Rick Warren and Bashar AlAssad

Christopher Hitchens, there to remind you, that there are good reasons, other than his anti-Gay views, why Obama's choice for Inaguration's pastor is a bad one, such as his relationship with Bisho. The democrats probably won't see a problem with the trip he made or the meeting he had, since they are all about talking to the enemy, but it might eb embaressing that the some of the last foriegn visitors Bisho had, and not many do want to visit him, include George Galloway and David Duke. Good people. 


  1. Eww. Thanks for this info. I was not aware of it.

    He sounds repulsive.

  2. saddleback church hmmmm sounds gay

  3. Yes – I wrote a mass email to this effect back in August. I see Rick Warren as bad news and to be avoided. :(

  4. I just want to clarify a few things about Rick Warren. First, he is a fundamentalist Christian. You might think that’s good or bad but that’s his doctrine and he takes it really seriously. Second, he is a person of unquestionable personal integrity. I don’t think too many people outside his church know this (I’m a former member) but when he first started to take in a lot of money he formed a panel of advisers to oversee all of his actions. No one made him do that. He just know we can all be weak. Third, he believes in hating the sin and loving the sinner (it’s that Christian doctrine thing again) so I don’t think there is anyone he would not meet with so I wouldn’t read too much into a meeting with “Bisho”.

  5. I don’t think Hitchens’ is to be listened to on this one… he’s a militant atheist, after all. Rick Warren is one of the most well respected Christian Pastors in the United States.

  6. I understand since getting book royalties, he declines taking a salary as pastor. Also, he donates 90% of his imcome, keeping 10% for himself. This kind of thinking is what got Jesus in trouble with the Pharisees who were religious profiteers. I am not a member, but I have nothing but respect for Rick Warren who seems to takes Jesus literally.

  7. These are not surprising my anymore, but thanks..
    Happy new year to everyone..