It’s still our border, right?

I woke up yesterday, and I saw the headlines in Qatari newspapers: The emergency arab league summit- the one Egypt didn't attend- has reached the decision that all border crossings, especially on Egypt's side, must be opened. Yes, that was one of their decisions: that a country, not present, has to open its borders.

And then, I read another fabolous news article, on how the US and Israel are penning a "joint-gareement" that will stop weapon-smuggeling from Sinai to Ghaza. I went online to look for the US borders in Sinai, found none, and became even more confused. I then scanned the article to find anything about Egypt being part of this agreement, or agreeing to this agreement, or even consulted on this agreement, and still, nothing. Zip. Zilch. Nada.

So..ehh..just so I am clear: We have officially become the world's bitch, right? I mean, it sure seems this way, with everybody coming out with declartions and agreements and orders- that don't involve us- telling us what to do with our border (which, for the record, has been our border for like thousands of years), right? Allright, fantastic. Was just making sure of it. Egypt = Everybody's Bitch!

Thanks world, sure is nice being part of you! 


  1. “…and will be an important piece of an Egyptian cease-fire initiative being negotiated in Cairo”

    It seems you’re completely left out… :)

  2. We are, aren’t we? The US and Israel will assess our needs and duties, and will tell us we have to do what they want, in order for Israel and the Plaestinians to stop fighting. And if we don’t like whatever deal there is, we will be told that we are the reason to cease-fire between ISRAEL AND HAMAS (notice how we are NOT a party) will not take place.

  3. Dude, it’s “Global Politics” – get with the program already! Ask Adam to explain…

    And if we don’t like whatever deal there is, we will be told that we are the reason to cease-fire between ISRAEL AND HAMAS (notice how we are NOT a party) will not take place.

    This isn’t the Arab ceasefire, this is the US ceasefire that the Europeans were insisting the US force Israel to agree to. So, we done our job. All is well in the world now. Too bad about your border. Shit happens.

    I think the Arab ceasefire will be announced later today. This is the one that Iran was demanding, of course, seeing as how it the Arab ceasefire. In the Arab ceasefire, Israel and Egypt open their borders completely and withdraw their security forces. Egypt pulls back to Cairo, and Israel pulls back to the 1967 borders. Again, too bad about your borders. Shit happens, a lot. But at least in the Arab ceasefire, it happens to the Israelis too!

  4. Craig, right on! You’re getting the hang of it…! ;)

  5. Adam, it’s easy when the UK Foreign Minister explains it all, step by step!

    Mr Miliband said the country had listened to international pressure and it was now “imperative” for Hamas to stop its rocket attacks on Israel.

    Translation: US listened to Euro pressure, Israel listened to US pressure. Euros get credit. Everyone else can suck wind.

    Global Politics for dummies, SM! Just read the BBC more often :)

  6. I think we should thank God for Mubarak. He is basically telling everyone to fuck off and not cross the red lines. Do not worry about the tents. He will never let these palis in

  7. Abu Sa'ar says:

    SM – LOL about the Arab League… but then again they were always known for being inclusive, sane, effective and considerate :)

    As for the agreement signed between Israel and US – it relates to stopping weapons trafficking to Hamas further up the supply chain. Like when the missiles leave Iran, in contained labeled “Humanitarian Aid”.

    Don’t worry, man, Egypt is going to get a slice of the pie as well. Hosni has been doing the diplomatic Macarena with great agility so far – and having control of half of Gaza’s borders gives him significant leverage.

  8. No international troops on Egyptian borders is what Hosni said!

    Ok then somebody please explain to me why there are 30,000 support troops stationed in Egypt since before 9/11 anyways? I mean what’s the difference right?

  9. may be there is a secret agreement with Egypt or something after the embarrassing to the regime recently when livni visited Egypt hours before the cast lead opt.

  10. Border between Egypt and Gaza has been your border for thousands or years? Weird. There was me thinking Gaza was ruled from Cairo until WWI and then again between 1948 and ’67.

  11. The final word comes from Mubarak, he refused to let UN troops to station in Sinai, so what makes you think that he will choke down any of their demands? The most sensible choice the US-Israeli negotiators could pick is to let Egypt station more troops near the Gaza border instead of blatantly ordering us around.

  12. Well, as usual the Americans, Israelis & a whole bunch of countries think our country and borders are the precious ownership of their mamas & papas. I luved Mubarak (& thats a first) for saying clearly our borders are red line & we dnt want UN troops there, hope he doesnt change his mind. If Israel wants its peace then it can host the UN troops there & may be start realizing that acting like the bully will never lead to peace. Also, wn will we see someone talking about stopping weapons to Israel? A country that uses forces so easily+ have complete disregard to any rules or laws of war, shldnt be allowed to have more weapons & certainly shldt be allowed to have nuclear ones.
    I pray a war crimes case finds its way agaist Israel bec wt happened during the past weeks shldnt go w/o punishment

  13. Well, as usual the Americans, Israelis & a whole bunch of countries think our country and borders are the precious ownership of their mamas & papas.

    Nah, you aren’t seeing the big picture. Iran and the little-league Arabs tried to embarrass Hosni (and Egypt) by imposing a ceasefire that made him look like a fool, and left him sitting all by himself at the table with the US, Europe and Israel. So he wisely left the table. Both ceasefire plans are bound to fail, and so Hosni can rightfully claim he wasn’t in favor of either of them. So, Hosni = wise leader. And if there are any partial successes, they will be due to Egypt’s efforts, so again – Hosni = wise leader.

    He rode this pout perfectly.

    I pray a war crimes case finds its way agaist Israel bec wt happened during the past weeks shldnt go w/o punishment

    Me too. I think a case should go to trial, and be settled once and for all. I’d prefer the “White Phosphorous is a banned chemical weapon” case, since that’s what the media has been harping on. I don’t think anything else will shut Western Europe up. If Israel is found not guilty, I hope the BBC receives enough punitive penalties in a counter claim to encourage them not to ever make unsubstantiated claims of war crimes again. I fully support you on this. There have been far too many accusations, and no cases filed at all. Time for that to change.

  14. Craig, sounds fair to me – freedom of speech must be guarded, but it should never be carte blanche to accuse others falsely without repercushions. A trial would settle any doubts that anyone might have and put a stop to endless future arguments.

  15. The West has middled in Middle East affairs so long, its almost as if it has become a second past time for y’all who have the big guns — just like Fox hunting! Foreign Affairs 101, lol. There are so many people dying over there and the one thing you have in common with them is that you have fallen comrades that have died over there too. But I guess that’s all a part of the price you have to pay to achieve world domination. A far cry from when the Arabs ruled the world and Europe was in the dark ages, while America was still just a bunch of Red Indians to be occupied. But in the end, the Arabs- Hosni Mubarak still know how to exhibit the prevailing good sense and rule of law.

  16. Yes SM, we are the world’s bitch!
    or in arabic i would prefer to use the word ملطشة

  17. Yeh they are really funny, by the I will arrange a summit at my backyard I felt jelous from Qatar and KSA and Egypt, with 22 countries and two summits, why can’t I have my summuit, and the first declaration is to remove US militiray bases from Arab countries.

  18. Cyric Renner says:

    Now that the gaza conflict has ended, Mubarak is acting tough, claiming that ” No Foreign troops will be allowed on egyptian soil, and the other day “No foreign ships to be allowed in egyptian territorial waters” My response to this rhetoric is, or what ? The only reason Egypt has an army is to suppress its own people. The days of Nasser when people could take pride in the armed forces are long gone.

    This latest episode in gaza only reinforced the image of an Egyptian army that has no shame or honour. The only item missing was for the Egyptian Air Force to join in on the bombing on Gaza. Perhaps they can better co-ordinate their efforts with the Israelis next time.

    Perhaps when Israel is finished annexing the rest of Palestine, and starts to look at taking a slice out of the Sinai the egyptian people might finally wake up. The bedouins would likely resist the Israelis efforts in the Sinai, which is more than one can expect from the cowardly armed forces.