Reason # 2870 why we must Blame Egypt

Because Iran won't send a single ship or platoon to fight Israel over Ghaza, for two reasons:1) Their defeat might shatter the long-held-but-never-proven illusion of Iranian military might and 2) What? Have Persians die for the sake of smelly arabs? Get real. Plus, getting the arabs to do the fighting for them is more their preferred mode of operations, anyway. Egyptians call themselves arab, and are on the border, so- logically- they should be the ones doing the fighting in lieu of their racist persians overlords, no? 


  1. Well said .

  2. LOL i gotta say, it’s one of my favorite reasons… i can just hear that being said out loud by maz jobrani :)

    can we all have a moment of silence to thank god for sarcasm and persian rugs? without them, none of us would’ve survived in this shithole of a wolrd…

  3. Andrew Brehm says:

    I have wondered for some time why Arabs are so willing to fight and die for the Iranian regime.

    The Iranians are even allowed to occupy Arab lands (islands in the Gulf) and support terrorist groups in Iraq and Lebanon. Why is that?

  4. Most of Iranians are Shia and there many Arabs who are Shia too. Plus ‘Enemy of my enemy’ rule. I am talking about relationship with Israel and US.

  5. Many, if not most, Iranian people hate their government. The population is more pro-american than you would think.