US anti-immigration technology tested in Ghaza

I find this rather interesting, if not slightly disturbing:

Upon reading this morning news of US army engineers securing Egypt side of border against tunnels I went to Rafah city to check border. Security was relaxed compared to past days though the city was still a ghost one.

At Rafah crossing, a high level security officer told me American army engineers were here 7 months ago testing tunnel detection technology they developed to catch Mexicans, and they’ll be back by May 09.

Can you imagine the DOD trying to sell the american public, or whomever other buyer they might sell this to, on this technology? "Oh, but it's very effective. It's palestinian tested!"

Satisfaction Guranteed…or something!


  1. Why would the people of Mexico create tunnels when they are able to freely walk across on land? Hmmmm…..

  2. Mainly drugs. You can transport a lot more through tunnels than on people’s backs. Vehicles are too visible.

  3. There is so much of the border that is not regulated…pretty large land mass