Fringe benefits of world economic downturn

Iran won't let Hezbollah attack Israel in defense of Ghaza like last time, even though this time it's much much worse. Why? Probably because they can't afford another war and rebuilding effort with the plummeting Gas Prices. Maybe that should be the new slogan for Peace? "Peace: cause fighting you is just too damn expensive!" 


  1. Or, perhaps, they know they’re going to get a thrashing this time.

  2. Hezbollah probably lost a lot of political capital in Lebanon after its last escapade. It has no popular support for another provocation

  3. Which of escapades do you mean, July, 2006 or May, 2008?

  4. Iran: Hmmm I just read two interesting articles on Iran in the news today. It seems that Turkey is holding a suspicious shipment marked “tractor parts” bound for Chavez in Venezuela, a shipment which, in fact, contained some kind of bomb making stuff—like lots of it. The other article talked about Iran’s role in funding and training Hamas, and basically directing the situation in Ghaza. Comments, anyone?