In case you missed this

Egypt, Israel and the PA,or as AlJazeera calls them, the "Tripartite Aggression", have agreed to a truce, even though none of them are fighting each other. Hamas who is actually the other party in the fight, did not agree to the Truce. Which means you have read two news stories that didn't tell you anything new. How awesome is journalism?


  1. :)

  2. Roman Kalik says:

    Hey, the evening news has to have *something*. And we can’t have all those diplomats running around feeling useless and lonely, can we?

  3. At least Israel was smart enough not to point out they need to be negotiating with the people they are actually fighting with, this time! That always seems to result in Israel being accused of turning down peace offers :O

  4. Hmmmmmm I can hardly wait to see what this truce involves, but whatever it is Hamas has already made statements that they won. One of their spokesmen stated in an interview with Ynet, that they could be happy to stop firing rockets at civilians and that the firing of the rockets was only a response to Israeli aggression. Ah. This is not as tough a riddle as which came first: the chicken or the egg? Hamas has been firing rockets during the entire “ceasefire”. Somebody get these dimwits a dictionary, so that they can get it that a ceasefire means that they cease firing. Morons.

  5. Hello lynne Hamas doesnt do interviews with Zionist media, hello, hello