Iranian protesters target Egypt, Saudi and British sites

Well, they broke into the British diplomatic compound, protested against egyptian interests and attacked the Saudi Airlines office with Molotov cocktails. For a Police-state, Iran isn't really doing much policing these days, are they?


  1. And the Saudi Airlines office was attacked because Saudi supposedly has been urging for peace-talks to end the current crisis…

    “So, you condemn the attacks, but don’t actually want them to stop?”

    It baffles the mind…

  2. Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei decreed on Sunday that anyone who died in the defence of Gaza would be deemed a martyr.

    Even murderers? Is that based on Islam, or did he just make that up? If the guy who murdered the Egyptian officer is killed in an Israeli airstrike tomorrow, he’s a martyr? He gets on the short list for paradise, instead of the express ticket to hell that he deserves? I seriously am baffled by Islam sometimes. Well… all the time, really.

  3. Iran polices very selectively.

    The Basij

    Also it is likely that the “mob” consisted of members of the Basij militia. The leaders of the students that attacked the British embassy (which is, of course, against both international and Iranian law) almost certainly belonged to the Student Basij. It is unlikely that we will have to protest the executions of these students by Iranian authorities, because I doubt that they will see even a single day in jail.

    It is also extremely likely that the Basij led the supposedly “spontaneous” protests outside the Egyptian embassy, and one can guess that these, at least, were officially orchestrated.

    “No More Mr. Nice Guy”

    Interestingly enough, while all of this sound and fury distracts Iranians from the situation at home, Ahmadinejad has just announced a bill that would eliminate fuel, water and power subsidies and raising taxes. Oil prices have been plummeting lately, and the unpopular Ahmadinejad is up for reelection, and while it would be too trite to suggest that Iran wanted a hot war in the region to re-inflate them and save his budget (but not one on its borders!), the timing of HAMAS’s escalation is certainly most convenient for the regime in Tehran.

    Iran and the Saudis

    The attack on the Saudi Airlines office happened on 13 December, well before the fighting. A previously unheard-of “militant group” supposedly did it. “Ikhwan al-Radwan” – yes, that’s Arabic, not Persian, and while there are Arab Iranians, I am going out on a limb when I guess that members of that abused minority were not responsible for this – claimed that it attacked the Saudis because it was angry at Saudi Arabia for sponsoring the Arab League’s peace proposal. Yes, that peace proposal: the ultimatum that says Israel must withdraw to the 1967 borders, and then basically lie down and die, in exchange which the Arab world will agree to some undefined and nebulous concept of peace, presumably similar to the peace between Syria and Lebanon.

    The situation between Iran and Saudi Arabia has been reasonably tense for some time, and deteriorated sharply when Hizballah staged its coup in Lebanon. The last few paragraphs of this column in Asharq al-Awsat (English), written by the editor in chief of that Saudi-owned paper, should give some sense of how angry and concerned the Saudis are about Iran.

  4. Adrian from Denmark says:

    I guess it’s the same bright minds that burned the swedish flags while shouting death to denmarkian medias :-o )
    The positive thing is, that judging from the photos, they were only few fanatics, maybe 50-100 or so.

  5. 4. Adrian: Who can blame them? Everyone knows Denmark is the capital of Sweden…! :D

  6. I suppose they’ll start shouting “Death to Egypt” after Friday prayers now too.

  7. Zvi

    You are so right.
    What’s happening in Palestine distract not only Iranians but also some Europeans.
    Iran is a “short distance” from securing all it needs to make a nuclear warhead. This is the conclusion of a long-awaited report prepared for the French National Assembly (parliament) and submitted to President Nicolas Sarkozy in the last days of 2008

    Interesting, isn’t it ?

  8. Thanks for the link. I will read it.

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