Hey, want a one hour wedding?

Go to Bahrain and enjoy your 8 dollars an hour wedding. And remember, it's not prostitution if the government  and the clergy approve it. It's a "temporary pelasure wedding". Wink wink..nudge nudge.


  1. Mut3aa is old and is only practiced by Shiite muslims. Not much different from Orfi that is verycommon among Egyptian university students. You never had an Orfi wife sandmonkey? I’m shocked! In orfi, however, the students don’t pay any money but end up with unwanted bundles of joy as well.

    FYI, you forgot to mention that it’s men that invent these “convenient” variations of the marriage institution.

  2. I have heard that in Saudi Arabia recently they also started to have temporary marriages, only they call it somewhat differently.
    btw the town in Iran where temporary marriages are the most popular is Qom. (the center of iranian shia clergy)

  3. Those Orfi and Mot3a weddings are giving prostitution a bad name

  4. Yes, I also heard this is somewhat popular with Shia Islam.

    If I am not mistaking name for those contract wives is sega/e or something like that. I am not terribly certain though because I heard about it very long time ago.

  5. I can see many poor women taking advantage of it

  6. Melissa in NorCal says:

    I thought it was called misyar. I understand poor women wanting to take advantage of this, but make him wear a condom, or refuse to undergo the “ceremony”. You don’t need a baby from a “loveless” marriage. not only do they not have rights, they don’t have a father. That messes kids up.

  7. well btw just before you go and be hypocritical about shiites sunni have the the same thing but call it misyar a way of like sort of sugar coating it so bugger it :)