Reason # 12 why we must blame Egypt!

Because the Gulf countries can not afford to pull another Oil embargo at the moment, while paying for russian hookers AND building another Penis-shaped skyscraper (You ever get the feeling that they are trying to compensate for something? But what could it be? What could it possibly be?). Russian hookers are expensive, man!


  1. “Russian hookers are expensive, man!”

    Only if you buy them in stocks..

  2. I hate ALJAZEERA says:

    lol—-rumor has it prince Ram-Me Bindover has been exploring the idea of a bunch of phalic shaped islands off the coast of bahrain.

  3. Many Eastern European women are brought into the prostitution business against their will. They are told they will be given jobs overseas as waitresses or somesuch, and end up as prisoners of the ‘agency’ and forced to work in a brothel. Trafficking of East European woman is a big sad business.

  4. Not only in the Middle East but also in South America and the US. They are prisoners and not free to leave.

  5. … and in Europe.