A prayer

Inspired by all that is happening, a reader of this blog, and let's call her "C", has sent me what she referrs to as her "Manifesto to the men of the middle east". I think of it as something along the lines of a prayer:

Men of the Middle East! I shall liberate you! I shall fight for you! One man at a time!

I will distribute respect-demanding yet liberated Egyptian women side by side with liberated yet self-respect lacking American women in yellow spray painted boxes from planes on to you.

Please, take them… let them boss you around, give you head, tell them you love them, and forget your bombs!

Make babies with them that are more gorgeous than any Israeli chick ever born so that these women will grow up and procreate a people, a generation, who will live in peace and harmony and prosperity forever!

Hmmm… Can I get an Amen?


  1. I took your blog as an example to prove a certain theory while I was discussing something with an American friend
    I think you can guess. can’t you?

  2. Not gonna work – more people = more bombs

  3. If she is just sending them to give head…where will the new generation come from?

    But hell…drop a few over this way…I won’t throw shoes at them

  4. Please get off the crack who ever you are!

  5. hahahahahaha

  6. sighhhh…..
    your readers areby far the ideal!
    one can only dream…