A Parable for our times

A Parrot and a Donkey are on a plane, sitting in coach. The Parrot buzzes the stewardess, and she comes over. She asks him: "Can I help you with something?", and he replies" Nahhh..I was just fucking around!" and starts laughing. The Donkey thinks that's hilarious and laughs with him.

After a while the Donkey feels like imitating the Parrot's prank, so he buzzes the stewardess. She comes over and asks him: "Can I help you with something?", and the Donkey replies "Nahh..I was just fucking around too!" and starts laughing, and gets joined by the Parrot.

The Stewardess, annoyed at those two imbeciles, goes to the Captain and tells him that she has a parrot and a donkey who keep buzzing her for the hell of it. The captain instructs her to throw them both out of the plane, which with the help of the rest of the in-flight crew, she succeeds in doing.

As they are plummeting towards earth, a terrified Donkey asks the Parrot: "Now what do we do?"

The Parrot calmly responds: "It's no big deal. Now we fly!"

The Donkey replies with frustration: "But I am a donkey, I can't fly!"

To which the Parrot deadpans: "So, if you can't fly, what the hell are you doing fucking around?"


  1. lol

  2. Adrian from Denmark says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha :-D

  3. Hmm…
    Is there a clever and rellevant moral to this story? let’s see if I can find one:
    The Parrot is israel, while the Donkey is Gaza. Both fucked around for a while, but when the moment of truth came it turned out that Gaza doesn’t have wings, that is, the military might to back up their big words and rocket firing ways. The stewardess is some negotiater or other (american, egyptian, who knows) and the in-flight crew the nations of the world.

    I fear, though, that the story doesn’t end here. If the past has taught us anything, is that the plane will loop down to pick up the donkey in the last minute before he crushes to the ground, and the Parrot will be left flying on it’s on for a few years, before he is allowed inside the plane again.

  4. Odin lever says:


  5. Nadavu,

    wow, talk about over analyzing.. the moral is simple, if you cant back it up, dont fuck around…

  6. I feel bad for the donkey but…stay on the plane if ya can’t fly.

  7. Man, this joke’s only funny when told in Arabic.

  8. LOL, I love it!!
    Mohamed, why is it only funny in Arabic?

  9. Lynne,
    Because in Arabic (not really Arabic but Egyptian slang) the word for “fucking around” that the parrot and the donkey use in the egyptian version has a more annoying though way funnier effect.

  10. hahaha priceless!!