Haaretz’s profile of Omar Suleiman

I keep finding it very disturbing that I find out information on Egyptian internal politics and its players through the Israeli Media. Here is a profile Haaretz has on the head of the egyptian intelligence agency, Omar Suleiman. It's mostly accurate, except that what I know of the man is that he is incredibly secular. Maybe the displays of religiousity is for show, or my information is wrong. Either way, that piece has far more information on the man than the entire egyptian press published in the past 5 years combined.


  1. Actually it’s long been said that Suleiman is quite pious, and at the same time anti-MB (not that there’s a contradiction). I very much doubt that he’s a secularist in the Western sense or even in the Egyptian tradition. People who know him say he prays regularly, etc.

    The most detailed profile of Suleiman appeared in The Atlantic several years ago, in piece on succession in Egypt.

  2. I actually read this profile some time ago but what caught my eye the most was this description:

    “We met some years ago with CIA representatives in the lobby of a hotel,” recalled an Israeli intelligence man, “and suddenly Omar made a ‘v’ figure with his fingers. One of his aides surfaced out of the blue and placed a cigar between his fingers.”

    Sounds more like El Presidente Omar Monatana to me…