Find the crime

AlJazeera has posted a story with this headline: "Accusations made against Egypt of giving AID to the UNRWA instead of the dissolved government of Hamas, with coordination with Israel and the PA"

Now, whomever figures out what exactly is Egypt's crime here to warrant an accusation, gets a cookie and a big wet smooch on the cheeck!


  1. on first look, I read ‘aids’ and it kinda made sense.
    then I read it more carefuly, and it stopped making sense.

  2. What kind of cookie?

  3. I sympathize, Jews and especially Israelis have this problem a lot, of being presumed guilty of some sort of crime. One gets convicted in the court of public opinion rather than a legal court, because the accusers know that if they brought the accusation to the bench it would justly vindicate the accused.

  4. A big wet smooch? On the cheek? Which cheek?