In Egypt? Get a car!

Otherwise you won't get anywhere. The Train signal operators have started a strike, stopping all the Trains in Egypt, and Microbus drivers are striking in Gam3et el dowal street over the new traffic law. Hopefully the subway operators are next, so that egyptians would have every excuse to get the rest of the week off. Sure, they could go there on bicycles, but, like, seriously dude, we are not that in shape! 


  1. sounds like LA…but with a lot of ugly people ;)

  2. and car owners are moleted – literally – for having/not having a first aid kit, an anti-reflection ‘stop triangle’ and a fire extinguisher …

    Taxis are better … Cairo cabs

  3. @nash’at “ugly ppl”?!! I bet all Americans are beautiful balash self-hatred dah

    Im glad that the idea of demonstrating is taking over Egypt. Im hoping this will eventually lead more and more ppl to stand up against laws they dnt like and eventually start acting in a positive way. Im also shocked to read today that the 1st group of motorists to be aprehended on spot were shackles have been used against them!!

  4. I would say the problem with biking is more connected to the fact that the streets of Egypt are not really cycling-friendly, its not that we’re not in shape!! Believe me there are people who wish they could cycle to work, even if its from Mohandesin to Heliopolis! There’s an initiative though, search facebook for Cairo Cyclers Club!

  5. streets in Egypt is tanks friendly, no roam for cycling here.

  6. Or get a bicycle as I do. Great, at least if you’re restricted to the Mohandiseen-Dokki-Zamalek-Downtown-Bulaq-Mounira-Garden City central area. No stinky taxis, you get some exercise, the air pollution is not as bad as you might think, and traffic in this area slow enough to make it safe. No looking for parking.

    I wish many more Egyptians would abandon the idea that bicycles are for the baqal delivery guys and join initiatives like Cairo Cyclers Club. It makes sense economically and environmentally (and let’s face it, it makes sense in terms that Cairenes are not the most healthy of people – you would get in shape if you biked!).

    - al khawaga fil ‘agala

  7. Arabist then Egypt will need a whole lot of upper scale mountain bikes to make the public feel that they are not delivery boys if they choose to ride them! Let’s say a $3,000 KONA Mountain Bike, add 300% for taxes and Egyptian retardedness and you got yourself a $12, 000 mountain bike. The equivalent of 70,000 Egyptian Pounds!

    That sounds just about right considering that people pay 1.5 million EGP for a $60,000 Porsche Cayenne. That’s 5 times the original price ROFL. My neighbors got one and he isn’t even 21 yet but I doubt he would want to peddle a bike around town!