The origin of “Israel controls America” conspiracies

Usually from stories like these:

The United States, Israel's main ally, had initially been expected to voted in line with the other 14 but Rice later became the sole abstention.

"In the night between Thursday and Friday, when the secretary of state wanted to lead the vote on a ceasefire at the Security Council, we did not want her to vote in favour," Olmert said.

"I said 'get me President Bush on the phone'. They said he was in the middle of giving a speech in Philadelphia. I said I didn't care. 'I need to talk to him now'. He got off the podium and spoke to me.

"I told him the United States could not vote in favour. It cannot vote in favour of such a resolution. He immediately called the secretary of state and told her not to vote in favour."

Just saying! ;)


  1. SM,

    thats a pretty cool tin foil hat you have there….where can i get one?

  2. Don’t worry, Hillary will fix everything!! ;)

  3. SM,

    I believe your turnaround is now complete, when you cite “Israel controls America” memes.

    Of course, you fail to note that the resolution was one-sided, did not have any obligation upon Hamas to stop firing rockets, and did not mention Hamas by name. This is not mentioned. All that is mentioned is “Israel controls America.”

    So beyond pathetic, I am basically speechless.

  4. And there you have it!

    Some major strings being pulled at the highest levels on Earth!

    I can see Craig and tedders ulcerating right now, as well as anyone else that claims this is all one big conspiracy!

    I guess when you kill 500 kids and run over them with tanks, even the sandmonkey will say “Fuck this shit, baby killers!”

    Israel’s actions speak for itself, shooting trapped fish in a barrel (Gaza) says a lot about a country!

    Welcome home Sandmonkey, well at least for the time — FUCKING — being anyways!

  5. It’s always amusing when people who have read me for so long still don’t understand me!


  6. That’s not control. It’s influence. More important, it is proximity.

    The ability to get the President on the phone isn’t a big deal in international diplomacy. It’s important not to pester the President too often, though.

    Getting a President off a stage for an immediate chat does draw on the credit of a statesman. Doubly for talking about it in public. And it looks as though Mr. Olmert has overdrawn his political credit, not merely with President Bush (and probably Obama), but also with the Israeli public.

    It wouldn’t be a good idea to go around claiming that “Israel controls the United States”, especially after the Bush administration vetoed Israeli overflight over Iraqi airspace for a proposed strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities. And this, after Israeli leaders had gotten strung along for years, getting led to believe that Israeli concessions in the “peace process” would be compensated by major airstrikes on Iran’s nuclear program.

    Mr. Olmert is acting like a little boy bragging about how he can get his daddy out of a business meeting to talk with him, failing to realize that his daddy was in the process of revising his will.

  7. Olmert just keeps proving his incompetence time after time.

  8. Alexis, Leonid, thank you. I was about to lose hope!

  9. “It’s always amusing when people who have read me for so long still don’t understand me!”

    I understand perfectly SM.

    “I can see Craig and tedders ulcerating right now, as well as anyone else that claims this is all one big conspiracy!”

    Sand Ape is wrong, yet again! Situation normal!! :)

  10. SM,

    If I have misunderstood you, then you should have a post which clarifies your positions!


  11. Roman Kalik says:

    Red Tulips… he had such a post ages ago.

    And yes, Olmert is an idiot, and deserves ridicule. He only gets something right when his “petty politician” preset personality is turned off.

  12. Guys…

    I think SM was being a bit tongue-in-cheek here…

    Why don’t we ALL take Prozac and a nap.

  13. P.S…

    Prozac, nap…THEN go to war with Jordan for shooting at us while we have a peace treat with them.

  14. adrian from Denmark says:

    Cannot figure out if it’s a joke from Olmerts or AFP side.
    Great laugh though :-D

  15. I am loving this. Sorry SM was out for a while had a surgery that kept me out of the loop :-) I am staying away from the depressing news of Gaza, glad to see you back.

    And you know maybe you need to highlight the sod off part on your blog :-)

  16. SM

    And now, according to SM…we have cause to go to war with Lebanon…and in this case…I agree…this is beyond the tolerable:

    Enough!!!!! Bastards…rotten…low-life, Arab scum

  17. @ 16, Howie Stern melt down, some one send him to take out his holocaust anger on an orphanage in Gaza quick!

  18. Welcome back twosret, faynik yawlia :)

    Craig bee yeshtem feeki gamed lol, nothing new. I have developed the thick skin and have been duelling it out with the Outlaw zionists since their baby killing spree in Gaza.

    This is a mans job (no pun intended) so please feel free to sit back and openly act like you agree with these here and there. I hate to see a lady insulted. After all if hOWIE CAN KILL A BABY, THEY CAN EASILY FIND NO SHAME IN CALLING A HAMMAS TERRORIST!

  19. or insulting a lady

  20. Jan 13, 2009 19:46
    Protesters close Beirut Starbucks branch
    BEIRUT, Lebanon
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    What’s this?

    About a hundred demonstrators converged on west Beirut’s branch of the Starbucks coffee shop on Tuesday and closed it down in protest over the Israeli operation in Gaza.

    Protesters justified their actions by claiming that the Starbucks corporation owner donates money to the Israeli military.

    The protest in Beirut’s commercial Hamra street is the latest of a series of demonstrations across the Arab world since Israel launched an attack on Gaza to stop Hamas rocket fire on Dec. 27.

    Customers fled the Starbucks as the protesters descended on it, turned out the lights and blocked the doors.

    Protesters then raised a Palestinian flag over the shop and wrote on its window “Jewish favorite coffee.”

    I believe babies should be killed over issues like this…yes…yes ….yes!!!

    Bomb the orphange and keep bombing till the bastards re-open Starbucks!!!

  21. Hi Twos! Hope you feeling better, I didn’t get a call Monday, I’ll try you later, glad your back!

  22. #20 Howie!! LOL

    We must have our daily caffeine!!

  23. Yeah, I read that piece too and all I could think was “Olmert, you may be the biggest idiot to ever sit in Israel’s PM chair . . . and that’s saying a lot.”

  24. Worth dying for…and killing for no?

    Do you think they took a coffee break during the protest?

  25. Roman Kalik says:

    Protesters then raised a Palestinian flag over the shop and wrote on its window “Jewish favorite coffee.”

    You know what’s really funny about this?

    Israel doesn’t have a single Starbucks branch. Not a one.

  26. Whew. That story needed a spew alert.

    I always thought Olmert was kinda dumb….this is proof. Surely he’s not telling us he sat and held the phone until Bush finished up a speech and subsequent meeting! Has he no pride at all? Surely part of the story that has been left out is the part where both sides hung of the phone, and Bush’s office called back when he was available.

    President Bush famously refused to interrupt an event with schoolchildren when an aide whispered in his ear that the airplanes hit the twin towers! I cannot imagine him having an aide dumb enough to interrupt a speech, and if that had happened, it would have made headlines (complete with the aide’s name) from one end of the country to the other.

  27. brooklynjon says:

    1) Olmert’s an idiot. That’s one thing virtually all Jews can agree on. No need to ask your rabbi there!

    2) Two, Speedy recovery from your surgery! I hope you had a decent anesthesiologist!

    3) Attacking a Starbucks? Now THAT’S a crime against humanity!

    4) Sand Ape, should you ever chose to decide that your opponents are neither evil nor stupid, but perhaps have a different world view, different sources, and different interests than you do, then I’d love to have sushi and gluten free beer with you!


  28. Howard Schulz the previous CEO supports Israel and it is an American company. Now, if any arab thinks that America supports Israel and Israel is killing innocents and want to shut it down or boycott it. It’s a free world what is wrong with that?

    Teddy, thank you guilty as charged Monday ended up my first day out and I was running errands all day. sorry :-(

    Sand Ape,

    lol@welia I didn’t read all posts but I won’t be surprised what’s new :-)


    My anesthesiologist managed to wake me up and that I am grateful for :-)

  29. I am trying to catch up but, can someone help me point out if any of the Pro-Israelis here paid any condolences to the huge number of civilians death in Gaza especially women and children? or did the pro-Israelis managed to Justify the brutal actions of Israel?

    Israel bombing the Egyptian borders, invading space and injuring Egyptians is an act of war that should have been responded to by a military action but, the loser Mubarak in Egypt have no respect to his country or it’s people.

  30. want to shut it down or boycott it. It’s a free world what is wrong with that?

    Why does it not surprise me that Twosret thinks it is an expression of “free speech” for a violent mob to attack a privately operated business? :D

    Way to go swinging hearts and minds to the Palestinian cause, Twosret! That’s just the kind of world we’d all like to live in.

  31. They should shut down any business that support their enemies :-)

  32. “Enough!!!!! Bastards…rotten…low-life, Arab scum”

    and that makes you really classy Howie lol

  33. brooklynjon says:

    Shutting down by means of physical violence is not the same as boycotting. And if physical violence is justified, where does it end? Should a Jewish doctor who contributes to the JNF have his office firebombed?

  34. “want to shut it down or boycott it. It’s a free world what is wrong with that?”

    I “vote” with my wallet all the time, on a daily basis! Support who you support!!

    “that makes you really classy Howie lol”

    I think Howie was being a bit sarcastic Twos!

  35. bj

    There were no injuries, they turned off the lights and locked the doors. People left and not one injury reported so where is the physical violence?

  36. brooklynjon says:


    Have any of the anti-Israel crowd noted the bizarrely humanitarian, daily unilateral cessation of military action, in the midst of battle, to allow aid to be provided to the civilians of the opposing side. Has any other country actually done this in the middle of a war ever? Help me out here. Any other examples of this? I know I’ve never heard of it. I wonder if Hamas ever announces a suspension of rocket attacks aimed at civilians for a few hours to that civilians can get food before resuming their roles as intended targets of munitions.


  37. Every time Israel raises hell and provoke it’s neighbors by it’s madness and insane reactions people will react to it and the violence will never end.

    Oh teddy that was sarcasm lol can I call him the same and be sarcastic? :-)

  38. brooklynjon says:


    I didn’t say there was. I noted your used of the term “shut it down” in the same breath as “boycott”. They seem to be very different activities. Like Tedders, I vote with my wallet all the time, and acknowledge that everyone can do the same with theirs.

  39. by “shut it down” I meant that Governments of Arab countries should take a stand on American and Israeli business in the Arab world, not to violently shut it down.

  40. There were no injuries, they turned off the lights and locked the doors. People left and not one injury reported so where is the physical violence?

    So, if several hundred enraged people stormed your husband’s medical practice and he reacted by turning out the lights and and running out the back door, you would consider that a non-violent boycott?

    An attack can be violent even if nobody is injured, Twosret.

  41. *singing in high pitch “obsession”*

  42. In your dreams :P

  43. yes red tulip…
    its one sided.
    in ur face.

    fuck ass titty bitches.

  44. #34 Tedders…

    Yes…apparently the surgery was the removal of what little was left of her brain.

    But yes…I realize it was very deep and well-hidden and hard to grasp…but yes…it was sarcasm…

    But if Arabs did something bad to Winchell’s Donuts…then I really would want to kills orphans and such…

  45. Abu Sa'ar says:

    LOL on Olmert.

    Olmert’s Legacy – “Well… at least he didn’t ruin the economy!”

  46. There are bad Israeli’s and good Israeli’s

  47. I hope you’re ok Twosret. And duh, if that’s not obsession then what is?

  48. Mohamed, it is Twosret and her friends (like you!) that are implying there is or was something going on between me and her. That’s never come from my side.

    Maybe its an Arab thing that I just don’t get. *shrug*

  49. Roman Kalik says:

    Olmert’s Legacy – “Well… at least he didn’t ruin the economy!”

    Give it time. After all, he has all of three weeks, doesn’t he?

  50. if that’s not obsession then what is?

    By the way, I appreciate the irony of an Arab male making this comment in a post about conspiracy theories about Jews controlling the US Government :)

  51. SM – I get you. And love you (in a straight way)

  52. The US claims Olmert is lying.

    I don’t know the truth, but something shady definitely happened.

  53. Olmert is an idiot, whats new?

  54. Melissa in NorCal says:

    I agree with Alexis.

  55. Craig,
    Just to save you and me the infinitely
    recurring deja vu ( that always starts exactly like that then escalates to really nasty name calling, then you start accusing me and everyone else of being Twosret, then I start begging you to take your paranoia medication,
    then you go home crying, but not before giving me an annoying headache, etc.)
    I apologize to you if I’ve offended you in any
    way shape or form, and no you’re not at all obsesed with Twosret, she’s just
    imagining stuff, nor you are a world class bigot, I am. Happy now?
    Peace now brother.

  56. check what the Hamas does to our surburbans :

    some “little hitler” are manipulating the mobs

    that’s why our government had to cut down their propaganda tool over EU

    now, this conflict is the premise of what we are getting in the next years, street guerillas !

    time to wake up people over the sand lands, cuz, this is not what you think it is, it’s a “global war” over the moderate people, oh yess, there are innocent victims, well institutionalised as a tool to make more people think that the Israeli are the monsters., cuz who likes to watch dead children ? the hamasians don’t care of them, they are the Irobots of the islamist revolution, that Iran maliciousely agitates when she needs to, in the occurence to press on the new american administration (not for the Palestians’ sake, I recall that they are a material tool) ; Iran can ignify the world wide through the propaganda that she orchestres through emotional pics of innocent victims.

    and the sensible persons swallow the message, ==> empathise with the supposed aggressed population (some of it is really taken in hostage though) in reality, this population is manipulated by more evil than it.

    and our immigrants feel like it’s an attack on their brother fellows in religion, but they don’t see that’s what Iran wants them to believe

  57. Dammnit…for once Twoshit is right…

    I am going to Detroit and burn down a humos stand and throw falafel in the fucking street…

    JOOZ…please unite with me….

    Boycott humos…each little kernel you pay for…each drop you scope with flithy Arab pita is another bulllet loading into an AK-47…


  58. Howie find your self a shrink you are not even funny

  59. Mohamed,

    My Gosh that was so funny LOL

  60. the starbucks thing is ridiculous and embarrassing, but it wasn’t really an angry, violent mob situation.

    here’s a photo:

    and this is AFP’s rather milder description of the incident:

    Dozens of Lebanese activists, angry at Israel’s onslaught on Gaza, forced the closure on Tuesday of a Starbucks coffee shop in Beirut, calling for a boycott of the US-based chain.

    “We want to revive the boycott campaign in Lebanon and the Arab countries,” demonstration organizer Yara Harakeh, 23, told AFP, adding, “We have begun with Starbucks.”

    Demonstrators, wearing the iconic black and white Palestinian keffiyeh scarf, stood outside the Starbucks in Beirut’s Hamra shopping district, yelling, “Boycott the Zionists for the Arab Palestine.”

    Staff inside the coffee shop refused comment, and eventually switched off the lights, locked the doors and left.

  61. Just to save you and me the infinitely recurring deja vu

    Dude, you are the one who only shows up here when Twosret is around. I’m obsessed with her? lol.

    Two or three days ago that “Sand Ape” came out of the blue bringing her up and accusing me of having her locked in my basement, translating Arabic for me or some shit. Y’all are a bunch of whack-jobs. Your mental illness is not my problem, and you (and others) continually insisting I have some kind of weird attraction her is far more likely to end up embarrassing her than it is embarrassing me. But hey, what are friends for? :l

  62. Sand Ape,

    To Craig’s defense I was never locked in his basement, I occupy a small territory of his brain that is so stubborn to erase memory function that is all :-)

  63. I don’t know what’s wrong with you, and I don’t know why you started gossiping and implying all kinds of sexual stuff to your crew. But, ask yourself… does the truth match what your overblown ego says it is? It’d take me 5 minutes to make a blog dedicated to outing twosret, and 10 minutes to dump all the chat logs, emails and photos I have from you there. That won’t embarrass me any. If you feel the same way then keep on keepin on, my dear. Otherwise, get out of my face and take those creeps you hang out with, with you.

  64. dump them bastard dump them maybe only then people will know that you are a freak.

  65. lol. I won’t. People who actually know you and who know me, know the truth. And those people know how ridiculous it is for you to be telling your friends that I have a “thing” for you. What in the hell are you telling people, that got that Sand Ape thinking I have an arabic blog that I maintain by forcing arab women to work for me? You spend that much time engaging in malicious gossiping about me to people who don’t even know me, and you call me obsessed? lol.

    Tell me, though, twosret… do you really think you are a Goddess? :o

  66. I think Olmert is smarter than you :-)

  67. LMAO @ Mohamed 55′s comment to Craig. I guess sometimes its better to just submit to socio-paths to avoid the headache lol!

  68. It only seems as though Israel controls the US…the problem for Arabs is that we honestly think that Israel has a right to exist. We don’t forget that, as a young nation, we were the victims of Muslim pirates. We don’t forget that they made war on the US because it was their holy duty to Allah. We don’t forget that the Mufti of Jerusalem collaborated with the Nazis in WWII. When the losing side loses, it has to pay a price. Muslims sided with the Nazis during WWII, they lost, and losing counts. The US has no problem with that.

    And then look what the Jews do with the shitty land they get given by the UN. They make a paradise out of it. Jews build productive farms. Jews invent things, such as vaccines, computers, TVs, cell phones and all sorts of useful shit. Jews also create nice diversions like TV shows, movies, books and Las Vegas. Jews build factories and businesses and add value to everything they touch. So when we compare Jews to Muslims, and I am sorry to say this, Muslims just don’t measure up. You can’t be allies with some one who does not contribute. Jews contribute, Muslims not so much.

    The only reason why those in the West don’t support Israel more is because the media doesn’t bother to tell the viewers that Hamas, oh, hell, lets face it, that most Muslims wish to kill every Jew in the World, unless the Jews are slaves. And then the Muslims would start on some other kaffir religion.

    And while the US may be a Christian nation, though I doubt that, nobody in the US wants to live in a theocracy. Some thing else Muslims seem to desire.

    I know most Muslims are confused by all the PC bowing and scraping that is being done. With all of the dhimmi Western politicians saying how Islam is a religion of peace and all, and about Islamophobic hate crimes and other happy horseshit. It gives Muslims a false impression. Politicians aren’t agreeing with you, they shining you on. You know, verbal therapy to make Muslims feel a little less bad about themselves.

    What Muslims don’t under stand is that Islam as a political movement frightens and disgusts us. We really, really don’t want to live under Sharia. We fought a war so as not to live under a king. We think the way you treat your women is barbaric. We think that your culture of shame and honor is not only primitive but also idiotic. We make fun of people who kill others for honor. And lets face it, it isn’t like honor killings are two men dueling. No, it is five or six to one, and most likely the victim is a woman.

    We think that female genital mutilation is also disgusting and barbaric. Which it is.

    We find that the constant claims of Israeli oppression really don’t hold up under scrutiny, especially compared with the types of government that is provided by the Organization of Islamic Countries. Muslims have more freedom living in Israel, and certainly more freedom living in Western countries than they do living in countries governed by Muslims, unless they have connections.

    We are concerned by the numbers of first cousin marriages that occur in Muslim communities in their home countries and in the West. Westerners have tried inbreeding, found it not to work so well, and don’t do it anymore. We make fun of those who do.

    But we don’t say these things to Muslims. Might hurt your feelings. Might make Muslims upset. Muslims really can’t compete, so we don’t want to rub it in.

    And we really don’t approve of killing people. But, and this is a big but, we really, really don’t like unreasonable people, and quite frankly, Muslims are unreasonable. Not as individuals, generally, but as societies and cultures.

    And though we don’t approve of killing people, we derive a tremendous satisfaction out killing those who really ask for it.
    Hamas is asking for it. Gitmo detainees are asking for it.

    And a lot of Muslims seem to be asking for it, but really aren’t. At least, up to this point, we are pretty sure that they aren’t really, really, asking for it. Not really.

    But there is a growing concern among a small minority of US citizens that Muslims really do want to live under Sharia, everywhere. And in places like Florida, Detroit, Minnesota, London, Germany, Denmark, France, etc, Muslims seems to be insisting on protesting and chanting “Kill the Jews” at the most inappropriate moments.

    But the politicians say that the Muslims don’t really mean it, and the Muslim apologists say the Muslims don’t really mean it. But if they didn’t really mean, why do the Muslims keep saying it. Why do Muslims still persist in killing Jews in Mumbai, Argentina, the US, Canada, London, France, Denmark, etc. if they don’t really mean it?

    It is not a cycle of violence. It is a slowly diminishing circle of killing, lies, propaganda, truces, and killing again. But the propaganda is not working so well, and we’ve heard all of the lies in previous iterations, and we are tending to believe what Muslims do as opposed to what they say.

    In fact, we are beginning to believe nothing that Muslims say. That should cause you grave concern.

  69. Canada votes alone for Israel
    We’re the only one of 47 nations on UN rights panel to refuse to condemn military offensive in Gaza

  70. Craig,
    I don’t think that when Twosret mentions your “obsession” with her that she remotely means that you have a “crush” on her, as you have so brilliantly understood.
    What she meant by “obsession”, I’ll put it in right wing analogy to simplify it for you, she meant like Lou Dobbs’ obsession with the Mexicans, or Bill O’Riley’s obsession with the imaginary war against Christmas. Got it Einstein?

  71. in your own words baby! i would say: he3 he3

  72. I say lets put a boycott on the Arab world and not buy anything they manufacture except Arabs countries don’t make anything anyone wants to buy.
    Oil weapon? I say food weapon.

    Now if the Hamas scum were real men, they would ware uniforms. That way it would be a lot easier for the Israelis to kill the dogs without collateral damage. But they are cowards and have always been. Hiding behind woman and children. One thing the Israeli’s could learn from the Saudi’s and Kuwati’s, is kick the scum out of Gaza, just like the Kuwait’s and Saudi’s did in 1991/1992. Or blast them to hell with artillery until their nearly all dead, Just like the Syrians did in 1982 at Hama. I’m sure Arabs won’t mind being treated the same way they are treated by other Arabs.

  73. Hammerhead says:

    Jack @ January 14th, 2009 at 5:53 am – That was quite a speech but I doubt it’d make any difference especially with those that have been programmed to hate. But well said.

  74. I hate the guts of the SM but even him can’t deny the facts!

  75. the iron sheik says:


    hmmm you speak not as a partisan pro-israeli (which is a respectful point of view.) but as a seething hater of muslims without any reason, but i don’t blame you, coming from the culture of SANTIAGO MATAMOROS (SANTIAGO SLAYER OF MUSLIMS) and racist myths such as muslims hypnotize their babies at birth. hence once a muslim always a muslim, THE REASON ALL THOSE MIAMI CUBANOS VOTED AGAINST BARRY (i voted against him to but for other reasons.) supposedly they believed that barry will subconsciously implement muslim agenda lol……

    it’s sad when people hate for the sake of perpetuating myth and superstition!

  76. Hard to argue with you Jack!

  77. “And while the US may be a Christian nation, though I doubt that, nobody in the US wants to live in a theocracy. Some thing else Muslims seem to desire.”

    unfortunately the fondamentalist christians seem to want to dictate the whole country’s policy too, they failed to install a palindrone last november, though I don’t think Obama has the shoulders to manage this big country at a cruxial moment, where religions wars are renewed, when energy stuffs are becoming the most hunteds, when there are too many forced idle persons, that want to get a life, too oftenly through jiahdism, America must make its new Revolution, get rid of its corporated lobbies and or of its corrupted representatives and servants. Show us the way like you did in 1776, and we should follow you afterword

  78. franchie = Marie Claude, just that I moved from my usual PC

  79. reminds me of a quote from the good shepherd:

    Italian Mobster: Let me ask you something… we Italians, we got our families, and we got the church; the Irish, they have the homeland, Jews their tradition; even the niggers, they got their music. What about you people, Mr. Wilson, what do you have?

    Edward Wilson (matt damon): The United States of America. The rest of you are just visiting.

  80. Jack,

    You are the most ignorant of all keep it up :-) I love how you speak on behalf of all Americans lol

  81. wel ltwosret according to matt damon you’re just visiting—-enjoy your stay!

  82. Twosret is here to stay!!!

    Damon is an idiot!

  83. ahmad Omak :-) thanks teddy :-)

  84. Franchie,

    it isn’t up to the US to wave a magic wand and make the whole world better, though you seem like the sort to believe that Obama will carry you on his magic unicorn to a happy place. Get used to disappointment.

    What Christian fundamentalist groups are you talking about?
    The Amish, the Quakers, the Mormons? You must be talking about all of those terrorist christian groups you see on TV, then.

    Christian groups really do respond to arguments that expose the hypocrisy of Christian arguments. (Muslims, not so much. If Muslims can’t shut you up, they try to kill you.) Christians stopped slavery, not Muslims, who funnily enough still practice it. Muslims must be so proud that they continue to honor the Prophet is such a way.


    Well, if CAIR can speak on behalf of all Muslims, and Osama Bin Laden can speak on behalf of all Muslims, I don’t see why I can’t express an opinion that, and I might be just spit-balling here, many Americans agree with.

    Most Americans don’t like terrorist attacks.
    Most Americans DO think that rockets fired at Israel are provocation.
    Many Americans do know Israel left Gaza in 2005. And then Hamas burned down the green houses that supported a 12 million dollar a year business. And then proceeded to fire thousands of rockets into Israel.
    We don’t even have prayers in public schools, its illegal. Can you say that about any Muslim country. (Well, you could say that Christian prayers are illegal.)


    Most Americans think Israel has a right to exist.
    Most Americans know that Muslims don’t really contribute much to the world.
    And most Americans are wise to the Muslim world and its lies and deceit. We are for the most part just too polite to talk about it.

    But as Muslim movements become more overt, the Islamic supremecist ideology starts to show. Sort of like an ankle underneath an hijab.

    What Muslims don’t realize is that Americans really don’t want to even deal with you, except to buy and sell stuff. That’s it. We don’t want your culture, we sure as hell don’t want your politics. Foods good, though.

    With all of that oil, Muslims could have made a paradise out of the middle east. Instead, they have made a political, emotional, and intellectual desert. Muslims have done it to themselves.

    And if Muslims really, really ask for it, we will help them make a physical desert out the middle east. But it will take a lot of asking, since Israelis don’t like fall-out. But if it comes to that, the Israelis will probably help.

    What Muslims really have to be afraid of is that we start to take them seriously. People in the West have a tendency to solve problems, permanently. Ask the Native Americans, ask the Japanese, ask the Germans.

    Do Muslims really want us to solve this problem? I don’t expect an answer, but Muslims should really, really think this whole thing through.

  85. @Jack:

    I’m curious as to whether you support the Iraq War. If you do, why? I’ve never been able to get a straight answer from people who support the Iraq War, yet think Arabs and Muslims in general are inherently evil, violent, subhuman scum. You do realize that the point of Operation: Iraqi Freedom was to *help* Arab & Kurdish Muslims, correct? To remove a monster and Ba’athist gangster from power and give the Iraqi people a shot at democracy and freedom.

    I supported the Iraq War, though I had and have serious misgivings about its efficacy, because I wanted America to atone for supporting Hussein in the ’80s, to destroy one of the worst regimes in history, to secure Iraqi Kurdistan and liberate the Shi’a Arab majority, and to at least *try* to set Iraq on the path to a liberal democracy. These humanitarian issues have been cited by Bush, Blair, Howard as well as pro-Liberation intellectuals like Christopher Hitchens. If you truly believe that Muslims are as terrible as you say, why would you support the sacrifice of American lives and the vast expense of a war to liberate them?

    I ask in all sincerity because I know why *I* support the war, but I’ve never understood why Michelle Malkin and her ilk are so in favor of it. If you opposed the war, of course, the question would be moot and I apologize for wasting your time.

  86. jack saying Muslims is like saying all you black people. Please try to narrow your scope of hate so as to narrow the bile you are spewing. Or perhaps you should read a book or 2?

  87. @Derek:

    Are you really implying that English-American Protestants are the only “real” Americans? Because anti-Irish, Italian, Catholic, and Jewish sentiment is really old-school Know Nothingism that hasn’t been particularly popular since the end of the 19th century.

    My family came from Ireland in 1858, joined the American (Union) army, fought against the traitors in the Civil War, became active in politics and labor, and have fought, bled, and died in every war since. If you think Irish-Americans are “just visiting,” you can pucker up those Anglo lips and póg mo thóin.

  88. “What Muslims really have to be afraid of is that we start to take them seriously. People in the West have a tendency to solve problems, permanently. Ask the Native Americans, ask the Japanese, ask the Germans.

    Do Muslims really want us to solve this problem? I don’t expect an answer, but Muslims should really, really think this whole thing through.”

    You can go to hell if you are implying that you are threatning to extreminate Arabs, learn from president Bush that kisses the ass of the Saudis kings, when I personally would spit on their faces instead.

    Learn from him how to kiss the hand that gives you oil and power in the Middle East instead of the Nazi post of yours.

    You make out of the M.E. a desert? do you do a stand up comedy often or are you a terrorist? lol

  89. “Most Americans think Israel has a right to exist.”

    Yeah that is if they can point out on the map where it is :-)

    “Most Americans know that Muslims don’t really contribute much to the world.”

    Yeah this is why they were taught Khalil Gibran in school :-) and their president didn’t know that Africa is not a country :-) they are so enlightened.

    “And most Americans are wise to the Muslim world and its lies and deceit. We are for the most part just too polite to talk about it.”

    Sure the Abu Ghraib incident shows all the Politeness not to mention the war itself lol

  90. Twosret,
    That Jack guy has really upped the ante to a whole new level of hate and toxicity, which was more than plenty in the first place that I thought that it has reached it’s limit, but Jack proved me wrong.
    Tell me Jack, are people like you born this venomous ( like Genghis Khan and Atilla the Hun raped Hitler then by some kind of miracle he got knocked up and you were the end result) or you were raised by some wonderful parents to be this way?
    Twosret, I don’t think a reasonable discussion is possible with Atilla the Hun.

  91. 1 000 000 $ award for killing Mobarak

    and death to Sarkozy

  92. Marie,

    I truly believe Mubarak should be arrested and put in Jail and tried for all his crimes against the Egyptian people. Sarkozy I have no clue what this guy is doing anyway so no comment :-) what has he been doing other than marrying a young chick?


    oh let’s play with him lol

  93. Jack

    “What Christian fundamentalist groups are you talking about?”

    Gary Bauer, former head of the right-wing evangelical Christian organization, the Family Research Council

    though I agree with you they are more “civilised” than their counter-part muslim jihadists, that don’t care of their children and women

    “you seem like the sort to believe that Obama will carry you on his magic unicorn to a happy place. Get used to disappointment.”

    where did I say that I was endorsing him ? if I had to vote in the US, I would certainly not chosen him, but rather a personality like Giulani, even McCain, not anymore after that Palin was blurring his moderated policy

  94. I don’t think that when Twosret mentions your “obsession” with her that she remotely means that you have a “crush” on her, as you have so brilliantly understood.

    Forgive me while I disregard your very thoughtful opinion out of hand. You, yourself, suggested that it was inappropriate for me to be pursuing a relationship with a married woman, I do believe. You didn’t use those words, because you don’t talk that way. You talk like a retarded person. But the meaning was the same. So, what did she tell you, Mohamed? Why did you come to that conclusion? I personally don’t like it much when disgusting women tell other people I am interested in them. Would you?

  95. Marie-Claude,

    unfortunately the fondamentalist christians seem to want to dictate the whole country’s policy too

    Christians only care about domestic policy. So whether what you say is true or not, it doesn’t make a bit of difference, internationally. And there isn’t much dissent in the US on the issue of Israel… maybe you’ve noticed?

    Jack, you said exactly what a lot of people have been thinking, and you said it very well. Kudos. You obviously got under the skin of a lot of the people who support violence in the Arab world, and that can’t be anything but a good sign :)

  96. Jack,

    I think you have a bigger fish to fry here :-) watch this video and scroll through the related videos, too bad there aren’t enough archives on that site to get the one I really like. In other words, mind your own business and look after your country’s best interest instead of hopping like a Rabbit on the internet to threaten other people

  97. Mohamed,

    Did you really think he will understand a word of what you said? hold on let me stick my finger in my mouth lol

  98. Jack and Craig should Join Joe the plumber in Israel the three musketeers LOL

  99. 100

  100. Are you really implying that English-American Protestants are the only “real” Americans?

    You are afraid to say WASP, Kurt? lol. Since when did you get politically correct? Don’t worry, I have it on good authority from a Jewish guy I know that there is no such thing. WASPs are just a myth.

  101. Jack and Craig should Join Joe the plumber in Israel the three musketeers LOL

    Poor dear. After all your hard work promoting peace and tolerance on this blog, somebody shows up and ruins it all! It’s so sad when peace loving and unbiased people like you and mohamed can’t get your message of love and mutual understanding out without some bigot redneck showing up and raining on your parade, isn’t it?

  102. Twosret,
    You’re killing me :)

  103. OMG I miss blogging :-)

  104. Twosret is here to stay!!!

    Tedders, are you claiming she doesn’t want her right to return? :o

  105. Twosret,
    You’re killing me :)

    You two are declaring victory to eachother now? lol.

  106. Mohamed, how many times have you waved your shoe at the monitor during this thread? Just curious!

  107. In other words, mind your own business and look after your country’s best interest…

    Yeah, Jack! That’s what Twosret does, and you’d best follow her example! Or else!

  108. Craig,
    As I’ve excatly predicted yesterday, we’re at the stage of me begging you to take your medication, so again I’m extending an olive branch. here’s how it works.
    You completely ignore me, while I won’t comment on whatever glorious piece of racist semi illetrate non coherent piece of dump that your non existent red neck mind has deluded you into thinking that it might be a literally masterpiece. This way we’ll avoid reaching the stage of me having a headache and you crying on the way home, instead, you’ll sit at home feeling proud and self content with your wonderful serial posts, and I’ll avoid an annoying headache.
    And no Twosret, I don’t expect him to understand a word.
    Peace no brother.

  109. so again I’m extending an olive branch.

    As usual, your comment where you claim you don’t want any trouble is full of insults and lies.

    Is that a Hamas-style olive branch? :o

  110. Egypt can always allow the Palestinians to enter, but they don’t.

    Hundreds of women and children were killed in the market places by Muslim terrorists in Iraq, but no Muslims were crying out against this……crickets. Now when someone else is killing Muslims, Muslims and leftists have a problem. Perhaps Hamas should quit sending rockets into Israel, so the fighting could stop. Nope, they will have none of that – they just keep sending rockets into Israel from areas heavily populated with women and children. What a bunch of cowards! What is it with people who support known terrorist organizations? I don’t get it.

  111. The UN are a bunch of useless tools anyhow. Israel isn’t going to listen to them, and obviously Hamas can’t give up and lose face. Hamas would rather have Israel bomb the Gaza strip flat, than ever lose face. Israel has no choice but to kill every Hamas combatant, and if Hamas keeps standing behind women and children, then Hamas are the ones responsible for their deaths.

  112. ‘Egypt can always allow the Palestinians to enter, but they don’t.’


    israel does not want them to open the gates because along with women children and the injured the hamassholes will enter…why do you think israel is bombing them to submission…

  113. Mohamed dude, you are talking to someone that God said in his final message.

    Ghair el maghdoubi 3alyhim, (fake jews/Zionists)

    Walal Da3leen (fake Christians)

    Even trying to extend an olive branch is futile.

    So i urge you to “rayah demaghak” and ignore him, instead of asking him to ignore you.

    Zionist troll puppets usually whither when they are ignored, hence the decline here already!


    Hamas, which controls Gaza, has said any ceasefire agreement would have to entail a halt to Israeli attacks, a complete withdrawal of Israeli forces and the opening of border crossings to end the blockade of Gaza.

    So, Hamas will settle for nothing less that what amounts to unconditional surrender on the part of Israel? :o

    Egypt and other key Arab states can put pressure on Hamas but the US remains unwilling to press Israel to make any concessions, our correspondent says.

    Why does the BBC speak as if Israel is a rogue state that will only respond to pressure from the United States? Why does the BBC speak as if Hamas and Israel are morally and ideologically equivalent to each-other? Would the BBC publish a similar article, where they placed Al Qaeda and the US on the same footing? I bet they would, actually, if they thought they could get away with it.

    BBC, it is not America’s job to dictate to the Israelis how they can or can’t defend themselves. It isn’t yours, either. Ask yourselves why the US has to even be involved in this at all? Ask yourselves why the Arabs cannot discuss peace directly with Israel? Why do Arab regimes need a “broker” for peace? That isn’t exactly the norm, you know… most warring parties who decide they want peace, go directly to the people they are fighting with, and seek it.

  115. A gang of thugs. These people who loved you and sang your praises, the people who are largely responsible for your success show their true colors, that they never ever saw you as a peer but only a servant of their propaganda.

    You’ve been their Egyptian proxy and while you’re feelings may have been genuine, their worship of you was parasitic. An Arab championing their causes, you were the perfect messenger. Now that you dare throw the slightest criticism their way, youre no longer needed in their eyes, youre tainted fruit.

    Look how they talk to you, as if they were waiting for you to betray them, that they never trusted you from the start, as if they knew this day was coming.

  116. I hear a lot of mumbo jumbo coming out of the mouths of people in support of the theft of Palestinian land.

    israel stole the freaking land, get over it. Just coz other tyrannical governments did it in the past, it doesnt make it alright for Zionism to do it. get a life already or die trying!

    israel owes its life to a UN resolution. The same UN that Israel refuses to acknowledge or obey!

    You guys have no case except for the fact that you have sheer military occupational apartheid might!


    Forty-four percent of Americans support Israel’s use of force, while only 18 percent considered Hamas’ use of force appropriate.

    Fifty-seven percent think that Hamas is using excessive force, while only 36 percent said Israel was.

    When it comes to who’s to blame for the latest Middle East crisis, Americans blame Hamas hands down: Forty-four percent said Hamas, 14 percent said Israel and 29 percent said they weren’t sure. Nine percent said both, and 4 percent said neither.

    The Hamas-Israel battle appears to have given Americans pause about the creation of an independent Palestinian state, which was the goal of the Bush administration and leading lawmakers of both parties.

    When those polled were asked whether the United States should favor a Palestinian state, 45 percent said it shouldn’t, 31 percent said it should and 24 percent said they didn’t know.

    Americans aren’t sure that President-elect Barack Obama will be able to achieve peace between Israelis and Palestinians.

    Some 51 percent said they weren’t confident that he could, while 32 percent said they were somewhat confident and 10 percent very confident that he could resolve the conflict.

    The McClatchy/Ipsos Poll was conducted from Jan. 6 through Monday with a nationally representative sample of 1,054 adults 18 and older. The margin of error was plus or minus 3.02 percentage points.

  118. Even an anally retentive convulsively pro Israeli supremacist like yourself can be funny at sometimes and end up making me laugh!

    ROFL @
    Americans blame Hamas hands down: Forty-four percent said Hamas ..bla bla bla! (40% huh, that doesnt even sound like 50% yet alone hands down lol.)

    and this one ofcourse…

    the creation of an independent Palestinian state, which was the goal of the Bush administration (It was a state already, before Israel started stealing chunks of it and white washing ethnic cleansing) Palestine was the last bastion of hope for a non proliferation colonial border state.


    SOUND S LIKE A BAPTIST TO ME! I bet you wanted Huckabee to win eh?

  119. Sand Ape, good job on not realizing that was a copy-paste of a newspaper article, and not Tedders’ personal opinion :P

  120. In case you missed it, Sand Ape, this is your cue to get back on topic and claim that the McClatchy Company is a Zionist media outlet and that they obviously only polled Jewish Americans, or simply fabricated the results…

  121. Kurt @ 86, Twosret and Mohammad

    What most people forget is that the Iraq War was merely a continuation of the Kuwait War of Bush senior. Saddam was allowed to pull back all his forces and a cease fire was declared. For a real peace to take effect, Saddam had to comply with a whole lot directives that he didn’t comply with. The US Air Force flew about 100,000 missions over Iraq protecting the Kurds in Northern Iraq (remember the Iraq no fly zone?) from the end of desert storm until the Iraq war. 12 years. Technically, the US had been at war with Saddam since the early 1990′s.

    So Saddam didn’t comply, 100,000′s of Air Force missions and then 9/11. After that, Saddam kept talking shit, didn’t comply with UN directives, kept talking shit, and doing shit he wasn’t supposed to, and so the US took him seriously.
    I will repeat that last sentence. WE TOOK HIM SERIOUSLY.

    We decided to believe the outrageous shit he was saying. And so we killed him. Let us not forget that Saddam used chemical weapons on the Kurds. And that’s why we invaded Iraq. Also, we invaded Iraq to send a message…but I don’t think Muslims are paying attention.

    What I know about Khalil Gabril is that his works are published in lots of languages, but he is not taught in Muslim schools. Gabril is not taught in Madrassas. And his books are illegal in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. Next time you go, bring a copy and give my love to the Mutawa. (Saudi Religious Police.) His views on Mohammad really aren’t in compliance with the four religious schools of Islamic jurisprudence. If he was alive today there would be numerous fatwas against him. Tell me I’m wrong.

    As for Bush and Saudi Arabia, well, I am sure that Bush washed his hand after his meeting with the Prince or King. And it made for a nice picture. Do you remember what I said about the US not wanting to have to deal with Muslims? It is far easier to humor Muslims than to kill them. Even show a little respect to an historical monarch. Making a gesture doesn’t cost anything, except political capital.

    Now for those who felt threatened by my references to Germany, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Grenada, etc, etc. You should feel threatened, not by me, but by Western culture.

    The West as a culture killed those people in WWII, and we did it in the space of about three years. Does anyone really think that we wouldn’t do it again to some one else? It would be easier this time. All it would take is political will. Do you honestly think that it couldn’t happen? What do you think it would require for the American street to demand horrific retribution? Please bear in mind that our latest happy foray was caused by the hijacking of three planes that were landed badly.
    (Slight aside: The entire operation was absolutely brilliant on the part of the hijackers, but it wasn’t perfect either. The hijackers got into the country and used resources here to train for and implement their mission. But the planes should have hit the WTC at 11:30 am not at around 9;15 am. A nuclear plant would have been a more ‘terrifying’ target.)

    I know a lot of Muslims think that with political correctness, moral equivalence, Islamic apologists, multiculturalism, and a main stream media that is solidly in the tank supporting all of the above, that nothing like WWII could ever happen again. But what those Muslims are forgetting is the US street. All it would take is one mass killing, or even a bunch of small coordinated attacks across the US to invalidate every single one of the above rationalizations, or at the very least, make them politically inoperative, again. As happened briefly after 9/11.

    What I see is an increasing willingness on the part of Muslims the world over to give voice to their Islamic Supremecist goals, and then I look at the difference in media outrage about this war in Gaza and the Lebanon War of 2005. There is a lot less outrage and a lot more approval of what the Israelis are doing. The media isn’t quite so eager to give Islam a pass.

    It is fashionable to think that, in general, Americans are stupid. But I think it more accurate to state that we are simplistic.

    American Citizens are officially being told that Islam is a religion of peace, yet we constantly see people being killed by Muslims. The Muslims who do the killing say they do it in the name of Islam. Other Muslims, (and our own politicians) tell us that those Muslims, the ones doing the killing, are hijacking Islam, that they are fanatics, oppressed, victims, etc.

    So there is this dichotomy between what we are told and what we see plainly with our own eyes. And since Muslims have been trying to kill all of the Jews since 1948 our eyes have seen a lot. 50 years of peace talks. 50 years of failed peace talks. 50 years of wars and terrorist attacks. Decades of foreign aid payments to Palestinian ‘refugees’. We begin to ask when does it end? When do the Muslims stop all this shit?

    As some one vaguely knowledgeable about history I do know that all conflicts get solved one way or the other, eventually. And I also know that Islam doesn’t just piss off the Jews and Americans. Hindus in India know all about Islamic aggression. So does China. So does Russia. (Anybody heard about Chechnya lately?)

    And Europeans are getting a real taste as well. Even the Italians are noticing.

    Why aren’t Muslims beginning to see a trend here? Even ten years ago Muslims weren’t experiencing this sort of push back.

    When I refer to what the United States has done in the past to other countries and use it as a caution, it is not a threat. It is pointing out historical fact. What makes Muslims think that the United States wouldn’t do it again given sufficient provocation?

    Think of a high functioning schizophrenic. Part of the lunatic says make stuff, build stuff, create, play, help people, do drugs, make love, create movies, have sex, be tolerant, experiment with gay sex, etc. (Sounds like American culture, right?) The other part of the lunatic says no one, NO ONE is going to stop me from getting what I want, and I don’t care who I have to kill. (Sounds like Hollywood, right?)

    Put both those halves together and you’ve got some one who says, “I am going to what ever feels good and if some one tries to stop me, I’ll do what ever it takes, even if that makes me feel temporarily bad.”

    Or, put more simply, do not bother me or I will kill you.

    That is what the United States is, that lunatic. And even though that lunatic has a short attention span, even though it takes a lot to get his attention, getting his negative attention is a really, really, bad idea.

    Let me put it another way. Americans as individuals really like horses and we really like dogs. We keep them as pets, and pets are considered to be a part of the family. Yet when they get sick and we can’t make them well, or get old, or if they turn on us, we kill them in a New York minute. In order to be humane. Oh, we put it off. We don’t like to do it. And we cry a bit, even morn.

    I doubt very much that, as a culture the West has even that much sentiment for other cultures, let alone Islamic culture. Islam has been barking a lot recently, but it has also grown fangs, only little sharp ones to be sure, but the fangs are there, nipping at our heels. Iraq was a newspaper used sparingly. Israel pounding Hamas is another newspaper. Used even more sparingly.

    As a culture, the West is starting to think that the newspaper isn’t working. As a culture, Islam isn’t learning and is barking and biting more. I don’t see a happy ending here. Using the gun and not the paper is becoming increasingly attractive. And please remember: We have a history of doing this.

  122. Gary Puritt CEO of the same news company was hailed for Christians united for Israel led by Pastor Hagee.

    Craig said it right this time :-) I will suspect some bias!

  123. *pruitt

  124. are you turning into Egyptian patriot now ya maneyook or you just ran out of boose

  125. twosret I promised that under no circumstances will I take Craig or Tedders seriously again, as i suspect they are the ones changing their names under the infamous Zionist Sock Troll puppet bonanza.

    You missed my post where I declared the concept of Israel as being a very noble one, worth defending. However, the means to which this concept was realized, is nothing less than sheer, irony as well as evil. I praised how Israel still concerns itself with the well being of Jews world wide. I supported Israel’s going after Nazi war criminals etc. I support the capture of Serbian war criminals. The beheading of Saddam (even though he is just as bad as Bush if not worse). I support justice in Darfur etc.

    And by all means, now I support Israel (Jews that support ethnic cleansing and consider Arabs as illegal squatters for the past 2,000 years) to be brought to justice under International law for its war crimes. The apartheid regime of South Africa was never brought to justice and got away with it pretty easily by just giving back the land to the people who have inhabited it for the longest time and that was the end of that. I am pretty sad to say that I think this will also be the case with the Israeli criminals, who will never be brought to justice once they give back the land and admit they had stolen it and beg the forgiveness of the 25 million refugees they have created worldwide.

    The Holocaust was one quick blow and look what kind of an insidious billigerent ideology was born out of it. The Israeli’s though have been doing it for more than half a century, so imagine the backlash of that. The longest oppressive regime in recent times is the blind, deaf and dumb, one track minded with no room for real tolerance because it simply doesnt know how to after the trauma of genocide that it has witnessed in recent times. Also adding to the dismay of the world is the fact that Israel suffers from an anxiety and God complex. They make Pharaoh look like Tom and Jerry. These are a very determined and very distressed bunch of people. Like a wounded animal that will kill out of sheer panic. Remember I said traumatized God complex, that about sums it up!

    Hence the unequivocal burden of being (defending) aggressors and having to continually twist the truth and even raise their kids as liars as well in order to foment the stage for the next coming.

    The reason the the Zionists hate us, along with their supporters is that the Arabs are extremely fucking stubborn and will never ever give the fuck up. hence putting this failed concept of a Godly state (founded on blood) as the worst fiasco since the crusade itself!

    And I am one that started off supporting Israel — and as Sandmonkey said — so then just imagine the 25 million displaced that make up the populace of Jordan and 15 other Arab nations and how they must feel?

    Israel claims to be a sovereign nation due to a UN resolution that it holds as holier than the Talmud and Gay rights in Tel Aviv!. Yet this is the same UN that Israel has chosen to transgress against and call (anti Semites) AIPAC terminology!

    Good show Israel!, Its in your blood Israel to go against those who help you, G-d ring any bells? So basically they acted like the docile victims but once they were let in through the door, their true colors had shinned through!

    Israel really has no case except for the fact that they have congress by the balls as well as a sheer mammoth military that thrives on land occupation and apartheid and that’s it!

    I guess they feel they might as well use their power in one way or the other!

  126. The more you talk, the less sense you make. How old are you?

  127. ya maneyook

  128. I bet Twosret doesn’t even know which one of her friends Sand Ape is :D

    Must make it hard to do damage control, but that’s what happens when you hang out with people who like to anonymously go over the top.

  129. Tedders is NOT Craig please Sand Ape lol

  130. 2 things remain constant here:

    1.) The un inflatable psychological projection that tedders displays goes relatively undiagnosed. His infatuation for the past days of the ghost of Mona resurfaces. (I am not a female so back off buddy!)

    2.) Craigs overbearing infatuation with twosret continues. Trying to sniff out exactly where I might fit into her personal life lolol, oh God what a putz. This after insinuating that I am Twosret multiple times. Give it up already you urban redneck! I mean if tedders can get over Mona, then you can get over Twosret! — As soon as she stops flaunting it lol — Sorry Twosret!

  131. Twosret,
    I’ll have to disagree with you about 7osny, I don’t believe he’s that bad and I actually like him. He’s been doing a real tough balancing act between internal and external threats and most of his intentions were good, I also have some sympathy for him due to the vicious, some just and mostly unjust attacks on him in the Egyptian papers in the last years. Did he make a lot of mistakes, definitely, but I’ve got a feeling that 30 or 40 years from now, people will start missing his days and remember it with a yearning nostalgia, like we’ve finally did to king Farook.
    His wife and son though, are a different story.

  132. sand-shit-monkey says:

    I dont follow that asshole so often, but is the fucking sand-shit-monkey still a fucking neo-con zionist or did he suffer a relapse?

  133. Sand Ape
    He always reaches a point where he thinks that anything that breathes is Twosret. Welcome to the paranoia club.
    Sorry Craig, couldn’t resist. Let’s start again. Peace brother.

  134. Can I comment on the blog as a whole here or only this one post? Well, I’m commenting on the blog as a whole.

    It’s a good one.

    I’m glad I came across it and will probably be checking it often from now on.

  135. He, he. Now there’s 2 of us :-)

  136. OMG, I just watched a report on the Egyptian Satellite News Channel – ESC 1. Documenting the severe medical cases that were rescued via Egyptian ambulances that crossed into Gaza through the Rafah crossing on their own accord. They picked up mostly woman and children, some of which were 2 year olds with bullets lodged in their head and another little girl with ine lodged in her spine. Still managing to smile back when coddled into smiling!

    2 years old people!

    Just 2 years old!

    What in humanities name are the Israeli’s doing!

    2 years OLD!??????????????????????????????????????

    In the name of all things sacred may God damn all those responsible and all those who condone this type of behavior to eternal hell!

  137. “Now for those who felt threatened by my references to Germany, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Grenada, etc, etc. You should feel threatened, not by me, but by Western culture.”

    We’re not threatened. Just amused.

    So the US is going to get mad and drop nuclear bombs on 57 Muslim countries in 3 continents and all Muslim populations in every other country in the world in an attempt to wipe out one fifth of the world’s population?

    Have you ever heard of things like pollution? Or the water cycle? Or the food cycle? Or radiation?

    Or do you somehow hope to derive an admission of defeat on behalf of this one fifth of the world’s population? From who? Who would sign the surrender documents? Who has the authority to declare victory or defeat or an end to conflict on behalf of hundreds of different peoples who either have nothing to do with each other or whose conflicts with each other are – in many cases – even bigger and bloodier than their conflict with you?

    And who can guarantee – and enforce – a promise that no random guy in some corner of the world will ever set off a missile or bomb something ever again? Who has that kind of absolute power? Don’t you first have to create this all-powerful dictator and give him all this power and THEN defeat him?

    If it was a Hollywood movie, the script just wouldn’t work otherwise.

    The reason why that isn’t doable has nothing to do with political correctness.

    It isn’t possible to do that without simultaneously exterminating all life on earth.

    If the West isn’t doing that, it’s because they like being alive and having a future and a planet to live on. Not because it’s politically correct not to.

    And no all conflicts don’t end. Conflict is part of the human condition. It is a product of competition for limited resources. Victory produces power. Power breeds resistance. And resistance breeds new kinds of power.

    So conflicts don’t end. They cease for a while. And they fester. And nations fall and new nations rise to power. And then the old conflicts continue in new forms – possibly between new combatants. But conflict never ceases because every conflict sows the seeds for future conflicts.

    I think what the Israelis and Americans have in common more than anything is this Utopian belief in a possible end to all conflict. You think you can freeze history at a point which you like because it is somehow favorable to you. And so you believe you can stifle all resistance and maintain this status quo.

    That and also this tendency you both have to see every form of resistance or hostility to anything you do as an existential threat. Like Israel seeing Hamas – with it’s Qasam rockets – as an existential threat. Or Americans actually feeling threatened by a tinpot, Third World dictator like Saddam.

    Maybe what we have in common with the Europeans is that we’re all too old and too cynical as cultures and we’ve survived too many wars to see the world in those terms. And so we know wars can’t be ended. Just managed. War – to us – is just continuation of politics by other means.

    If you don’t get the results you want now, you do the best you can and hope the next generation can do a better job. You never think your victory or defeat is the end of history because history never ends.

    That’s how we look at conflict.

    So frankly this desire to burn up the world because you’re not getting everything you want is what we find so ridiculous about some of you guys. The fact is, all empires and all countries have had to manage with some form of resistance. And none of them have ever been self-righteous enough to consider an end to all sustainable life on earth an acceptable alternative.

    Because it isn’t.

  138. Craig

    Christians only care about domestic policy. So whether what you say is true or not, it doesn’t make a bit of difference, internationally. And there isn’t much dissent in the US on the issue of Israel… maybe you’ve noticed?

    May-be the domestic policy is their domain, but they aren’t “kind” people for who they call “moral relativists”, ie not sharing their choices

  139. Nice comment, LouLou! Wish you’d drop by here more often :)

    Frenchie, I know you don’t like Christians, and American Christians in particular, but they really have no interest in messing up your life over there in France. They do have political opinions, just like everyone else, but for the most part what they care about is right here in the US, and it’s mostly social issues. Since I’m socially liberal, that’s something of a problem for me sometimes. But you? You should be worried about the car-b-ques and the recent spat of hate crimes against jews. I heard a jewish school girl, 12 years old, was beaten by a mob of 20 people a few days ago. Is that true?

  140. ” # the iron sheik Says:
    January 14th, 2009 at 11:25 am


    hmmm you speak not as a partisan pro-israeli (which is a respectful point of view.) but as a seething hater of muslims without any reason, but i don’t blame you, coming from the culture of SANTIAGO MATAMOROS (SANTIAGO SLAYER OF MUSLIMS) and racist myths such as muslims hypnotize their babies at birth. hence once a muslim always a muslim, THE REASON ALL THOSE MIAMI CUBANOS VOTED AGAINST BARRY (i voted against him to but for other reasons.) supposedly they believed that barry will subconsciously implement muslim agenda lol……

    it’s sad when people hate for the sake of perpetuating myth and superstition!”

    Very pretty words that do not address one single point to the contrary of what I wrote. Israel is not going to go away, no matter what Muslims may think. As for Barry, don’t flatter yourself, we voted against him for what he really is, a Marxist. I don’t hate Muslims per se, I just resent the expectation that we have to kow tow to them. Frankly the Muslim world contributes nothing to the world. A little country like Israel has in one year alone contributed more to the advancement of science and technology than the entire Arab world combined. What is annoying in the extreme that ignorant backward donkeys demand that they be treated with the respect they do not and have not earned. In the meantime why don’t the Arabs lead by example and get out of all the lands they have conquered from the indigenous peoples, like the Kurds for one? All of those peoples have a far better and legitimate claim to statehood than the Palestinians.

  141. This cubanbob is a real work of art eh? I say sick the KKK or the Nazi’s on his ass! Calling Arabs donkeys..and saying that Israel, which is really America that has been given Israeli citizenship for being Jewish lol, has contributed to science more than Arabs. Arabs invented modern mathematics you racist dumb fuck. Muslims invented the modern calender you dumb fuck! You are useless waste of time. The sad thing is, once I catch you and sodomize you, the liberal people of Israel will try and stop me! Exactly why there is your equal all through out history. In ancient times it was the Romans then hitler and now hamas and Hizbollah which were created as komakazi deterents to the Satanic regime of the – F – A – K – E Zion! Go blow yourself bob!

  142. “Israel is not going to go away, no matter what Muslims may think.”

    Israel isn’t going away, yes. And neither are the Palestinians – who are Muslims AND Christians btw. And neither is any other country or people in the region or elsewhere in the world for that matter. So thanks for stating the obvious but I doubt your effort here has managed to sway anyone or add to anyone’s pre-existing wealth of information.

    “In the meantime why don’t the Arabs lead by example and get out of all the lands they have conquered from the indigenous peoples, like the Kurds for one?”

    Just out of curiosity, do the Kurds make your ‘ignorant backward donkeys’ list of peoples too?

    “What is annoying in the extreme that ignorant backward donkeys demand that they be treated with the respect they do not and have not earned.”

    Very interesting I’m sure but as none of the people involved in the conflict are motivated in the slightest by a burning desire to gain your respect – and infact find themselves able to live quite well without it – your contribution is unlikely to do much to change anything really. Sorry to burst your little bubble.

    “All of those peoples have a far better and legitimate claim to statehood than the Palestinians.”

    Again. Very interesting. But as the Palestinians have not appointed you the official spokesman charged with signing away their right to self-determination together with any number of other human rights, and as Israel’s dispute is primarily with people who hold a very different point of view, no one will get get very far listening to your wishful thinking which would be tantamount to the Israelis burying their heads in the sand and pretending the problem doesn’t exist.

    And if you’re able to do that, I don’t see what you’re so upset about anyway. Just take your dream a step further and pretend that all the hundreds of millions of non-Israeli inhabitants of the region simply don’t exist and therefore have no legitimate claims to anything and therefore there’s no problem and everything is just fine and dandy for Israel. Just close your eyes and you can make it happen.

    All the hundreds of millions of people who lived in the ME before Israel and who still live there today count for nothing. Only the 3 million or so Israeli citizens count. The whole region exists to serve them and what they want and what they feel and who they respect.

    See? It’s much more comforting than bothering your little head with strenuous exercises like actually trying to find common ground with people who disagree with you – or practical solutions for regional conflicts. Because as we can all see from your post, that’s not exactly where you shine. No need to feel bad. Different people have different talents and everyone should be loved and accepted for their own unique talents. This just isn’t yours. :)

    And if we can only find some kind of hallucinogen happy drug for people like you on both sides of the conflict so they can all live happily ever after in their respective dream worlds then maybe, just maybe, the rest of us will finally be able to get on with actually finding real solutions to the very real problems we have and life will get better for a change.

  143. The object of my life is to get a star of David tattoo and act like a Zionist with super natural powers and befriend a racist like ‘CUBANBOB or oao,’ on the net and sacrifice an Arab infant like you claim Hamas does in the process of gaining their trust. To seem like I have taken up their cause so that they will be keen to meet with me to discuss further evil.

    When I meet with any of them, I will surely sodomize them and wail on their heads with a hammer and mix their brains with homos and garlic bread!

    That’s for all the babies killed in Gaza you scum of the Earth!

    It isn’t beyond me, trust me! When the going gets tough here, even the oldest Zionist residents on this blog are forced to call me Troll. And if I indeed have so many faces then I am sure I will succeed!

  144. Sandmonkey licks hairy Qatari ass says:

    Sand Ape

    I came to this cybercafe especially to write this response. You have some seriously big balls my friend and you are rather funny too! I have been reading your comments ever since the invasion in Gaza. You expressed my sentiment exactly along with the other millions of people who are profusely protesting the inhumane aggression of Israel worldwide. Now is the time for action.

    The IDF is too well equipped so now I see why our brethrens in the resistance have taken the fight to the homes of these Zionists and to Jewish daycare centers all over the world to give them a small taste of what they have done in Gaza! This conflict has opened my eyes although I have never harmed a soul before but I am now ready to die trying to avenge even the life of one woman killed in Gaza! The uprising is on the horizon! Guerrilla war fare for life Sand Ape!

    This message will not self destruct after 5 seconds and I will not be posting anymore. I just wanted to say Kudos to you Sand Ape!

  145. Marie Claude says:

    You should be worried about the car-b-ques and the recent spat of hate crimes against jews. I heard a jewish school girl, 12 years old, was beaten by a mob of 20 people a few days ago. Is that true?

    unfortunately that’s the derive of the actual conflict, personnally, as I not living in a big city, but in the countryside, where I am not confronted to the kind of event, the only thing I can do about is to promote moderation as the religious communities representants try to make it over here

    as far as the christian Americans, I had nothing against them in the first place, just that I got to experiment their reverse psychological behaviour, whenever anything is mentionned inor from Europe, it’s turning into french-bashing, and rewriting of our history as “socialist daemons and appeasers”. Also funny that these opinions come from supposed “educated” persons, though I guess that there are diffirent level of truths, as professed by a neocon ideologue Kristol

  146. Sand Ape Says:
    ” once I catch you and sodomize you”

    Eeeeewe. man, I’m never shaking your hand! Gross!! But all your self hating loathing yourself ranting makes more sense now. You must be a very confused indiviual. You don’t live near any farm animals do you? I hope not, for their sake.

    Sand Ape Says:
    ” I will surely sodomize them and wail on their heads with a hammer and mix their brains with homos and garlic bread!”

    Wow, you not only want to f–k Cubanbob in the a–, you want to eat him afterwards … I’m not sure if I can ever relate to one of your obscure points again. Are these thoughts in your head all the time or just when you’re lonely for some attention? Poor little feller, I guess you must not be in your happy place. Maybe you and hairy Qatari ass should make a pilgrimage to Gaza and set things right!! :)

  147. Oh Loulou good to see you here :-) Laughing hard.

  148. guys please it is too early in the morning to read this stuff, I am having breakfast :-)

  149. Ok I would like to ask a question:-

    Why Hamas is firing rockets on the towns? a question that has been bothering me.

  150. and I mean before this whole Gaza thing started.

  151. Mohamed,

    The only thing that will make me appreciate hosni el gazma is that if the MB will take over but other than that he is scum and corrupt and caused the Egyptian political arena to be so inmature so no one can take over but his son.

  152. Hi Craig,

    Thanks but I can only take this sort of thing in very, very small doses.

    It is hard on the stomach even at the best of times i.e. when one is not 7 months pregnant.

    If I wasn’t so depressed about all those pointless deaths in Gaza I wouldn’t even subject myself to the usual Israeli-Palestinian bickering we’ve all been listening to for the last 60 years.


    why do you think it is that with so many discussions on Palestine on your blog one never gets a Palestinian pov? I see some of us trying to speak for Palestinians but it would be refreshing to hear Palestinians speaking for themselves for a change.

    Hello to you too Twosret.

  153. Loulou, first of all, great to see you back here. wa7shany ya bent, we mabrook 3al el 7aml.

    Secondly, do you see me telling them not to come. Ya reit yego. I am not stopping anyone (despite how much I would like to) from commenting on here. If you have palestinian friends, send them over here!

  154. Look, if Israeli women and children were lying dead in the streets, the Palestinians would be throwing a party, and you know it. Hamas and their supporters hate Israel; they don’t even need a reason other than they just exist. I hate bears; I wish bears were extinct. I may not want them to die a painful death – but if they all died…..I might be sad for a moment until I realized, hey, no more bears! Now if Hamas and the Palestinians feel the same way as I do about bears, then what exactly do you think the Israelis are working with here. Israelis know they are wanted dead…and not alive by Muslims the world over. Why Hamas kept pushing at Israel was to get the exact reaction the world over as they are getting now. They are playing the sympathy card, even though we all know they are using their women and children as human shields.

  155. Loulou,

    Wonderful news I am so happy for you although saddened by not finding your blog how can you do that :-( please don’t disappear!


    You are on the right track they will come eventually maybe two more wars and you will be my best friend :-)

  156. LouLou’s blog:

    She just left off an ‘s’ when she typed it in :)

  157. Thank you Craig.

  158. Craig,

    That was nice of you. Thank you :-)

  159. What Palestinians in their right mind would come to a blog filled with arrogant zionists who openly admit they stole the land but use the excuse that every other nation did it at one point in time as well! A blog that has a conductor/administrator with an inferiority complex that SCREAMS I SUPPORT ZIONISM dont look at me with contempt coz I am a hairy sand nigger? Come on, all of this while Gaza is being bombed and you want Palestinians to join in on the debate with an openly confused transgressing crowd.
    Sandmonkey true colors actually shinned through for a while here and he almost exposed himself for what he really is! Even the Zionists know that this blog is just for entertainment purposes and positive reinforcement!

    @ Sandmonkey licks hairy ass – dude, I just say what I want here because I know I get under their skin and am not looking to make friends here so that is very easy for me. But then again, somebody’s got to do it! I leave the killing to the killers. You have to understand that their is no logic in trying to have logical debate with illogical people that TRULY BELIEV they are ordained by God to lie! After all, they got nothing better to do then get exterminated in every land they have ever entered.

  160. That in itself tells you alot about a people!

  161. Tla2eeh far7an benafsoh mote delwa2ty ya Twosret. Literally, gab el deeb men deloh :) . Zay el babyhat bezabt, I wanted to say bravo or shatoora ya meshmesh, bas mesh 7ayfham.

  162. Craig,

    Thanks for the correction.

    Sand Ape,

    Have always been confused by people who spend a lot of time on a blog while insulting their host. This is a great blog and we should all be grateful to SM for the information and for providing an outlet where we can air our views AND be exposed to other views no matter how unpleasant we find some of them. I – for one – can say that while I do disagree with a lot of our host’s views, he – and some of his saner readers – have changed my mind on a few issues. Which is why I keep coming back. To see if there’s something I’ve missed, an angle I haven’t considered in the ‘other side’s’ arguments which may actually have some validity.

    If you prefer a forum where people essentially sit around repeating each other’s words then maybe you should find one. There’s no shortage of those.

    Personally, I’ve never seen the point of preaching to the choir. That’s no fun.:)


    Missed you, too. Keep up the good work. Having seen some of the comments here, I don’t envy you your task here but hey, somebody’s got to do it, right?

    I know you’re not stopping anyone from coming here. I just thought you might be curious too. Will try to get some Palestinian bloggers to link here.

  163. Mohamed,
    I was thinking bobby el haboob begor regly :-) estana bas heyeshtem deen omy in the next post. LOL el moseeba eno ana kont ba7awel agawezo wahada sa7beti emshy fee ganaza mosh fee gawaza adi kol el qessa :-)

  164. Twosret @ 152

    I’ll take Hosni and his decesandants rule anytime over the MB. He may be corrupt but at least he isn’t going to turn Egypt into some asshole fundamentalist state with Islamic militants doing drive bys in da streets like Nigeria. Cut Hos some slack too, the middleast in its >8000 year history has never had a democratic society, which isn’t necessarily bad, but thats the way things work in this region. Simply put when you try and implement democrarcy in such socities there will be chaos such as in Iraq or the people will elect an intolerant hardcore Islamic regime such as the case with Gaza. All governements have corruption especially the bullshit skirmish against Gaza just before the Israeli elections.

  165. Pha3on, I agree but really think that Egyptians deserve better. If we are haunted by MB and accept a dictator corrupt like him we are still not doing any better

  166. Twos, sure you’re doing better… but only slightly! ;)

    Really, WHEN are “you” gonna find some half-decent leaders down there?!?

  167. I have been a long time reader of your blog Sandmonkey, Let me say that I love how informative it is and I read it as frequently as the Egyptian daily News. Its also interesting to see how many of the people posting opinions on this blog are from different sides and therefore provide a wide viewpoint of the events. However I would really like to see more of your input SM, in the comments section as the readers could get to know more about ur personal opinion.

  168. Adam, was that suppose to be funny?

  169. Phara3oun, please quit trolling and take your medication.

    What a perposterous thing to say “the bullshit skirmish against Gaza just before the Israeli elections.”

    Is that what you call iIsraeli genocidet?

    Ahh yabn el latheena lw amsikkak!

  170. “take yourmedictaion” – What the fuck are you being rude for? learn to debate people politely, using facts instead of resorting to feeble personal attacks. Anybody that blogs here is entitled to their opinion, people may not agree with your opinion and you may not agree with mine but I dont give a damn.
    Are you blind? where in my comments did I deny that the Palestinian people were opressed?, they are the ones who pay for all of this gunned down, while their shitty corrupt leaders live in palaces – as was the case with 3arafat. These people are the biggest victims of thier own leadership rather than external agression. My country has done more for filistine than all of the other Arab nations combined; we entered 5 WARS for their sake but many dont appreciate it, instead they attack our embassies like cowards because they cannot face the Israelis. And yes it was a ‘bullshit’ attack that was unprovoked for the purpose of Livini proving to the israelis that they are being protected from Hamas’ agression. Its like some fucked up ritual that Israel does before their elections. Meanwhile, Hamas uses the poor Palestinian victims as an excuse to get the symapthy and the cash of the rich gulf countrys while giving the scraps to the civilians.

  171. Well it sure as hell didnt sound like it man. It sounded as if you were using the same condescending tone the blind blood pacifists use here, believing Palestinian life is worth far less than that of anyone else’s, just cause they have corrupt leaders!! Using whats happening in Gaza as a mere skirmish is and not extreme evil and genocide, is unacceptable no matter how you put it.

    I do however agree with your statement

    “My country has done more for filistine than all of the other Arab nations combined; we entered 5 WARS for their sake but many dont appreciate it, instead they attack our embassies like cowards because they cannot face the Israelis.

  172. Sand Ape,

    Can you take a deep breath and read again what Phara3on wrote? I really think you mean someone else. I read all Phara3on posts and I don’t think his tone was condescending in anyway.

    It sounds like you are very upset today. If I may suggest :-) turn off your T.V. , take it easy, and take a break from the war and politics.

    Hope tomorrow is a better day for you and if you would please keep it PG 13 I would really appreciate it.

  173. Twosret,
    Begad? No way. Were you you going to tell her ba3d el tooba mateegy fel ma3tooba “you’ve been just punked! Sheleeh” :) or heya 3erfet early on enek 3ayza t3arafeeha 3ala a’7o OJ Simpson. I guess you’ve got the same gene most Egyptian girls and women have that makes their greatest joy enohom yewafa2o raseen fel 7alal. Which is a great thing, but come one boby el 7aboob we sa7betek, really disappointed in you Twosret :)

  174. Phara3on: Don’t take Sand Ape too seriously… I mean, what can you do but chuckle when you read a line like “condescending tone [of] the blind blood pacifists”?!? :D

    Twos: A bit… Let’s just call it tragicomic.

    Sand Ape: “…just cause they have corrupt leaders”

    Gee, I thought they were a legitimately, democratically ellected government that has overwhelming support from the palestinian people who gave them 76 seats of the 132 possible?

    How come they’re respectively the palestinian peoples’ choice OR a corrupt, autonomous group, whose actions should have no consequences for the palestinian people, depending on what suits your immediate argument?

    The old dictum that says “people have the government they deserve” comes to mind, and it’s also a fitting remark to Twosret’s statement in 165; “…but [I] really think that Egyptians deserve better”.

  175. Calling the slaughter of innocents Gaza a skirmish is retarded, END OF STORY!
    It’s like calling the Warsaw gas chambers a cooking accident! It is anti Semitic and racist!

    @ Adam the European liberal that justifies the unfortunate killing of 300 babies and 150 woman in this SKIRMISH on Gaza. All I have to say to you is, that it isn’t really that much of a consolation to anyone that you are not such a right wing hardliner, because in the end, you are right there, thinking that a thief can break into a house and kill all its occupants and take over the house just because his great great grandfather once owned the land before losing it in a poker game 170 years ago. Violently removing the protesting squatters who rightfully own that house and labelling them terrorists for trying to kill the burglar’s! Israel has the right to exist but up North only, under the Hezbollah blanket of fire where they will most certainly behave themselves!

  176. “It is anti Semitic and racist!”

    What…? How?

    “Adam the European liberal that justifies the unfortunate killing of 300 babies and 150 woman in this SKIRMISH on Gaza.”

    I can jusitfy the carpet bombing of Dresdn in 1944; I can justify a relatively precise incursion into Gaza to take out Hamas militants hiding behind civilians. Look, it’s all fine and dandy that we disagree as to the legitimacy of Israel as it is today, but I find it pretty difficult to swallow that you’re ready to condone anything for one side of the conflict while condemning everything for the other….

    “…thinking that a thief can break into a house and kill all its occupants and take over the house just because his great great grandfather once owned the land before losing it in a poker game 170 years ago. ”

    Isn’t that pretty much what the palestinians are trying? :D But seriously, we’re basically in disagreement as to the legitimacy of the 1947 decision, end of story.

  177. Mohamed,

    LOL! Wallahi Ya Mohamed ana mosh beta3t el kalam dah khales dih get keda be el sodfa :-) el mosiba eno saying he has sowar leya lol yaa’ni el profile soora means eny edeeto sowari? we kaman 90% of the time kanet el bent maa’na fee el chat. Kan youm eswad!

    Can’t stop laughing @ akho O.J. :-)

  178. Twosret,
    This happens a lot when someone tries to do some good specially regarding helping someone fe gawaz or in finding a job, reminds me of years back in Egypt when a friend of mine at school was trying to find a job for his brother and asked me if I could get my uncle to hire him and literally told me, describing his brother “enta 3arfo, ebn nas, we byetkesef, we metraby we nabeeh we 7omar sho’3l”, so I called my uncle and used the same exact words to ask him to hire him, less than three weeks later my uncle called me yelling at me saying did you mean “3arbagy we bege7 we baltagy we mota’7alef we kaslan, but somehow I misunderstood you?”, turns out that in those brief three weeks he essentially didn’t show up half of the days and when he showed up it was usually after 12, and told everyone at work that he’s my uncle’s nephew and everyone outside work that he is his partner and when his supervisor talked to him and warned him that he’s on the fast track to getting fired he yelled at him and physically threatened him. Anyway, after he was fired the next day he waited for his supervisor outside work then attacked him with a shooma, when he was arrested he justified the attack not because of being unjustly fired but used an unbelievably lame excuse saying that the supervisor “kan bey3akes sa7bety”. Unfortunately, until now my uncle thinks I’m retarded.

  179. Mohamed and Twosret,
    I think obsession is starting to be mutual here, much to my enjoyment.

  180. Hany,
    You know whose brother I’m talking about, right?

  181. No Adam we are in disagreement over the 1967 thing. You know the one that I am talking about! The one involving a certain form of justified ethnic cleansing in order to form a Jewish majority ethnic state!

    I love how you tried to turn my analogy around and use it to the favor of the Israeli crusading occupiers and portray them as the victim.

    Don’t you see the irony in that buddy!

    Secondly as you failed to answer in the other thread? How do you consider Israel a Western nation? If its because of free elections and all, then Pakistan and India are Western nations then, too. Also aprtheid Sth Africa must have also been considered a Western nation under your rules before the aprtheid system fell, huh? Now that those negro’s are running around with self rule they are no longer a Western nation, no? I know you would never dare openly admit it but it is true. Any nation with with a large ethnicity of Arabs or savages can never be considered a Western nation. So to answer your question, in your books, a Western nation is one that has joined that exclusive club, by falling into the good graces of that leading nation!

  182. Calling the slaughter of innocents Gaza a skirmish is retarded, END OF STORY!

    There are half a million people in Gaza. If you throw around the word “slaughter” to describe Gaza, then what is the proper word for what has happened in Iraq? I suggest you do a Google search on “Battle of Okinawa”, for a bit of perspective.

  183. According to the same retarded logic:
    How many did die in the twin towers? How many americans do live in, lets say NYC?
    Slaughter or not?? Hmmm… any ideas?

  184. I don’t recall initiating a dialogue with you, Hany. Talk to the hand :P

  185. Hany although your views are different than mine, but please be forewarned. Craig is a compulsive antagonist. he can be a little bit witty when he thinks that he getting close to his next mail order bride, but usually disagrees even with himself on a regular basis. Even if you agree to his views, he will still disagree!

  186. Oh, gee… I’ve been disparaged by the guy that even the Arab commenters can’t stand :o

  187. What is this, kindergarten lolol, Listen to your self!

    Nobody likes you, nanny-nanny-boo-boo!

    Just coz we don’t suck each others dicks and pat each other on the back afterwards, that doesn’t mean ditto!

    I am sure the Arabs here like me just fine!

    Maybe not the ones who talk to you for long and even the ones that do like Mohamed, Ahmed and twosret, I assure you do like me more than they like you!

    you didn’t have a very happy childhood did you Craig? !!!

    Your a pseudo intellectual imbecile, who ignorantly throws around the word “Arabs” as if he even has any clue to what that means.

    After all, I wouldn’t expect any different from a self proclaimed racist anti Islamist, remember, or should I drop the link to your comment again?

    FYI, Palestinians are not Arabs per say, they are ancient phillistines who descend from the Canaanites from the blood line of Noah’s son ham and not Shem, therefore Palestinians are not Semite’s, whereas Arabs are.

    The accusation of Palestinians as arabs is one huge factor why Israel is waging a war on them as after stealing their land it wants to dis acknowledge their identity and further expel them to Jordan under the incorrect assumption that they are Arabs.

    On a similar note, 80-90% of today’s Jews are Ashkenazis from the blood line of japeth and not Shem, and therefore not semites. True Jew’s are Sephardic Jews from Shem, and therefore Semites.

    Religion does not change DNA.

    Chew on that for a while, between jacking off and hitting the refresh button!

  188. go hand yourself.

  189. wait a minute! how many innocent women and children have to die before we give it a name? so amazing how the same bigots here cry murder when one Israeli die but when a mass of innocent Palestinian women and children die they don’t have the decency to send the condolences our way or even feel for them.

    What a bunch of bigots!

  190. Mohamed,

    so funny this is why I would never work with family or friends :-) learned my lesson there with bobby el 7aboob.


    wehayatak khalih saket lol la7san ana etshatamet million times here. Kefaya haram!

  191. Aboos gazmatek ya Sand Ape balash el kalam dah la7san Mommy tesheel meny el computer ana mabalaghtesh sen el roshd lessa :-)

  192. Mashi ya twosret, ha hawel 3ala 2ad ma2dar bas I aint promising nothin, OK. Uslo ghabi gedan weh bi yestafiz el wahed dayman! Lesa ha daddy fee w 2oulo bravo! Weh howa meen da aslan 3alashan yeshtemik, ayl khara da, enti saktalo lay? Dana attala mayteen oumo!

  193. Sand Ape,
    I almost chocked from laughter, you’re killing me man.
    Hany, Twosret and Sand Ape,
    Momken 7ad feekom ye2oly ahe bezabt el soora el holameya ely howa 7atetha 3al blog el fady beta3o?

  194. Sand Ape, I’ve already told you my take on the definition of the western world; I’ve no intention of repeating it…

    “Also aprtheid Sth Africa must have also been considered a Western nation under your rules before the aprtheid system fell, huh? ”

    Now, that doesn’t really follow my definition, does it? I guess it must be your own perspective then…

    “Palestinians are not Arabs per say”

    Funny, they have a habit of calling themselves that, though…. :D

    “Religion does not change DNA”

    But then again, we’re not talking races here, are we?

  195. Mohamed, ‘a2olak ay bas? :)

  196. Adam, no comment. But you haven’t answered a God damn thing. Can you tell me why it is in your genes to be a little deaf and dumb when it suits you? Your definition entailed free and democratic elections. Isn’t India the worlds most populace democracy, so then why isn’t it considered a Western nation, it clearly falls under your definition?

    ACTUALLY DON’T WORRY ABOUT ANSWERING! You have already been proven to be the prince of hypocrisy and double standards, no matter how sincere your intentions are!

  197. “Your definition entailed free and democratic elections.”

    Among other things, yes… Is it too hard to fathom more than one condition at a time…?

    “the prince of hypocrisy and double standards”

    Yup, that’s me… :P Lol! Oh man, you’re killing me! :D

  198. Never mind, I got it!

    Thanks for admitting to my theory !

    “Whom so ever is in the good graces of the main WESTERN NATIONS, is therefore obliged entry into the club!”

    That’s probably true – we make up the club and therefore we define the rules. You’re free to try out for a membership or not, but the perks are great!

  199. Good morning guys, where is maganino?

  200. lol, sabah el ful, estana 3lay shwaya bas, zamano gaiy delwa2ti 3alatoul !!

  201. el soora dih I think betaa’to fee el geish el americany :-) seriously howa kan men feel el geish we kan fee el mosiba el lobnania fee el 80′s aa’lshan kedda ana baseebo yeshtem el nas elly maa’h feel el geish kolohom mato.

  202. Sabah el kheir bobby el 7aboob aa’ish fee el cost el gharby betaa’ America yaa’ny badry shewia aa’leih lol

  203. sorry my English arabic thing is not that good hope you understand

  204. arahenkom eno mosh hey wari weshoo hena tany fil thread da, khalas, rah aalay