You will get kidnapped in Mexico

I mean, if the US anti-kidnapping expert got kidnapped, what chance do you have? Also, can we please remove that title from him if he gets released? It's kinda embarrassing at this point!


  1. Yep, I have been saying for many years that I have no interest in visiting Mexico (except via cruise ship), especially after watching a documentary on Ciudad Juarez and the “unsolved” murders of hundreds of women. Things have only gotten worse since then. I’ll stick to Maui, Bermuda and other such nice safe places to vacation, thanks.

  2. Reading the story, he’s actually an expert on managing kidnappings (negotiating with the kidnappers, supporting the family etc) rather than preventing kidnappings. So I’m not sure how his own kidnapping affects his title. It does mean he won’t be able to negotiate his own release …

  3. Melissa in NorCal says:

    I agree with Karen. We were going to Puerta Vallarta in the spring, but now Hawaii seems a much safer, although more expensive option. It must be a little embarrassing for him though. It kind of reminds of an obscure Kids in the Hall episode where a business man receives a note that he has been kidnapped. He comes up with ransom money, makes the trade, and just runs off like he is free. Totally bizarre.

  4. no you wont get kidnapped.
    look im the daugter of Charlie LeBlanc. im all over the whole story inside and out.
    im not going to say much more but youre not going to get kidnapped so chill.
    and dont try to contact me.
    im not answering your stupid questions.
    enjoy your trip to mexico.