Sock and Awe

For those of you who want to throw shoes at Bush, Go right ahead!

Can we move on now? 


  1. one of my advise is that
    this i to good for bush
    one of my reguest is that
    make a new game which is that
    spray urine on the face of bush ….
    bcoz of that
    hogoshawaiz said that bustard is human killer …

  2. Have u gone mad SM? Do u want us to move on and stop talking about this?
    This is like our best achievement since 1973!

  3. Japanese believe this is good therapy to vent one’s frustration.

    How about whack-a-bush-with-a-shoe?

  4. now what happened in 73?????? a draw at best. it is our worst thinking that has gotten us in this predicament. we live in a fantasy land of faux victories and platitudes. for god’s sake the bbc couldn’t film a documentary on ’73 in egypt due to ‘conflicting narratives.’

    now this shoe thing is just plain pathetic, as dubya himself doesn’t get the oooohhs and the ahhhhs percolating from the arab world about this pathetic incident AND NEITHER DO I!!!!!!!!!!! I’M DONE

  5. Ahmed, I think he was being sarcastic 3 posts up… :)


  6. hey how r u?i have noticed something in this game,ther is the name of
    “ALLAH” behind Bush. so may be the shoes hits the word ………..thats bad

  7. CarpetCaptain says:

    He threw a shoe and defeated the imperialists and their “crusade” just like we crossed a canal then had our 3rd army surrounded and almost decimated but its still a victory and we hang our hats on it! Hell the fucking president is a ’73 “hero”

    When you can’t have any real victories ie scientific, technological, medical etc you end up having a shoe thrower and a bunch of idiots that hijack planes and call it “the Manhattan Ghazwa”

  8. doodootanda says:

    i dont know about you…bush had some madd reflexes

  9. Too much dwelling on the past (both victories and defeats!) is never a good thing – everyone ought to just say “Hey, the world has rid itself of one more tyrant – let’s get the best out of the situation!” instead of blowing eachother to bits for no good reason…

  10. nefsy n move on!

  11. I hope this encourages Iraqis to throw shoes at each other instead of bombs

  12. “I hope this encourages Iraqis to throw shoes at each other instead of bombs”

    Nah, shoes are too insulting.

  13. But at least they’re not fatal. Usually.