Why don’t you get involved?

Many bloggers and arab propaganda news channels are asking the same question: "Why won't Egypt get involved in this war/ holocaust/humanatarian crisis?" Now, if you are sick of hearing this really annoying question ( I love how they ask you this as if you run the fuckin egyptian military or foreign policy), but you don't know how to respond to it, don't fret. As a public service, I have compiled a list of acceptable answers to be given to those obnoxious annoying self-righteous condescending people, you know, to ease their collective minds from this apparently very bothersome question. Here they are: 

"No problem, let me just get the "stop the middle-east conflict" remote control and I will… Oh, wait. Where did it go? Must've left it in my other Jacket!" 

"Cause we are tired of outshining everybody else when it comes to this issue. We want to give someone else a crack at this. Spread the credit around, you know?"

"Cause our Mamma told us that minding one's own business is the mark of a mature human being. You calling our Mamma a Liar?"

"Cause we are Evil. We really are. You wanna whine some more about it? You wanna start wailing as well? Maybe burn an egyptian flag or two while you are at it?"

"Hey man, just because you are hung like a Bull, doesn't mean you have to do porn!"

"Cause only someone really really really stupid would get between two crazy people having a knife-fight to the death. Don't you agree?"

That's all I have for now. No need to thank me. Your Peace of mind, and that look on their faces, is thanks enough!


  1. So, why don’t you get involved?

  2. what about “we’re too busy trying to feed our OWN hungry masses”?

  3. “Because the United States wants to bail them out”

  4. What!? You mean posting on your blog doesn’t help?? ;)

  5. how about: because this time Israel, which we all love to hate so enthusiastically, is doing the right thing?

  6. Maybe someone with a bigger knife (& smaller brain) should interfere between these lunatics.. unfortunately, most of us used their bigger knives (to an end) last Adha

  7. I share your frustration. I’m an Egyptian who is also tired of hearing Egypt getting blamed and tired of not seeing Iran or Syria participate beyond incendiary remarks.

    Socially and humanely we have a responsibility towards the Palestinians. I disagree that the inaction of others justifies our inaction. We have always been better than Syrians, Iranians and for that matter Qataris and all the other fuckers who suddenly seem to be pro-cause. I disagree that we do not have a responsibility towards oppressed Gazan civilians who need to escape to save their lives and their families’ lives. Innocent children, women and men are dying. People who have no affiliation to Hamas and who due to some twist of fate find themselves trapped like goldfish in a barrel at the mercy (or lack thereof) of a terrorist army. It is natural in any war for civilians to flee to neighbouring countries. Barring civilians from fleeing is unnatural and unprecedented in international warfare.

    On a separate note, politically, Egypt has been set up. Tizi (sic) Livni’s visit to Egypt one day before the attacks unfortunately implicates Cairo. Cairo’s silence and unstated desire for the destruction of Hamas gives the impression of complicity. Our foreign minister’s incompetence and his inability to communicate effectively has made us the mockery of the Arab world. Our leadership has no principles (good or bad) so, understandably, its position is confusing the entire world.

    More importantly, people fail to realize that Egypt is going to be the victim of an even bigger set-up. Nahum Barnea points out in the online version of Yediot Ahronot (see: http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-3651209,00.html) that…

    “…Israel has made it clear to the United States that it will not be ending the Gaza incursion as long as the Egyptians refrain from committing to changing realities on the Philadelphi Route. The Israeli request to America is translated into direct and firm American pressure on the Egyptian government. There are other diplomatic tracks, but this is the decisive one.”

    As such the victim of the next chapter in this ugly new-year’s story will be Egypt.

  8. XYZ, What are the demands Israel have of Egypt concerning their border to Gaza? Is it to keep weapons out of Gaza? Is it to let in food and supplies? The opposite? Or do they want Egypt to open it’s borders for palestinian refugees?

  9. If they care so much about the Palestinians, why didn’t they stop the thousands of rockets from flying across the boarder? They knew what would come as a result of them. It really makes me wonder about the motives of the Palestinians and their supporters. Do they really prefer to see the Palestinians suffer because it will help their cause more? What about helping them build a civilized society after Gaza became unoccupied? Do the Arabs prefer to see them suffer so that Israelis will look bad, be condemned, be boycotted etc.? It’s insane. If the Palestinians wanted a flourishing peaceful society, they could/can have it. But I really believe that too many of them don’t want that. They are going to work until the end of time to destroy Israel in any way they can. And if they succeed, do they think they will actually have the land back and that it will be inhabitable? Like the Jews are just going to pack up, leave (or die) and hand over the keys to the country? Not this time!!

  10. XYZ

    I sympathize with Palestinians in Gaza who do not support Hamas. Nevertheless it was majority of palestinians who in democratic elections choose Hamas, it was also palestinians who did not protest when Hamas started to fire rockets at Israel. They still do not protest. So why should anyone have responsibility towards palestinians.?

  11. e. weisbord says:

    No need to worry, the UN in its infinite wisdom will come up with a solution.
    And now back to drinking the kool aid.

  12. Ella…

    Good point

    Nobody in Gaza seemed much worried about our innocents…in fact, most seemed to enjoy watching them suffer and/or die.

  13. Ella, you can’t blame the palestinians for not being westners. protesting against their own goverment is simply not in their cultural pool. It wouldn’t be fair to judge them according to the same standarts in which we judge ourselves. (like telling the truth, for example)

  14. SandMonkey is in rare form!! Hilarious post! Make my day….

  15. e. weisbord

    I can even imagine what solution UN will come up with

    a/ Talks, talks, talks and more talks. Preferably at a nice place with a lot of palm trees, good swimming facilities, couple of tennis or golf courts (you need to be fit to talk) and access to the best food – all paid by the tax dollars or euros.
    b/ after a long round of talks there would be an agreement which will not tell anything new and which all interested parties would soon break and/or disregard
    c/ there would also be more money for palestinians.


  16. Eva, Canada says:

    Yxam # 13: This is utterly sickening. I’m ashamed to call myself Canadian.

  17. Sandmonkey,

    I think you raised a pretty good question, however i think -for being totally fair- present the bigger picture for ur readers. The Egyptians demand that Mubarak open the Rafah crossing-point into Gaza, break off diplomatic relations with Israel, even send weapons to Hamas. And there is a kind of perverse beauty in listening to the response of the Egyptian government: why not complain about the three gates which the Israelis refuse to open? And anyway, the Rafah crossing-point is politically controlled by the four powers that produced the “road map” for peace, including Britain and the US. Why blame Mubarak?

    To admit that Egypt can’t even open its sovereign border without permission from Washington tells you all you need to know about the powerlessness of the satraps that run the Middle East for us. Open the Rafah gate – or break off relations with Israel – and Egypt’s economic foundations crumble. Any Arab leader who took that kind of step will find that the West’s economic and military support is withdrawn. Without subventions, Egypt is bankrupt.

    Egyptians live amid daily slaughter by their own shabby infrastructure. Alaa al-Aswani wrote eloquently in the Cairo paper Al-Dastour that the regime’s “martyrs” outnumber all the dead of Egypt’s wars against Israel – victims of railway accidents, ferry sinkings, the collapse of city buildings, sickness, cancers and pesticide poisonings – all victims, as Aswani says, “of the corruption and abuse of power”. Opening the Rafah border-crossing for wounded Palestinians – the Palestinian medical staff being pushed back into their Gaza prison once the bloodied survivors of air raids have been dumped on Egyptian territory – is not going to change the midden in which Egyptians themselves live.

    In my opinion Egypt is actually responsible for whats happening in Gaza in one way or another, sarcastically -or so i think- Egypt’s impotence in the face of Gaza’s suffering is a symbol of its own political sickness.

  18. Eva, Canada says:

    Re: http://www.globaltv.com/globaltv/ontario/story.html?id=1144758

    Yxam # 13: I’m so incensed by this news that I found the address of CUPE Ontario and sent the effing Stalinists a letter of protest. You can do the same at:


    Many Canadians have already protested, especially the unsuspecting members of CUPE as this was decided on the sly. I invite everyone here who value academic freedom to add their voice.

  19. Adam B,

    Ultimately, Israel’s goal is to control the other side of the border with Gaza. They’ve been bitching about tunnels for many years, using them as an excuse to blame Egypt for their woes in Gaza and to have a fall-back position with the US/Europe. This is the latest episode in this never-ending saga. Their goal is to directly or indirectly control the Egyptian side of the border.


    It is unfair to say that Palestinians chose Hamas and thus should live with the current consequences; that they somehow deserve their current predicament because they didn’t protest to rockets being fired from Gaza. That would be the same as saying Americans deserved what happened in 9/11 for not protesting America’s foreign policy in the 80s and 90s. Or that somehow Americans deserve to be hated around the world because their current president is an idiot.


    The Israeli government is famous for spewing lies and deceit. I find it disturbing that someone of your supposed intellect can’t see this. Both sides have committed massive mistakes and need to return to reason in order to stop the bloodshed. Trust me, regardless of the outcome of this current war, one thing is for sure.. Gazan children that are living this tragedy will become more and more radicalised and eventually will lose all hope for living in peace with Israel. This is ultimately the biggest loss in this (and previous) wars; that future generations will be more and more averse to peace and thus the conflict continues..

  20. 20. XYZ: I have to say I can’t blame Israel for being upset at the weapons being smuggled into Gaza, and the lack of control with the border from the egyptian side. That said, the border really isn’t Israels business, and any complaint should be handled directly with the egyptian government, provided that Egypt is actually in control of the border region.

    Everything is just so muddled in this conflict – it’s hard to tell truth from lies, opinion from fact. :(

    And of course, the medias (both western and ME) are always quick to jump to conclusions on little evidence.

    With regards to Sam’s latests posts on everyone blaming Egypt:


    Hilarious! Mubarak is Israels partner in the siege… Uhuh, yeah, the egyptians are really out there cheering for the israelis…! However, I particularly like the part about Obama being the instigator of the entire invasion… The man’s not even in office yet, you morons!!! :D

  21. 20. XYZ:

    Help me out here… What exactly was the US foreign policy of the 80′s and 90′s that validated the 9/11 attacks? America didn’t attack anyone with the intent of conquering their land or eradicating their populations, so I can’t see the comparrison…

    As for the Isareli stance radicalizing the palestinian youth even further, how is that possible? As it is, they are about as far out as they can get, considering their support for a government that demands the complete annihilation of Israel and it’s citizens… It can’t really get much worse than that, can it? Still, I agree that it’s sad that there seems to be no solution to this conflict…

  22. Adam B

    Glad we agree on something.

    Nothing “validated” the 9/11 attacks, it seems you didn’t understand my post properly. Nothing can validate aggression of the scale of 9/11 and the latest Gaza incursion. My point was that blaming Gazans for their current predicament because they voted for Hamas is like blaming Americans for 9/11 because the administrations they voted for chose to incite hatred against the Muslim world.

    Not sure if you were around in the 80s and 90s but here are a selected few US foreign policy blunders that maybe (just maybe) might have pissed off the Muslim world… hmm, where do I start..

    Remember that country called Afghanistan? Remember when it was fashionable to support the Mujahedeen when they were fighting the Russians but then suddenly it went out of fashion? Look it up. Happy to provide more if your knowledge of modern history is lacking.

    You’re right about America not attacking anyone with intent to conquer their land. Americans suck at physical colonialism as evident by the incompetence galore on daily display in Iraq. Rather, America instigates wars with the purpose of acquiring control over natural resources, namely oil. Ever since the oil shocks of late 70s America has become determined to control its supply of oil. This is of course no different to 18th and 19th century colonialism. The objective of taking over land is to control resources.

    With regards to radicalised youth and political choices, you conveniently forget that Palestinians are the subject of the worst possible political life imaginable today. They don’t exactly have effective political parties to choose from and even if there were any promising candidates (e.g., Mustafa Barghouti in 2005), Fatah’s corrupt cronies take care of them. Hamas is an unfortunate last resort for people who have no good options and are subject to humiliation by a terrorist state on one side and a corrupt government on another.

    Finally, please don’t forget that both sides have fucked up both today and in the past. Hamas is a bully and a terrorist organization and unfit to govern. Israel on the other hand is a terrorist state that has been provoking Hamas to act by closing off borders and crossings, banning the entry of food, medicine, fuel and other supplies to Gaza and effectively killing its economy off slowly over the course of almost a year. A few rockets and casualties has been the response. An air, sea and ground incursion where almost 700 people die in under 2 weeks is completely disproportionate.

  23. XYZ: Yeah, I’m aware that the US foereign policy does not always sit well with arabs/muslims/others and that they have their fair share of decidely bad decisions on the foreign front as well… I don’t agree with your assesment of the US motives, however, but let’s leave it at that.

    However, making the direct comparrison with the american population electing a government that makes unpopular decisions to a palestinian population, that deliberately chooses a government, whose main goal is the destruction of a neighbouring state and the extermination of it’s population is a pretty wild leap in my book.

    I don’t buy your arguement that the palestinians are pressed for alternatives. First off, an old saying goes that “you deserve the government you have”. If they don’t like the choices they are given, start a new political party. Nobody said that the birth of a national state has to be easy or can be done without sacrifices, even in lives. the rest of us have been through that, so can the palestinians if they get their act together. Looking at the present situation, the palestinians have chosen open hostility towards a powerful neighbour over corruption – a VERY bad choice by my way of thinking. Still, I feel sorry for the kids and for the women, who had no say in the matter – they truly are innocent victims in this conflict, but they have their fathers and husbands to blame for their current predicament, not Israel.

    We can easily agree that both sides are handling this entire conflict (not just the latest exchange of violence) pretty badly, but nevertheless, the palestinians are the ones who put up an uncompromising attitude. If they were to stop hostilities and accept the existance of the israeli state, I promise you I’d be the first on the barricades if Israel didn’t fulfill it’s part of the bargain and withdraw from Palestine soil!!!

  24. XYZ

    wrong comparison.

    9/11 was not because american government attacked neighbouring country. 9/11 was because Osama & Co. decided that they would go and attack “far enemy” because “near enemy” got too strong for them. “Far enemy” became enemy not because of US blunders but because Osama and Zawahiri were angry because Saudi Arabian government decided that american army can be stationed on Saudi soil. Saudis thought that americans can defend them better against Saddam Hussain then Osama mujahidin And that was the real beef Osama had with americans.
    I am quite sure that if americans wanted to conquer anybody land they would do it quite well, however they do not want to do it. It is true that all countries want to control the resources they do not have and US is not exception. However China or Emirates (they want to control land in Africa, you know, for growing food) do not bother with things like human rights, americans do. And that’s the difference between them.
    It seems that you conveniently forgot that people of Gaza had choice, they choose Hamas in democratic elections. They did not change their minds about Hamas. As for humiliation by terrorist state (I assume you are talking about Israel) I do not think that Gazans are humiliated by anybody. I think that they and their government humiliate themselves asking for handouts from EU, from UN, from Americans, from arab countries.and then allocating that charity money for weapons and rockets.
    And of course Israel is provoking poor Hamas. Hamas is so provoked that from the beginning it does not accept existence of Israel and because of that it must it lob rockets and mortar shells into Israel