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This is great:

Since Hamas has come to power in 2006 and staged a counter-coup against the thuggish, Western-sponsored, secular Fatah militia led by Mohammed Dahlan by mid-2007, the Egyptian regime began to see Hamas’ control of Gaza from the narrow prism of its own domestic predicament with the Muslim Brotherhood.

And Hamas are harmless islamic faithful kittens.


  1. Well, his language doesn’t leave any doubt as to his allegiance – he’s quite clearly with Hamas in the Israel-must–be-destroyed camp…

    Yeah, Hamas aren’t thuggish at all…! :D

  2. “Amidst the rivers of blood flowing in Palestine, there is a need to go beyond reiterating empty clichés about ongoing peace process and the two-state solution.”

    Clearly not dealing with a peace-campaigner here… ;)

  3. Clearly not dealing with a peace-campaigner here… ;)

    They seem to be in very short supply, despite all the whining whenever war breaks out. That’s the crux of the problem.

  4. Roman Kalik says:

    Despite possessing over 200 nuclear warheads and its expansionist schemes, Israel is currently being seen by the Egyptian leadership as a less immediate threat than the self-defensive militancy of Hamas.

    Of course he isn’t, Adam. Can’t you see from his cold, logical reasoning that Israel is a bunch of evil bastards bent on world domination?

  5. RK: :D

    “Despite possessing over 200 nuclear warheads and its expansionist schemes”

    He hasn’t even stopped to ponder why Israel has over 200 warheads (where did he get that info?) and hasn’t used any of them so far… That might – just might! – have something to do with Egypt’s stance. ;) Not to mention Israel giving back Sinai…

    “…than the self-defensive militancy of Hamas”

    Self-defensive… :P Tell that to the family of the egyptian border guard! :(

  6. I think that as long as the Arab governments maintain the incitement in their mosques, educational systems, etc against non Muslims, nothing will be resolved and no peace will be achieved in the ME. Personally I am sick and tired of being called “sons of pig and monkeys” (or daughters in my case)
    I also suspect that S. Arabia has this long plan to “Islamize” the world and that Israel is an open sore in their long view and program. They use and abuse the Palestinian people to foster their program. They have the money………………..
    I am now in Buenos Aires, Argentina where a past President, Menem, gave away to the Saudis a big and very expensive piece of land in one of the best neighborhoods of Buenos Aires. They build a huge mosque that is presently poorly attended. My suspicion is that they are looking into the future when the world will turn into “Dar al Islam”. While visiting the mosque they mention that it is a small community and my next question was: Why so huge” I am talking about a hall that can house several thousand people…………….well, what do I know…………..I am just pondering

  7. i luv egypt says:

    loooooooooooooool faithful kitten! damn egyptians are funny both in english and arabic

  8. No… Israel is the harmless kitten…

    Go to hell !

  9. diana let me guess, are you “Nasraneyya”?

  10. Adam stupid B, israel murdered 18 eyptians border guards in the last two years, so please go fuck yourself

  11. ahmed:

    Aside you showing what an asshole you are with your name-calling, you’re also exposing yourself as quite the hypocrite…

    I have no knowledge about egyptian border guards killed by israeli soldiers, nor of the circumstances of these supposed deaths. I DO know that the “self-defensive militancy of Hamas” killed a guard in cold blood because he insisted on doing his job. How is this excused by any deaths at the hands of israeli?

  12. Adam…

    Dude…have you not noticed a pattern of 90% of the apparent Arab commentaries here…With a couple of exceptions…they curse, name-call, make wild accusations…Actually I think it is good because it exposes them for what they are…mindless, emotional and even bizarre…So why do folks here even respond to them? I don’t get it…just reinforcing what they want.

    BTW…whatever happened to that whole thing SM brought up with Israel hitting 4 Egyptians with sharpnel? Nothing…

    If they have an intelligent criticism…fine…but all the other stuff…it is a kind of sad form of entertainment.

  13. Yeah, and a disgusting fascination with sexual violence!! Is that an Arab/Muslim thing? I am beginning to think so :(