Egyptian Boxer Briefs

Here is a collection. I want the "Be Hard" one!


  1. I want the “Be Hard” one!

    Sand Ape needs the “I like Sodomy” ones. Do they have that?

  2. I loved that post…

  3. anonymous says:

    Bi gad…those r some crazy boxers…Geez I went 2 that Omar effendi which is only nice on the 1st floor..all that hype and it still looks like a sucky government department store..2 yrs after being bought out…but if i knew they were selling these…and EGYPTIAN COTTON NO DOUBT…they would have made a great gift idea for the male members of my family at home…who needs shishas…

  4. I think the Scarface ones are better:P

  5. Marie Claude says:

    does that mean that all the Egyptians are pussies ? :lol:

  6. Well, if you aren’t wearing these briefs to get a laugh out of your mates as you change in a public locker room, then they are being worn for the benefit of the ladies, right?

    Right? Of course these must be educated ladies, since they must at least read and understand English.

    Or could it be those briefs are being marketed to a “gayer” demographic?

  7. Hey Sandmonkey, That Oum pushkina chicks seems easy, Did you nail her yet?

    Wadeh enaha ahyag men 3adel Imam fe film “El sefara fel Emara”.

  8. hey bobcat, the oumpushkina chick isn’t that easy.

    so ridiculous that when guys talk about sex it’s funny. when women talk about sex – they’re easy?

    wow. it’s 2009 fucker, get with the times