“Spoiled, narcissistic layabouts”

The Economist takes on the Net Generation. Moneyshot:

This culture clash has been going on in many organisations and has lately seeped into management books. The Net Geners have grown up with computers; they are brimming with self-confidence; and they have been encouraged to challenge received wisdom, to find their own solutions to problems and to treat work as a route to personal fulfilment rather than merely a way of putting food on the table. Not all of this makes them easy to manage. Bosses complain that after a childhood of being coddled and praised, Net Geners demand far more frequent feedback and an over-precise set of objectives on the path to promotion (rather like the missions that must be completed in a video game).

A set of objectives on the path for promotion. How cool would that be? I want one!


  1. Years ago, I read an excerpt from a college professor’s speech on how each generation he teaches is less disciplined than the last. He worried about the future state of civilization should that shocking trend continue. The professor’s name was Socrates.