It was all for nothing

Poor Livni. It seems that despite bombing the shit out of Ghaza and killing over 1000 people, she is still going to lose that election to Netenyahu. Arab readers, I am sure your hearts are bleeding for her. I know my heart is. Totally!


  1. I think your assumption was wrong from the beginning. Right wing always benefits from conflicts of this sort. Livni and Barak had no choice politically but to start this opperation.
    This was probably one of the objectives of Hamas, since this arrangement suits them.

  2. go bebe, the audacity of chutzpa!

  3. Netanyahu will take a harder line against the Arabs (all of them, Palestinian and other) than Livni would. If Arabs are happy about Livni losing then they are idiots. If/when Netanyahu takes control and Hamas or Hizbullah start trouble, the voters will say “listen, we elected you to take a hard line, now do it”. And he will.

  4. drunkard:

    I’m willing to bet some arabs (Hamas, etc.) would love a hardliner israeli PM – gives them more fuel for their fire, thus (theoretically) keeping them in power…

  5. Roman Kalik says:

    *shrug* Barak tried to put a halt to the operation shortly after it began – he realized fairly quickly that it was going to lose him votes rather than gain him anything, and his opinion was ignored. Livni didn’t have much of a chance to profit from the operation politically, either.

    That the operation occurred at all with Kadima and Labor at the helm is simply because Ehud Olmert had absolutely nothing left to lose, politically, so he actually stopped listening to his political advisers for a while.

  6. What else is new?

  7. Actually, I would interpret this latest Israeli ‘cease fire’ as a Jewish hudna.
    And an opportunity for Hamas to recover from its violence hang over.

    Bibi will schooling Barack just as soon as never mind.

  8. Abu Sa'ar says:

    Told ya, ya SM, back when they started talking about pulling out without Gilad Shalit and without Hamas being visibly, absolutely, unequivocally smashed.

    The biggest winner in this war (after Hosni, of course) was Avigdor Lieberman. Most polls now place Yisrael Beiteinu at third palce.

  9. Dream of peace. I doubt it…………
    The elephant in the LR:
    I think that as long as the Arab governments maintain the incitement in their mosques, educational systems, etc against non Muslims, nothing will be resolved and no peace will be achieved in the ME. Personally I am sick and tired of being called “sons of pig and monkeys” (or daughters in my case)
    Because I tend to be a tad paranoid I also suspect that S. Arabia has this long plan to “Islamize” the world and that Israel is an open sore in their long view and program. They use and abuse the Palestinian people to foster their program. They have the money………………..
    I am now in Buenos Aires, Argentina where a past President, Menem, gave away to the Saudis a big and very expensive piece of land in one of the best neighborhoods of Buenos Aires. They build a huge mosque that is presently poorly attended. My suspicion is that they are looking into the future when the world will turn into “Dar al Islam”. While visiting the mosque they mention that it is a small community and my next question was: Why susch a BIG building ” I am talking about a hall that can house several thousand people…………….well, what do I know…………..I am just pondering

  10. Drunkard is correct…and I believe that is just how it will play out. Just like the Pali’s essentially voted in Ariel Sharon and turned just about every Lefty, sympathetic ear that remain in Israel in Peace Now etc. against them.

  11. BTW…y’all view this whole thing as some political plot….I guess that is always an element, but I still think it came down to too many rockets for way too long. Enough was enough….and Olmert has been finished for a long time.

    Netanyahu will be the next PM and we will be having similar conversations 4 and 8 years from now…if we are alive.

  12. Mike Lebanese says:

    Netanyahu is a mother fucker by all standards. Definitely no hope with this guy as President.

  13. Mike…

    I don’t think he is such an MF…but he has to run a country surrounded by too many MF’s that want to kill the people he is responsible for protecting…which can cause you to harden your case…guys like those that killed his brother…

    You see…”nicer” PM’s never worked out very well in terms of the degree of terror Israel has always been subject too…So if somebody is sworn to kill you…I think it is a good idea to be pretty strict with them…

    Though I would have never voted for a Netanyahu before the second intifada….I would vote for him today.

  14. Abu Sa'ar says:

    Mike – How is Bibi a mofo? He is a snake. He is tricky and underhanded. He plays dirty. He is also a good economist (possibly a visionary one), an excellent speaker and a pretty good bullshitter(about 7 on Bill Clinton Scale). He has very good military experience, abundant political experience, excellent English and more proven successes than proven failures. And on issues of security he happens to coincide with the current majority.

    Oh, and he knows how to make money.

    When compared to the other options… Livni and Barak, both with ailing parties: one without an ideology and the other with a failed one. Avigdor Lieberman, who’s way too radical for Israel. That’s about it for the bigshots; and among these, Mr. Netaniyahu is the lesser evil. I am voting for him, of course. Voted Green Leaf last time :)

    And Peres remains President. He seems to be having a paradigm shift; not an easy thing for a Methuselah politician (85 and still at it like he has been since he was about 16, I think).

  15. I am with Abu Saar. The reason to vote for Bibi is because he is ruthless and powerful enough to actually be able to get stuff done. Even if it is stuff you may not like…at least it is stuff and it is getting done.

  16. On the subject of ME paranoia:

    “Hamas is accusing rival Palestinian faction Fatah of spying for Israel”

    “Meanwhile, at Gaza’s Shifa Hospital, medical officials said injuries they have seen would be consistent with suspected spies being shot in the kneecaps, elbows, hands or feet as punishment.”

    Aren’t Hamas just the sweet little dearies? Who could wish for a better government?

  17. Marie Claude says:

    “Cette guerre a été un piège tendu aux mollahs et peut-être aux Israéliens par Carter (en mission pour le génial Brzezinski, le guru diplomatique d’Obama). Téhéran a d’ores et déjà perdu cette guerre.”

    This war was a trap set to mullahs and perhaps to the Israelis by Carter (in mission for the “genious” Brzezinski, the guru of diplomatic Obama). Tehran has already lost this war. Iran resist

    could be that ! that the agenda was to make Hamas the only and valuable representation of the Gazan people, (as shown in the link below) and to isolate Iran as a “diplomatic” case apart for the forecasted discussions with the US

  18. Regarding about the statistics in Gaza, you may want to look at this article from Haaretz, which is Israel’s left-leaning daily:

  19. Marie Claude says:

    I already read this article, though isn’t it funny that Carter made a trip there a few month ago, I can’t see he was delivering Gandhi mottos

  20. Mike Lebanese says:

    Livni and the rest of the Zionists are going to burn in hell for their crimes. Unbelievable ruthlessness with their bombs. I mean we already know they don’t respect international law but one would think they would at least not drop so many in fear of losing ammunition, but I guess the US supplies them generously. Even their fucking women are aggressive, manly cunts.
    Netanyahu is a good English speaker yes and an ally of the Christians in America who share in their biblical lies and try to portray this Christian-Jewish alliance. What Christians is he talking about? Definitely not my Christians, he’s talking about crazy ones like John Hagee and Evangelicals that think Israel is a major part of their Armageddon fantasies, and Iran is Satan incarnate. Of course real Christians like me don’t buy it because we in the Middle East have witnessed that they do not discriminate between Muslim or Christian. They have tried to win us over in attempts of isolating the Muslim Arab majority and successfully labeling them as fundamentalist terrorists that are trying to kill us. Little that they know that there are Christian fighters in Hezbollah as there are Christian fighters in Kata’b Al Aqsa Brigade in Ramallah to name a few.
    I saw Netanyahu on Glenn Beck, two disturbed individuals rambling on how Iran is so evil and how badly they want to test their toys on it.

    Qana will never be forgotten, RIP
    Gaza will never be forgotten, RIP
    Still rebuilding Beirut, not forgotten..

  21. Mike Lebanese:

    “Unbelievable ruthlessness with their bombs.”

    Just wondering… Don’t you think that Hamas showed ruthlessness with their roket specifically non-aimed; ie. meant for civilians…? Where’s your critique of palestinian disregard for international law?

    “Even their fucking women are aggressive, manly cunts.”

    Thank you for showing your true colours, male-chauvanist jerk – you’re a disgrace to my sex…!

    “Definitely not my Christians,”

    No, few christians feel a need to associate themselves with you spanish-inquisition-types…!

  22. Mike Lebanese:

    “Qana will never be forgotten, RIP
    Gaza will never be forgotten, RIP
    Still rebuilding Beirut, not forgotten..”

    You damn right you will not. Just sit quietly and look pretty, my gentle pussy … cat.

  23. Mike Lebanese says:

    “he’s talking about crazy ones like John Hagee and Evangelicals that think Israel is a major part of their Armageddon fantasies, and Iran is Satan incarnate.”

    Have you ever the read Hamas charter?

    The charter is a rather classical Islamist document, applied to the local issues. It declares that Jihad (in the sense of armed battle) is the only solution. It cites the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, a ludicrous anti-Semitic forgery.

    The “Zionists” and the freemasons and others are blamed for what Hamas and radical Islamists see as the major calamities of the world, especially the French Revolution.

    Hamas founding charter
    The preamble includes the sentence: “Israel will rise and will remain erect until Islam eliminates it as it had eliminated its predecessors.”
    Article 7 of the Hamas Covenant states the following: “The Day of Judgement will not come about until Muslims fight the Jews (killing the Jews). When the Jew will hide behind stones and trees, the stones and trees will say O Muslims, O Abdulla, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him. Only the Gharqad tree would not do that because it is one of the trees of the Jews.” (related by Sahih al-Bukhari and Muslim).
    Article 22 claims that the French revolution, the Russian revolution, colonialism and both world wars were created by the Zionists. It also claims the Freemasons and Rotary clubs are Zionist fronts.
    “You may speak as much as you want about regional and world wars. They were behind World War I, when they were able to destroy the Islamic Caliphate, making financial gains and controlling resources. They obtained the Balfour Declaration, formed the League of Nations through which they could rule the world. They were behind World War II, through which they made huge financial gains by trading in armaments, and paved the way for the establishment of their state. It was they who instigated the replacement of the League of Nations with the United Nations and the Security Council to enable them to rule the world through them. There is no war going on anywhere, without having their finger in it.”[135]
    Furthermore, Article 32 of the Covenant makes reference to The Protocols of the Elders of Zion:
    “Today it is Palestine, tomorrow it will be one country or another. The Zionist plan is limitless. After Palestine, the Zionists aspire to expand from the Nile to the Euphrates. When they will have digested the region they overtook, they will aspire to further expansion, and so on. Their plan is embodied in the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion”, and their present conduct is the best proof of what we are saying.”

    “The Day of Judgement will not come about until Muslims fight the Jews (killing the Jews). When the Jew will hide behind stones and trees, the stones and trees will say O Muslims, O Abdulla, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him.”

    Who has the Armageddon fantasies?

    “French revolution, the Russian revolution, colonialism and both world wars were created by the Zionists. It also claims the Freemasons and Rotary clubs are Zionist fronts.”

    The Rotary club?? ROTFLMAO!!! Too rich! Yes, Hamas certainly has a feel for truth and world history!! NOT!

    Pure ignorance and unadulterated hate, unfortuanately, IMHO, Hamas will have to be voted out, surrender or be destroyed before there is peace. It’s up to the Palestinian people to decide their own fate. The sooner the better!

  24. Yup, the endlösnung was actually a jewish plot for taking over the world… Great plan! How better to take over the world than to have the Germans murder 6 million of your people?!? :P

  25. Marie Claude says:

    the french revolution ???? so far I read from my fellows, outa the pond, it was a “socialist” agenda LMAO the french revolution abolished the workers corporations , dating from the cathedrals times (unions in a nowwadays vocabulary), also the freemasons were daemonised !!!

  26. Marie Claude says:

    oh may-be that’s because the french revolution gave the first the french citizenship to the Jews, while our enlightened neighbours made it more than 50 years later, ie 60 years for UK

  27. “while our enlightened neighbours made it more than 50 years later”

    1814 in the case of Denmark, but we had only had jew immigrants for about 100 years by then…

  28. Ya, Adam, how clever of those Jews to come up with the endlösnung, who would’ve thought they’d be so crafty!! Retaking of the Rhineland-Jews! Taking the Sudetenland-Jews! Operation Barbarossa-Jews! Man those guys a sooooo sneaky!!! LOL

  29. But … the Rotary clubs? (rolling my eyes!)

  30. For you EU-sceptical americans out there:

    Lest you doubt the view of EU on Hamas…

  31. Thanks, Adam!!

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