Merry Christmas, people!

My your Holidays be filled with fatty foods, alcohol and passing out!


  1. Thank you, and have all the good things, too!

  2. Happy Holidays Monkey!!!

    Santa gave me Rock Band 2!!!!! Best Christmas gift EVER!

  3. Marie Claude says:

    merry Christmas too

  4. Kel Eid w’enta bi kheir,

    This holiday saw a long feast in Lebanon, extending from Dec. 8/9, and will now drag on till Jan. 6/7, for the Russian/Armenian Christmas. Then we’ll sober up in time for Ashoura on the 8 or 9, and some of us may “bridge” till Jan. 12.

    At least we agree on something… Arak, anyone? We’ve still got an “alfiyeh” lined up for New Year.

  5. Ok…… Fatty foods and alcohol I have down to a fine art, but does going to bed at a late hour, completely monkeyed on a day long bender of Jack Daniels, Mary J and pork crackling count as passing out?

    Or would that only count as ‘Staying the distance?’

    I worry about these things.

    Happy Christmas to all :)

  6. “Tis the season to be jolly” … One Love