bombing, the occupation is far more disgusting than a shoe ….the lies about ‘ freeing’ iraq is purely motivated for their own benefit

  17. Melissa in NorCal says:

    I am embarrassed that Bush Sr. never finished what he started in Iraq in 1991 and Clinton did not either. Clinton just bombed Iraq periodically. The UN is responsible too. Why require Saddam to follow the rules if they never had any intention of enforcing their own resolutions. The problem is bigger than Bush and people can blame him all they like, but it won’t change anything. We have spent far blood and money on Iraq and Afghanistan then we will ever get back in “discounted oil”, which isn’t going to happen, so maybe it was about something else. Maybe you should dig a little deeper than your cliche “Bush Lied, People Died” sentiments and actually have some constructive dialogue with people who think differently than you. It is called civilized discourse, you should try it sometime.

  18. Melissa in NorCal says:

    By the way, I could not overlook the reference to Austin Power’s to lighten the mood. Enjoy:

  19. i luv egypt says:

    Melissa, i am terrified to know that there are people like you who support such leaders. If you think that sense of humor is essential in a leader regardless of his barbaric acts against the Middel-East, then go ahead and vote for another repblican so he can stretch a smile. If you or any of your leaders attack my country Egypt, expect more than shoes thrown at your face and people..sorry i meant animals like you. Keep your sense of humor to your self and expect any sort of action from our reporters, doctors, plumbers etc if you cross our borders with guns. I dont give a fuck if you call me a terrorist, kill my family and torture my people like that, bitch ima Durham slap ur ass all the way to ATL nicca!!

    However, if you wanna cum to look em pyramids camels bla bla wat eva white people like, then u r more than welcome and i assure you a full protection as tourist.

  20. i luv egypt says:

    we dont give a fuck what was ur intentions; all we know that our people were shot,bombed tortured dead!!! Melisa so easy for u to sya, cuz u chillin in da states wid no bombs being dropped at ya every once and a while.

  21. i luv egypt says:

    too be honest, personally i believe if da states removed saddam’s regime and placed a democratic one without killing any innocent men, women and children it will be all good. Sheeeyt i will even have an american flag outside my house just like we did in da 1st gulf war when americans actually helped Kuwait. But Iraq…..hell no, nuffin but blood sista and you cannot justify blood shed unless u r a natzi…

  22. Arabs may think shoe throwing is such brave thing to do (manly!) But I believe throwing shoes is seen as something that only the women do in most of the world For such a manly piss-ant-shoe-throwing man that by tradition thinks women are only half as good as men this should be more of a shameful thing at best. Of course, this act of courage exemplifies cultural hospitality toward your guests. Always love to hear the BS about how some societies are so good to guests and really go out of their way to throw shoes at them.

  23. Melissa in NorCal says:

    I luv egypt:

    You’re a very angry person and need to relax, maybe even counceling. That said, why would we bomb Egypt? We give Egypt millions of dollars in aid every year. Would seem a waste of money. I don’t plan on visiting Egypt this year. We did Morocco this year. Great place, nice people. If I go to Egypt, it will be with my Copt friends, so I won’t need a tour guide, but thanks for the offer. By the way, the world isn’t quite as black and white as you would imagine it to be. One of the benefits of living in the USA is that we come from all over the world to live together. I love to listen to the stories of new immigrants. Most of my collegues are from Iran, Egypt, Pakistan, India, Bosnia, and the many former Soviet states. It shapes my view of the world. Perhaps, you shouldn’t isolate yourself and have such a us versus them mentality. It didn’t work for Bush and it won’t work for you. Anyways, you talk like an uneducated gangster so I don’t expect you to respond with anything thought provoking, but who knows, maybe you’ll impress me. Until then, good luck with anger management classes.

  24. I luv egypt: No matter your sentiments towards Bush, Melissa does a heck of a lot of a better job at putting an arguement behind her point of view…!

    I luv egypt & Serum: Instead of blaming it all on Bush and his failed strategy (as indeed it has unfortunately turned out to be!), perhaps you should consider if the reason behind the state of affairs in Iraq and indeed most of the middle east is not the result of half a century of blatant disregard for anyone but themselves put forth by the people of said region? Would the middle east be in the predicament that it finds itself in today if dictators like Saddam og Ghadaffi had been given the boot, and people had tried to live in harmony with the rest of the world? Highly unlikely! Even so, you people chose to hijack planes, blow up bombs, kidnap tourists, demand rights in other countries that you wouldn’t dream of allowing others in your own, and generally make everyone else hate your guts… I wonder if it isn’t 50 years of arab aggresion rather than Bush bloodlust, that has been the catalyst for the sorry state that the middle east finds itself in today.

    Of course, it’s so much easier to blame someone else…

  25. You’ve got all our support Melissa in NorCal, you said it very well, I luv egypt thinks everyone has the same opinion as he does, he’s very wrong making that assumption.

    You GO girl!! ; D

  26. Melissa in NorCal – Very well said. I ditto tedders.

    George Bush’s legacy will be written 20 years from now. Just wait and see..

  27. Lovin' it! says:

    Bush’s “legacy”? Sure if you consider war crimes and a tanking economy a “legacy.” What a fucking joke! All you right wing mother fuckers just can’t handle the fact that the chimp had shoes thrown at him.
    Fuck Bush and the evil bastards who support him.

  28. brooklynjon says:

    Pretty clearly, much of the world doesn’t like a United States that acts like the world’s policeman. With the American economy and mood in the state that it’s in, I boldly predict a lengthy period of isolationism coming up. I am curious how the world will like that. I suspect that the world won’t like it one bit, as other countries with far less scruples start flexing their muscles. But hey, I may be wrong. Looking back, maybe a hegemonic Third Reich or Soviet Union wouldn’t have been so bad. And the Japanese of 1940 were gentle with those countries within range of their air force. Unopposed, they would certainly have been gentle supporters of humanity. Right? Right?

  29. BJ, at least it won’t be your problem… :)

    But seriously, isolationism won’t work in a modern world – you’ll still have the potential 9/11 disaster looming at any given moment, since the US-hatred will be around for at least another generation no matter what you do. Even if you dished all support of Israel, you’d still face 50+ years of loons that can’t think of anything better to do than trow their life away on a crusade against your country – sad but true. Only a virtual embargo against certain foreigners and suffocatingly tight border control will keep your enemies from your door I’m afraid.

    The only thing that could REALLY make a difference in this day and age might be a new energy source that’ll obsolete oil – that might decrease the focus on certain parts of the world, which I’m afraid would be harder on “them” than it would be on “us”…

  30. Marie Claude says:

    BJ, don’t be so pessimist, we’ll need you soon, Germany is going to invade us again, I am afraid that their “Civil Power Democracy” is going against our interests ; they want that the UK and France abandon their nuclear arm, cause Putin is just the nice guy with whom they ally, the mullah too

  31. BJ,

    I am with Adam B on this one.
    We can no longer disengage without catastrophically harming our respective economies. I think last opportunity for disengagement disappeared on 12/7/1941. We all are doomed to live together like dysfunctional family. Best we can do is try curing as many ills as we can. Who knows, we might even get better with time.

  32. i luv egypt says:

    now hold up!! Just cuz melissa can put words together betta than me does not mean she is right. And what 50 years of agression are you talking about Adam??? Arabs only reacted to supression from other countries. Like the hijacking of the planes by the PLO was because the zionist movement. Bombing in Lebanon was because americans landed in lebanon back in da 70s. It actually worked and the americans left.

    Trust me Melissa i am not an angry person, but people like you do piss me off. well i do not care if you do not like me cuz obviously u r some white suprmicsit freak! i hate people who kill people. Fuckers who treat the enviroment like its theirs.

    Calling us terrorist will not stop us from defending what is ours. Yes it does hurt to know that the world hate due da bias media of da US (owned by not more than 5 people) but haaay…think about it, be called a terrorist, sand nigger (which white people do regardless) or defend my country, people and resources. White people are racist n e ways so it doesnt matter what you guys think. You have called the Asians names, jews and defin black. Historicly, Melissa, i may add; america has hated everything and everybody so hating us aint a new thing. Actually hold up, i though the whole world hates the US!!! So melisa, screw you you will not change history and you can call me al you want (angry, mad ara dog, terrorist) but you aint gonna change the truth. I might be a little angry but only when i see young muslims or any body being shot dead by an Israeli or american agression.

    Melissa, even the whole 9/11 thing is a bit dodgy. If not, search hpw many american died in 9/11 and how many arabs and muslims died so far by americans and israel (weapons supplied by america). Ask SM, he lives in Doha and will notice the amount of american artilry goinf to ISrael from da american base in Doha.

    Again, when i say america, im strictly talking about the government not you regular american who doesnt even know all 51 american states or know where is europe.

  33. i luv egypt says:

    Mellissa, you say i am very angry. Okay, okay let me ask you this, if i (male) said you looked fat on e jeans or called any woman fat, what will their reaction be? they freak out like a rat looking for his breeding season mate, Do all women including you, my mother and sister need counceling??? So being pissed off at killing my people brutaly shud be alright!!

    America sends millions of dollars to Egypt. Cmon people, they aint doing it because we of our beauty, its for political reasons to gain an allay like egypt with its powerful geopolitcal status in the middle east. You know like allowing ship stacked with weapons to icross suez canal eventhough it means the death of iraqi. But hay, we got paid well!!

    Wow, appearently im an uneducated gangster yet i surf the net to update myself and discuss the latest political and social issues of the middle east. Mellissa get a man for real. You talking shit now. Do you even know me to judge me, or is it just an american THANG?
    Mentally im isolated? B**tch please! I hav mo multi cultural friends than you

  34. Melissa in NorCal says:

    I’m married already, but thanks for the offer. He’s actually European, not American. I’m white (super lily white). You got that one right. I don’t hate you by the way. I don’t hate very many people. Such a strong word cannot be felt without damaging the feeler. I don’t need that kind of stress. My friends and family are from all across the ethnic spectrum. California is a very mixed place. Race, ethnicity, religion, even sexual preference don’t play much of a role in day to day relationships between people. Not here anyways. We have very conservative places in the USA, but few that embarrass the rest of us with their antics, i.e. the KKK, Neo-Nazis, Black Panthers, La Raza, whatever groups thrive on hating other groups. Anyways, I recommend you come stay here for awhile. Get to know the people you claim to know so much about. Your English is better than my husband’s was when he arrived, although your’s is decidedly rougher (You kiss your mother with that mouth?). Los Angeles should work quite nice for you. There are a lot of Arabs, Persians, and Armenians in the Glendale/Burbank area. I have never harmed a human being, well, besides my brother. We had a fight once. I do, however, spend much of my time and wealth caring for people from all over the world. I have kids in Mali, Armenia, Albania, and India that I pay for so that they can get educations, clean water, and nutritious food. You shouldn’t judge all Americans based on what you see on the TV. Talk to a few. We’re listening. Take care of yourself and I wish you a much softened heart and mind in the future.

  35. I luv egypt:

    Judging from your reply, I’d say you know very well what arab/muslim aggresion for the last 50 or so years I’m talking about, be it assasination of athletes in Germany, hijacking and destruction of foreign airplanes, bombing of embassies, airplane crashing into highrises, trainbombings in foreign cities, blowing up ancient wonders, calls for murder, invasion and tyrany in foreign countries or simple suicide bombs in your own towns and squares… From no other culture have you seen such widespread aggresion and enmity over a prolonged period of time, particularly outside the battlefield!

    What exactly are you defending? Who is trying to take something away from you?

    What is this bias that you’re talking about? How many other cultures in the history of mankind have you see, that has been allowed to act like “you” do, given the position that you’re in, and not having been wiped from the surface of the earth? I’d say the west, and it’s inherent tendency to blame everything on itself, is being lenient to the extreme towards the aggresion of arabs/muslims everywhere. If the roles had been reversed, and I had stood on a corner of a muslim country demanding the right to live by my own rules, threatened death, destruction and invasion and demanded favorable treatment, I’d be looking at the inside of a cell, if not at the hangman’s noose!

    Yeah, the people of the west are sooo racist. ‘Cause, like, the rest of the tooootally isn’t…! Give me a break – I’ve live in the middle east and seen first hand how (many) arabs view everyone else. Black saudis are second rate citizens at best, pakistanees are manual labours bordering slavery as are phillipinos and other asians. Westerners are viewed as a neccesary evil due to our education, but I distinctly remember a saudi calling my dad a jew-doctor, because he wouldn’t prescribe him the medicine he wanted… A jew-doctor? Hello nazi!!!

  36. I luv egypt:

    It’s not so much that you aren’t as eloquent as Mel – it’s rather that you choose to rage without really arguing your points, and despite denying that you’re an angry person, you swear continually throughout your posts…

    Try calming down a bit and explain what you’re really mad about… And I DO mean explain; don’t just list your grievances – explain what exactly irks you about a particular problem.

  37. Guys,

    ‘i luv egypt’ reminds me of somebody who was here before using different names.

    I’d say you will discover it soon enough.

  38. i luv egypt says:

    first of all you dont roar like a lion but mo like a bitch…bravo bravo leo, you got me!! naa playa i aint who u think i am and if i was, i wudnt change my name cuz i wudnt be botherd changing my email.

    You stil talk shit. What 50 years of agression?? you talking about dumb extremists, PLO and train bombing. All very dodgy. I personally doubt 9/11 and london bombing. That is not because im into all em concpiracy theroies, but like i mentioned before; extremist and nuffin but dumb people who do not have the intellegnce to do such things like hijacking. i know not a strong arguement but urs aint either. Plus there is big difference between our bad guys and urs. Your “evil/bad” people decided one day to come and invaid us throughout history. UK, french, American, Italian and zionist. you know the whole West colonism imperlist zionist movement. Zionist kicked out native arabs from Palastain since 1948 until this very day, that alone is 50 years!!! So for the last 50 arab natives have been fucked in da ass on a daily basis. and ay Adam, guess what, whats so called “50 years of Arab agression” has only started when Zionist killers invaided Palastain. Wow, i aint no scienctist but i clearly see a trend. 50 years ago jews fully backed by the US + UK invaided the middle east, then due to such action we reacted (physics: every action has a reaction). So thanks for reminding me Adam.

    For the last 50 years arabs hav whitnessed agression from the West. Due to the killing and torture of the Arab people, they have decided to respond. Some decided to hijack a plane, some threw rocks, some bombed, some commited suicide because of their desperation. Any comebacks or responses done by Arabs to defend themselved is still no match to the Arab casualties done by the West to this very day.

    for fuck sake lets use statistic and stop using the whole 9/11 terrorist 74 virgin card like McCain and Palin when they are asked about the american economy.

    N e body here is kind enough to show me the number of death cuased by the West the last 300 years, 200, 100 or 50. Choose any of your choice and lets compare how many of my people died and how many of your people got injured ooo sorry i mean dead. Imagine the West without their 9/11 card, yall will look so bad with nothing to justify ur brutal action for the last 8 years. I have to give it to yall, the west is very smart just like Hitler, brutal but smart. They know how to kill with justification. Even the old slave owners had their justifications of unethical slavery (The Noah story from the BIBle, concludes thet black people are slaves of white people).

    Plus Adam, we never started any shit. oo ya and your dad being called a jewish doctor so has my dad being called a christian doctor eventhough he is muslim but he looked like one. THey called your dad a jew they locked up two egyptian dctors for 15 years in prison and 1500 whip lashes!!! Dude being called a jewish doctor is nuffin that happened to our 2 doctors last month. Saudis are uneducated and arrogant yet if you enter their house, i bet you they will host u very well. cmon i bet u guys heard of the arab hospitality. If us Arabs, not 3 freaks on a plane even tho i can find a way to justify their acts, are racists, then ًwhy did the Arabs and muslims allow jews from around the world to enter the middle east live, work(even in government offices like ministries) and pray peacfully while Europe as usual fucking up harrasing minorities????

    As for Melisa, i have been invited in many occasions to visit LA by both arab friends and americans but personally i believe there are many other places on this planet better to visit than LA. You know i wud like to c sumtin cultural like china, nepal, defin India, turkey, Italy. Tell me what is there for me to see in America other than the grand canyon??? Malls? im 45 minutes away from Dubia and i bet u heard of the shopping there. What is unique about america to see and enjoy for me to pay a plane ticket. Ide rather go New Zealand to see the locals still performing sumtin anceint. oo and most monuments in America are rich white people that owned slaves, why wud i wanna see that! Las Vegas means nuffin to me cuz i dont gamble. Plus im not sure about eating out in LA becuz i noticed that girls there luv to bathe in a restaurant sink where my plates are being washed and rinsed. As for the American girls i have met so many here. You u guys all over the place even in conservative Islamic countries like Qatar. I think there are 100,000 american army ppl, thats about 1/10 of qatar’s population. Soo na d not need to go America to see or meet americans, i see them everywhere everyday here.

  39. I luv egypt: Long post – I’ll take it from the beginning…

    Dumb terrorists…? Not so dumb that they can’t learn to pilot a jumbo. Not so dumb that they can’t take a university degree – http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/world/asia/article4009843.ece

    For a realistic picture of today, let’s keep out any invasion prior to WW2, or else I’ll have to pull out the old Muslims-invaded-the-entire-ME-North Africa-and-Spain-and-tried-to-invade-Europe-via-Vienna…

    Since we entered the “modern, post WW2 era” the west has invaded no country with the aim of subjugating it. Every invasion has been a response to a direct threat posed by that country, either to a western country or to a local ally. The Israel situation is too big to handle in this context – suffice it to say that jews have lived continuously in the region for as long as arabs, and no country existed before the founding of Israel.

    “For the last 50 years arabs have experienced aggresion from the west” you say… Wow! Please inform me of a case of western use of force that is NOT a direct reaction to arab/muslim aggresion. As for arabs having suffered more casualties than the west in these conflicts, well, anyone knows it’s a bad idea to pick a fight with the biggest guy around – you’ll end up getting hurt a lot more than he will. It should be noted, for the record, that no group of people have caused as much fatalities to arabs as the arabs themselves. Everyone whines about the death of civilian iraqis or afghans – hell, 9 out of 10 dead muslims has died from a muslim bullet, not a western one!

    You ask for justification for our use of force? Well, let’s se…

    Saddam invaded a country, and consequently ignored orders from the UN council for 12 straight years. He was toppled with minimum use of force against the civilian population, and that should have been the end of that – goodbye coalition forces. But no, the different muslim factions HAD to start infighting and generally trying to stall the rebuilding of society.

    Afghanistan was sheltering known terrorists and housing virtual terrorist academies – training camps, where extremists were taught how to fight the infidels, particularly the west – and ignored western appeals to put a stop to these hostilities. The Taleban-government was tyrannical, coming down harshly on anyone disagreeing with their opinion. This last bit is, strictly speaking, irrelevant since it can be seen as a domestic problem, despite causing massive suffering, but the west could not ignore that Afghanistan openly supported people that continuously took violent action against our societies – 9/11 was merely the straw that broke the camels back. As with Iraq, the use of force aimed to topple the government quickly with minimum casualties to the civilian population, and as with Iraq, local fanatics and their support from arabs in general has hampered the rebuilding of society and is actually forcing the western troops to stay longer than should have been necessary.

    The Noah story stems from stories originating in the present ME – he’s semitic, dude!!! :D I have never seen anything closer to slavery than thrid country workers in Saudi. Admitedly, Saudi may not be the best standard by which to judge the ME, but it’s arab and it’s muslim and it’s a serious power-broker in the region.

    About the jewish doctor-bit… You realize it was meant as an insult, right? It was a response to your claim that westerners are way more racist than arabs… But tell me, who locked up the two egyptian doctors? The west or their fellow muslims? And to follow your logic, if westerners are racists, why have we allowed close to 16 million muslims into EU alone? How exactly are we f*cking up minorities? Is it Britain, that’s considering allowing an independant muslim justice system? Is it Denmark, where all meat served in most public schools has to be hallal and not pork, practically our own national dish? Excuse me, but f*ck you! You have no friggin’ idea what you’re talking about, or else you’re just too egotistical and self-centered to see how we’re bending over backwards to satisfy a minority, which demands special treatment to the point of the ridiculous!

    As for your last retort to Mel… Jezz, for a guy that likes to remind others of their ignorance and refusal to experience something new, you sure are ridiculously preconceived! Hey, if you know all about the US because there’s plenty of army personel in Qatar, maybe I know all about the ME because ME immigrants/refugees make up 1/10th of my country’s citizens (and they’re not going home when their shift is over!)?!? No? I thought not…

  40. As predicted universal shit test revealed our usual troll.

    Cannot speak for everybody else but I am not wasting my time replying to this one anymore.

  41. would spitting at him be an assault?

  42. i luv egypt says:

    Wow, even when Afgan muslim doing their thang you knw have some education, nope, some reporter has to cum up wid a story. “Did you know that Maazlemz study terrorism as course at Uni…” Man yall will keep on cumin wid stories such as secret afgan jihad cell at Uni, similiar to its prior crap of secret al qayda base inside mountains with high tech ventelation and systematic doors opens from the rocks.sheeeeyt.

    Adam says: “but the west could not ignore that Afghanistan openly supported people that continuously took violent action against our societies – 9/11 was merely the straw that broke the camels back” hmmmm funny cuz the CIA seemed pretty impressed with Afganistan that took violence against other soceities such as Russia back in the 80s, to an extent that they supplied ALL weapns and artilary.

    I agree that suadis are harsh with labour workers, but god damn not like american slaves. I never heard of an “Indian box” where a labourer was locked or whipped man. Never heard of saudis seperating families by selling each one individually away like the US. sumtin iz defin wrong wid u if u claim that laboureres in saudis were treated like african american slaves. Dont forget they do not own them labourers plus they do pay them. Accourding to the dictionary they arent slaves.

    Bitch ass you gotta satisfy the muslim minority cuz they are the big spenders of Europe! Do you know how much money rich oil country arabs spend in one night in europe? My christian friend just came back from Cambridge and told me that their Uni closes down all restuarants in Ramadan because only muslims drink and eat in unneccesarly expensive places. A European will rent a room in hotel but an Arab will book the whole floor for his family, maids, drivers and private comfort. OO ya he added that british blokes are very racist to pakis, muslims etc. Lets not forget the Qatari that was killed this year due to REAL racisim that u r neglecting.

    Well for leo, i was talking to u but i still think u roar like a pussy..meeyaow

    Twosret….man wat kind of nasty shit is that?? Spitting? man u r one disgusting piece of white trash! if you aint one, well u defin act like one! God damn, SPITT??!! u disgust me!

  43. “Did you know that Maazlemz study terrorism as course at Uni…”

    Actually, that’s not what the article is saying. Please re-read.

    “hmmmm funny cuz the CIA seemed pretty impressed with Afganistan that took violence against other soceities such as Russia back in the 80s”

    There’s a difference between opposing an alien force that is trying to conquer your land and subjugate your people vs. forcing your views onto others and training people to travel beyond your borders to kill others simply because their views differ from yours… Surely you can see this?!

    “but god damn not like american slaves.”

    Slavery is not legal nor practised in the US – hasen’t been since the end of the 18th century. Saudi, however, have several proven cases of slavery well into 1980′s.

    “you gotta satisfy the muslim minority cuz they are the big spenders of Europe!”

    No, the muslim minority are NOT big spenders in Europe. In actuallity, most wind up on the dole from day one, at least those that don’t turn to a life of crime with a rate of about 4 times that of your ethinc dane (in the case of Denmark). We’ve got to “satisfy them” because we have outdated laws that do not reflect the political realitis of today. You’re reffering to tourists and the like, and I’d still wager europeans put down more cash per year in countries like Egypt, Turkey and Tunisia than saudies put down during their business and pleasure travels up here.

    “british blokes are very racist to pakis, muslims etc”

    I’m not saying you’ll find europeans that are racist. Hell, I’m not above a little of that myself once in a while. When your girlfriend repeatedly gets called a whore by young 2′nd generation immigrants passing her in the streets, it kinda gets to you… Still, rasicm in europe is no worse than it is in the middle east – we just happen to talk about it in public, because awareness of our own faults have reached a higher level here, perhaps a bit too high, to be honest…

  44. Edit: That should have read “I’m not saying you won’t find europeans that are racist”

  45. Adam, you can’t fix stupid (i.e. I luv Egypt)