And Yes, I am going to miss W.!

Man, say what you say about him, but he made the last 8 years filled with fun Unpredictability. You just never knew what he was going to do next. If Global consensus was on something, he would be like "Yeah, ok, that's nice." and then do something else entirely. And he gave all my democrat friends ulcers from worry about what he was going to do all the time, and what "democracy-destorying-fanatsy" they could come up with next. I mean, they almost had me convinced that any day now, he and the jews were going to start another 9/11 and pass a law that would make him a President for life, like their Hero Fidel Castro and his fanboy wannabe Hugo Chavez. Even after Obama was voted in, many really thought that Bush was going to start a War against Iran any second now, just to screw over Obama. None of those things happened of course, but damn, he made them really think of new ways he- despite being the idiotic chimp man they knew he was- would geniusly take over the country and maniplate the public. And his people. I miss his People. The fact that Rumsfeld is no longer allowed to do press conferences where he gets to be his asshole self and torture the reporters makes baby jesus weep a little. And Cheney, who actually shot someone and got away with it, nevermind that that someone was his friend. And who can forget Condi and her legs? Or Wolfie and his haircomb or his tunisian girlfriend? Or John "The Moustache" Bolton, who treated the other UN ambassador's like his Prison Bitches?

I am a fan of Chaos, and he gave us that aplenty, which is why I will always love him. For a good couple of years he scared the shit out of every arab leader in the region, and forced some of them, including our own, to enact some democratic reforms. Not bad for a dumb cowboy, no? Plus, look at Iraq today. (Remember Iraq? Whatever happened to those "No blood for Oil" demonstrations anyway? And how did Obama get the anti-war people to support a war in Afghanistan?) Bombings are down, US soldier casualties are almost nonexistant, they are having a new election where the secularists are favored to win over the islamists, and the country has billions of dollars in reserves (74 billion to be exact), not to mention all the Oil that Bush was supposed to steal and never did. Who would've thought?

Yeah, I am going to miss W. , at least for a while, for all those reasons, and because it feels like he was always there as President anyway. Those 8 years did not pass quickly at all, and they were so tumolteous and filled with Drama, that I doubt anything Obama can conjure up (with the possible exception of him getting a white mistress, which would be AWESOME. Double Awesome points if its Ann Coulter) can equal or parallel. Just the slow and expected fall from grace that will take place over the next 4 years, when they discover that the man is not a miracle worker. Let's hope he really does invade Pakistan. Now that will make things fun again.

Cross your fingers boys and girls. I know I am!


  1. My 6-year-old nephew cried a little when I told him that Bush was no longer the president of the USA. And no I’m not kidding.

    Although the reason he was sad is only because Bush has the same name as his uncle (me). When he was 3 something he saw Bush on tv and asked who it was. They told him it was George Bush, and since he only associated the name George with “uncle” he said: “Hayda khalo Bosh?”

  2. Sandmonkey,

    Have no fear, there will be chaos in plenty.

  3. He will always be the biggest Decider In Chief, as far as im concerned!


  5. Sm say’s “I am a fan of Chaos”

    We already know that, wait till the Chaos hits you in the face and the we will see what you will think!

  6. Ah well, some Iranians were burning Obama’s picture a few days ago and Hugo Chavez already took the opportunity to insult him.

    So it wasn’t about Bush after all …

  7. It is true, Bush’s legacy will be written in 10-20 years. I’ve recently heard of comparisons with Harry Truman who also left office with very low approval ratings and then a couple of decades later became widely recognized as one of our BEST presidents! It’s funny how things change.

    Thank you George Bush for protecting America after 9/11!

  8. lol @ white mistress—–oh ya don’t forget switching the cadi to a maybach and maybe some diamond fronts.

  9. I totally … I mean totally .. depended on videos of his speeches in all my presentation skills and communication skills workshops … he was one generous man .. bless his blunders

  10. Egypeter: “It is true, Bush’s legacy will be written in 10-20 years. I’ve recently heard of comparisons with Harry Truman who also left office with very low approval ratings and then a couple of decades later became widely recognized as one of our BEST presidents! It’s funny how things change.”

    He is very similar. Barely won the ’48 election, became involved in a wildly unpopular war that was seen by many as unwinnable, saw his approval ratings plummet early on after the ’48 election (lower than Bush’s ratings) and stay low for the rest of his presidency, his party lost their majority in congress because of him, and he was responsible for many policies that were terribly unpopular at the time. But history vindicated him.

    Many US presidents that are extremely unpopular during their time in office tend to become very popular later on, in retrospect. For example: Jackson, Lincoln and Truman.

  11. May the souls of all the innocent Iraqis hunt him in his sleep.

  12. We’ll see twosret. We’ll see in 10-20 years (maybe and hopefully less) when Iraq is the sole country in the entire ME that is peaceful and productive. Maybe, just maybe, in some time Iraq will be a model to rest of the stinking ME on how to bring different ethnicities and different religions in a coalition government working together instead of killing each other. Wouldn’t that be nice? Or are you secretly hoping for Iraq’s failure??

    I mean let’s be honest. Outside of Evil Israel, there isn’t a country in the ME that is half-way decent/livable in. And during Sadaam, Iraq was no exception.

    *Although I give Muburak kudos for not sticking Egypt’s nose in the shit caused by the most recent problem.

    And btw, Iraqis killed a whole HELL OF A LOT more innocent Iraqis than your imaginary Bush ever did.

  13. Don’t hold your breath on Bush becoming one of the best president’s ever!……………You guys are scary!

  14. Marie Claude says:

    yeah, me too, O and the Us will only be the medias star, while with W. we had often the primes :sad:

  15. Wow, you must be really desperate to kiss up to the neocon crowd. You’re a sorry excuse of an Arab, and all the fuckwits that posted in here expressing their sadness over Bush leaving, well they can go drown in a pool of AIDS as well.

    Thank God neoCUNTS are a dying breed, along with sellout faggots like yourself.

  16. Ethnicity shouldnt limit who you can like or what party or public official you can support. Its a democracy. If you like Bush you like him and if you dont, you don’t. Neoconservatism should be discussed in an objective way with its good and its bad etc. rather than just being attacked. The funniest thing is when liberals talk about being open minded and valuing diversity. This never applies to groups liberals oppose or feel threatened by. I’m neither a liberal or a conservative so don’t try to label me, attack me or defame me.

  17. Twosret,
    I wouldn’t have any high hopes for Bush to be losing any sleep due to his murderous acts, I even bet you that he’d be sleeping better than my two year old nephew, people like this are blessed with a conscience of Hannibal Lecter and the intelligence of Forrest Gump to be losing any sleep.
    You’re my hero.

  18. .
    Dubya summed up well. If Obama invades Pakistan the Libs will give him a pass. If there is a terrorist attack, Bush will still get the blame from them. Like the Protest Warriors said: Say NO to War! Unless a Democrat is President.
    absurd thought –
    God of the Universe says
    you can ALWAYS blame Bush

    when Obama and Congress
    ALL Democrats mess it up

    absurd thought -
    God of the Universe says
    Bush was worse than Hitler

    and Stalin and Mao
    and the Devil combined
    All real freedom starts with freedom of speech. Without freedom of speech there can be no real freedom.

  19. Dan,
    You hateful, intolerant so-called ‘Liberal’ you.
    The Leftists and the so-called caring ‘Liberals’ are the racists. Yes! I said it! Not all of them personally of course. But as an ideology, yes! It is RACIST and BIGOTED. I will repeat: Leftist Ideology is Racist and Bigoted! By not leveling legitimate criticism against people or a person of a certain ‘Race’ because of their ‘Race’, is condescending and racist to the core. The Left is evil! All socialism leads to totalitarianism eventually.
    absurd thought -
    God of the Universe says
    never mock Democrats

    it’s just their religion

    here’s an absurd thought -
    your most Supreme God has
    Bush Derangement Syndrome

    CRAZY at the thought of Bush
    insane in the brain with him

  20. SM you have been called a “sorry excuse for an arab”. Well at least now we know what the poster’s version of an arab is :)

    You’re the version who’s posts I enjoy even when I don’t agree with them. And the comments are half the fun. I am also going to miss that smirk of his. :)

  21. Sandmonkey, you could really do well with a syndicated news column. That said, being the president of any country is a task few can handle. Being the President of the USA is a task even fewer can handle. Because of our never ending politcal wars, Republicans versus Democrats, each combatant is constantly looking for ways to destroy the other party’s President. Consequrntly, those battles will never end. The thing is, Americans who have no idea what the truth is, end up taking sides based on being fueled by the pure emotions of their politcal party. Our country will be better and our President better served, when Americans start figuring out what they can do to make our country better instead of fighting political wars.