Where is the Qatari blogsphere?

Every country in the region has a somewhat working and vibrant blogsphere. Even Saudi has one. Where is Qatar's? How come I've never heard of a single qatari blogger? Why isn't there any qatari blogs on Itoot? What's going on?

It's impossible that there isn't one because of how small they are, because Kuwait is tiny and filled with bloggers. I am starting to wonder that maybe there is another reason why there isn't a blogsphere, and it's making me worry…


  1. I understand that the royal family is really, really sensitive to criticism. Bloggers might be wary of the consequences of an off-hand comment.

  2. its carbon dated! almost none of those people write anymore!

  3. SM. I only know you from your blog and I have a feeling that you wont last in Qatar for long. With all due respect to this promising country, but your soul will die if you live for a long time in a place with very little culture, history, character… The society doesnt even have any problems and that is not always a good thing. You see there are no bloggers because there is nothing to blog about

  4. well that fat bastard in charge is in bed with DOD, NSA, CIA, and so on and so forth, the relationship is obscenely tight. so whatever he wants that fat bastard gets!!!!

    it’s great being the R&R depot for our navy!

  5. i luv egypt says:

    SM ive been living here for 21 years! Most bloggers want to discus their local issues. Man you live in qatar! There are no majot issues like saudi (women cant drive, wahabi police)
    Qatar pays the highest wages in the world, its safe (leave your ferrari doors open keys inside no 1 will steal it) booz and clubs (international Djs and artist everyweekend) luxury life, low population, as a matter of fact the whole doha was partying on da streets last nite celebrating Qatar’s national day.

    Every qatari that marries and have kids which results in increasing the population gets “Real Arab Money” from the government. Nobod hates the government, no body here hates the West, everybody has got atleast 4 cars. Even the low waged labours are happy cuz they send that money back to Asia and help thir whole cmmunity.

    Baby, its all good here!!! a bit boring (simply go to dubia for da weekend, 45 min away only) and MONEY MONEY MONEY

  6. I luv egypt: Sounds real nice – too bad we hear so little about Qatar, but then again the media focuses mainly on bad news… :(

  7. i luv egypt says:

    Adam it is not their fault. It is fully your fault and many other Westerners. I met and lived in many western countries and i shud say dis, they are ignorent when it comes to politics and reality. But if you live in a western country and watch their tv, its all about sports and Bradd pitt. They will give you a full half an hour report about a bruised horse having surgery with sad music in back and will wrap up all the world news (mid east, Asia, war etc) in less than 5 minutes. Then i was like ooo shit it aint their fault, how on earth will they know how safe the middle east is (except Iraq, Palas, Afgan ironiclly all having western army presence).

    But then i met this christian aussi blond and she told me other wise. i had simple conversation with her, you know im from egypt bla bla i got a pool in my house, buti discoverd for the first time a girl that knows everything about the middle east. I asked her how is that possible and u r from Australia knowing the weakness of Western media; she replied by saying she aint ignorent. If TV does not tell you about sumtin does not mean you have no other sources of finding out. Even if they mention an arab country by lets say calling them terrorist; does not mean its the truth. She was wise enough to know how bias the media is. So simply she found out the truth by herself. Internet, books or travel. If qatar was unsafe as u thought before reading this post, why do u think so many people from america migrate to qatar???

    There is no Mafia gangs problem here either. When i was in Australia, literaly every saturda we had shootings ( i whitnessed 2) and stabbing. I luv clubbing here, cuz ull be amazed; wow i can dance and not fear bullets flying from everywhere like America or Australia.

    Adam you need to educate ur self, there are not many countries in the world if u really think about it. we are all connected and survive in one planet. Why dont u do like me, everyday i read about one country i have no idea about it. Plus read some history while ur at.

    As in for the false information u r getting from ur media watch dis documentry by International Award winning Dr. Jack Shaheen called ” Reel Bad Arabs: How Hollywood Vilifies a People”. It should open up ur mind n how the media plays a big role in our lives thats why i always argue the point of how essential is it to know the realability of ur source just like science and universities. The documentry is short and sweet and the soundtrack is amazing. Redardless of its rich awarness, the film is bloody interesting.
    Here is the link

    OO btw Adam try reading more, if u hate reading like me, watch documentries to make it less boring. Yesturday i saw 2 diff documentries of Christian Art history. Appearently Coptic Egyptians were very influental. See no more BBC, CNN nor defin FOX NEWS. I am my own journalist seeking truth

  8. I luv egypt, I hate to burst your buble, but I’m pretty well-educated (architecture major), love to read books AND watch documentaries, and do a lot of discussing, both on the net and IRL. I’ve traveled extensively in the world and lived in such diverse places as Greenland and Saudi Arabia for more than 12 years of my life. Of the different arab countries, I’ve been to Jordan, Saudi, Yemen(bulletholes in the car to prove it!) and Bahrain. I watch the news from different channels, both foreign and domestic, but take everything with a grain of salt. I don’t need Hollywood or CNN to have an opinion on different things, including arabs (generally speaking) and their motivations, having experienced them first hand. Having said that, the world is full of countries, culture, sights and sounds, and one can’t expect to know everything. In the scheme of things, Qatar is a small, somewhat irrelevant place (much like my own country!) whose major claim to fame was being the center of coalition headquarters during the gulf war. Other than that, I expect it to be much like Bahrain, a favorite vacation spot for amoral Saudis, and that’s pretty much all I can tell about the country other than the name of it’s capital city, Doha. I certainly had no preconceived notion that the country was particularly unsafe, although I would have guessed at a harsher attitude towards partying, sex before marriage and drinking than is the case in my own country.

    For someone for claims no dislike towards westerners, you’re pretty harsh in your judgement of us, not to mention grossly generalizing – it makes me wonder if you spent your time in the west in Homestead, Florida, or somewhere similar…? Westerners are generally quite critical about the information that they recieve, much more so than you average ME citizen, who’re willing to swallow every “fact” that Al Jazeera, the Iran State Television and every ridiculously corrupt leader throws in their faces. I particularly like how you maintain that the western media is biased against the arab world, when most people in the west would agree that the majority of western media is biased TOWARD the arabs. Ask any right-wing voter (that would be close to half the population) what their opionion of, say, CNN is…

    As mentioned before, I don’t know where you’ve spent your time in the west – I’ve never been to or even heard of a disco, where people wound up in the middle of a mafia shoot-out. I do, however, recall a disco in Bali that got blown up by muslim terrorists. I also recall a western couple that got arrested and kicked out of the Emirates for enjoying themselves on the beach.

    All in all, I think you should be carefull about throwing stones while living in a glass house yourself. I’ll give your documentary a go, though…

  9. sad to admit it but i grew up in the clubs of new york wtf are you talking about????

    adam b more than stated the case, my assessment is you’ve watched scar face way too many times!

  10. Well, i luv egypt, one arab is not the other arab. They come in different sizes and colours, born in different Arab countries in different Arab cultures with a different Arab government and a different Arab background. Hell, even perhaps a different religion.

    Qatar might be the sunshine in the Arab world and living there might give you the impression there is not much to complain about, but other Arab countries are not like that. And generally news focusses more on the bad things than the good things.

    Ow, and next time when you visit the west, be sure to watch decent channels. Haha.

  11. Which reminds me, btw… Part of my family were Jewish refugees from Iraq. They are still memorizing Iraqi songs and love Arab music (also from some famous singers from Egypt). They purchased a satelite receiver in order to get all the great music channels from the Arab world. But oh my… soo many sex channels came with it!!! And that makes you realise how weird Arab society is and how weird it is when some fundi’s are saying that in the west women are subjected to sex objects – while their satelite programming is filled with filthy porn :P

  12. Wow, people are crazy here.

    Anyways SM I want to come visit & see all of these “we have four cars each” qataris…

  13. PS maybe that’s why they don’t blog. They’re too busy driving their four cars!

  14. Adam B:1

    i luv egypt:0


  15. funny, nobody answered SM why Qatar do not have many (or any) blogs.
    Don’t you think that it might be the result of Al Jazeera being headquartered in Doha? May be majority of Qataris in their free time work for al jazeera and they do not have other views, but one – the same as that satelite mega-station? Or may be they got so much money that they really prefer not to endanger the money they get from the sultan? Or may be they have other interests, like religion or the new paris fashion, they can afford the first and the second.

    I luv egypt,
    you got it wrong, nobody emigrates to Qatar because nobody can get Qatari citizenship. People go there to work, and the majority of workers are not americans or europeans but asians or muslims from ME countries. Recently 40% polled foreign workers in Doha were saying that they want to leave Qatar. What’s more there is quite a large number of shia citizens over there and they are not enamored by religious or other policies of Qatar.
    so check your facts, I luv egypt

  16. i luv egypt says:

    ella, baby, i live here! and what facts did you add that contradicted what i said? Please tell me cuz i think you confused me with some1 else or totaly misunderstood me. You do not get the citizenship because if you do, immigration will defin explode qatar. If you understand the “facts” right, you will know that you can get Permnant Residence just like me. PR aint like citizenship but you can stay and work as much as you want. And for that 40% poll of foreign people want to live qatar is true, and i am one of them. Thats because life is too easy here and boring. The country is too small and not many place to go compared with foriegn countries. Most people are bored but yet stay. And if the 40% hates qatar so much, why dont they fucking leave if its that bad??? Its simple, people like me who is a “foreigner” miss my country and family or has made enough money and ready to leave. Same with the other 40%! Why did SM not go Dubia eventhough there way more life and activities than Doha. The money is too damn good but life is a bit boring if you dont know the right people and places.

    Suzzana…What porn are you talking about? you know ive been hearing crap from mu Uncle such as jews are bad and lie a lot. Too me its total bullshit but you make me rethink that. Suzzana says” “while their satelite programming is filled with filthy porn” lool Our sattelite is filled with filthy porn!! First of all, not because its an Arab one u shud call it “filthy” porn. Ive neva heard of a filthy porn not s clean one but Suzanna just hav to remind us that anything from the Arabs is “filthy”! And what Arab satellite has porn you dumb SOB! There are only two satellites ARABSAT and NILESAT and both have only arabic or mediternian channels, defin no porn channels at all. Ask any mother in the Middle East how she warned the cable guy of NOT installing any other Satellites than NILE SAT OR ARABSAT. Its channels like HOT BIRD that has europeans that i doubt is middle-eastern. Howcome nobody answered this freak! Its the fucking middle-east! Do you think any ME country with our strict lifestyle allow a network to bring some girls and air live porn!!! The bullshit here is outrages. See people like suzzana make me sick!!! We are discussing qatar’s political status and some1 has to remind us how arabs air on TVs “filthy” porn not the “clean” one us pure westerners are used to.

    Adam, ive been living in adelaide for the last 2 years. I want you to check out with your own research how many shootings were there in the last two years. Like i said 2 of them i whitnessed. HQ and escoubar.

  17. i luv egypt says:

    Adam i do agree we have our bias TV or more like brain washing but not all arabs watch it, as we have our different factions, religions, ethnicity and ideologies. Btw not all arabs luv Al Jazeera. Actually the Saudi embasoder left qatar because Al jazeera “insulted” (in reality not an insult but a normal critisim) of the Royal Kinfdom of Saudi Arabia. Egypt for a while had its beef too wid al jazeera here. But the news is not as bias as american news. Al jazeera just gets you the news. Bias programmes do exist like religious ones. But when it somes to news its news with Al jazeera.

    Suzzana im not sure to feel sorry for you because your Jewish or because your an iraqi refugee. Cuz ive heard of so many Muslim iraqi refugees in Jordan, dubia, Syria, now Egypt and about 57,000 in Australia. Mentioning u r a jewish iraqi refugee makes is sound like you trying to prove a point. Btw i hav a jewish morrocan blood from both parents that i am very proud of. So dont jump to ur usual conclusion of me being Anti-semetic.

    Btw. Did anybody notice how Abraham’s genealogy was affected by jelouse mother in so many occasions? Like if it wasnt for the jelouse mother sara fearing Eshmael gaining leadership so she demanded Abraham to exile Eshmael and his mother Hajar? Again with his son Isaac. When Isaac wanted to bless Esau, Esau mother favored Yacob as she sent him to her husband Isaac to bless him instead of Esau. Isaac was old and blind so Rebekah was able to fool Isaac. Woow Mothers chose the greatest leaders of all nations.

  18. i luv egypt,

    please cease and desist from using that moniker! as you are a great embarrassment to all egyptians. from your aljazeera arab coffee house bent on politics and life to your crass use of terms such as baby when addressing female readers.

    albeit people of your mindset are a dime a dozen back home where donning tin foil a hat is the norm. i have no qualms with you expressing your ideology , but i do mind the fact that you associate a whole nation with your backwater ideas.

    here in the us we have a sort of bigoted, blue collar iconic figure from the 70′s his name was archie bunker, you my friend are his egyptian facsimile!

  19. i luv egypt says:

    yess yess its working, its working i tell you…..boshkash please shut the fuck up! MAn women tell you all dat shit about respect, but u need to sweet talk them man. Trust me i got this. Sometimes i use other terms such as “boo”. Boshkash if you dont like me, suck a fuckin man who gives a fuck. Boshkash, in the US they call a sand nigger. Here comes the sand nigger, here goes the sand nigger.

    My ideology is very unique thank you..

  20. i luv egypt says:

    Boshkash you dont have to change ur self so the white people can accept you in their society as an immigrant. Be ur self man! Wow still nobody answers my question.

    Boshkash says: i luv egypt is a great embarrassment to all egyptians……i represent the real egypt man not ur fake shit. Trust me they love me in Egypt and around the world an di use the term baby cuz women are fragile and need to be handled with care. You do bump into rough bitches, but everygirl is a potential mother and thats why they gain my indvanced respect.

  21. Salaam brother –

    I am in Italy right now but back in Doha at the end of the month. Would love to catch up with you and insha’Allah we can do something about the Qatari blogosphere. I have been on hiatus as I had several work/uni related trips.

    I’ll email when I am back in the country.

    Welcome to Qatar –

  22. well i’m glad whatever you’re doing is working out for you. but a minor detail my friend you don’t know me and not every wasp is a racist, just like not every arab has your extreme point of view.

    it seems sensationalism is what you’re really into and nothing else. i guess if they ran BORAT, BIN LADEN AND PRINCE NASSIEM (THE BOXER) through a meat grinder you’d come out of the other end!

  23. i luv egypt says:

    Boshkash.. Did your uncle touch you in ur private part? cuz man they way u r argue is retarded. Borat and bin laden?

  24. peacefulmuslimah: Tha’ts more like it – less talk more action!

    …or in this case – more talk, more action! :)

  25. “cuz women are fragile and need to be handled with care. …………….everygirl is a potential mother and thats why they gain my indvanced respect.”
    Yup. Every girl is a potential baby making machine, and as such is extremely fragile – particularly during giving birth.
    As for answering you- why bother, you won’t understand anyway.

  26. As a Qatari myself, I’d like to welcome you to my lovely country…regarding your post, fact of the matter is simply not many Qatari’s are bothered IMO, and Im referring to the ones that know what blogs even are! seriously, people work, study, have real lives….etc and to everyone here running wild with their consipiracy theories, you crack me up! keep’em coming I say!

  27. Hussien

    It is good that we make you laugh, after all we westerners learned to make conspiracy theories from the masters, people of the Middle East.

  28. Whoa Ella…who pissed in your cereal? there’s no need to be rude! where in my post did I mention westerners? all I said was that I thought comments here were funny after I politely greeted him to Qatar…infact, it’s people like you who give westerners a bad rep…serious chip on your shoulder I say! get over yourself ;)

  29. Hussien

    Excuse me, I am rude?
    Does it mean that I should not write that it is good that you laugh?
    It seems to me that you also have a chip on your shoulder.

    Now it may be, just may be, that misunderstanding come from the fact that english is not your first language nor my first language


  30. khaleeji-twix says:

    i had a good running blog back in the day.. i had to shut down/stop blogging.. bloody gf made me.. it was just to much details..

    yeah and im from qatar

  31. i luv egypt says:

    to ella, damn girl you are mad. Why should bloggers be victims of horny mid aged single women surfing the net. No matter how polite a man is, most single (fed up with men) women will ATTACK you!! Beware of single women! Its easy to spot them. 1. They blame men for all the problems of the world. 2. They are ugly and thats why they are single (bitch you if u were hot u wud ve been married since u 25). 3. Short hair or what most saloons call (za lezbo hair-cut). 4. They work out and have musculine lookin muscles usually around the Abs and biceps. 4. They drink beer like a Scott. 5. they are ugly with pimples. 6. They kissed their girl friend who suffers from the same disease (single) once and didnt like it but would tell everyman in the club of such actions. 7. Eventually when they are around 40 or ova, they would find a man (Young African immigrant looking for a green card).

    ella please do not attack innocent men on the internet. Not all men want to harm you we just dont want to sleep with you. Find you a nice young lad from Africa who is willing to go down tornado on u if u support him with essential needs.