Just so you know

Hamas just rejected the egyptian Truce draft. While hostilities are not yet resumed, until actual negotiations start, war might break out again. Do you care? I am not sure I do at the moment.

If you are sick of the whole thing, the Onion has an Op-Ed for you!


  1. Well, Hamas (that is, the palestinian voters) obviously don’t want peace at all… Let’s face it, the egyptian truce is no more than that – a truce. It’s not a peace deal. It’s not an accept of Israel. It’s simply a handshake on not throwing rocks at each other for a while. Obviously, Israel throws the biggest rocks, so Hamas rejecting this truce must mean that they’re ready for more…

  2. Hamas ain’t the only ones making it hard to like them…


  3. This was obvious from the beginning and Hizboallah just got busted trying to do a mega-terror in Europe…

    Just forget guys…nothing is going to change anytime soon because those dudes really don’t want any kind of settlement…just all or none

  4. Why should Hamas sign a peace treaty? They won!! LOL

  5. Yihaw!

    Just saw an EU representitive with responsibility for EU projects in Gaza deplore that projects are built, destroyed, built again only to be destroyed next time the conflict flares up. “It’s time we realize that this conflict needs to end if we are to build a functioning society in Gaza” was more or less her conclusion…

    Duh!!! To quote Han Solo, I’m glad she’s here to tell us these things! And these are the kind of people my hard-earned money are funding?!?

  6. Of course Hamas refused the truce – Damascus made them. And they feel protected for good reason. They just survived about the worst Israel can throw at them, because Israel has to pick its way so carefully around the human shields that Hamas throws up. Any other army in the world, including America’s would have left them in much worse shape. And if they were being attacked by Egypt, nobody would have noticed 20,000 casualties, except for the locals. The Western media would have snoonzed. When it’s Arab on Arab, there is no story.

  7. Roman Kalik says:

    @5 Adam B.

    And these are the kind of people my hard-earned money are funding?!?

    Bureaucrats. Your hard-earned money is funding a continental proto-government of bureaucrats. This is quite possibly the most amusing development of the 20th century.

  8. Marie Claude says:

    uh ho, Egypt doesn’t want us to patrol


    me thinks that the Egyptians don’t want us to know how they take their percentage on the lucrative traffics.

  9. Joel Rosenberg says:

    Gotta be careful there. It’s hard to argue that many in the Arab world — particularly Egypt — care about the plight of the poor Gazans, few admit it.

  10. “In my discussions with European foreign ministers yesterday, I warned them and said: ‘You must understand Arab and Muslim feelings’,” Aboul Gheit told a news conference, adding that if such a job was needed, the responsibility should be borne by Israel, not Europe.

    “I urge you to look and consider this … because it might have consequences in Palestinian and Arab relations with you,” Aboul Gheit said, speaking after talks with EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana.

    MC, he’s playing the “oil” card :P

    Although Egypt has no oil… strange how that works. God help us all, if regional powers in the rest of the world ever work as closely together as Arabs do. The first heads to roll would undoubtedly be Arab. The world needs the oil, not the people who control it. Which is why the oil card gets played so delicately, these days. Wouldn’t wanna push anyone so hard that they decided to actually do something about it…

  11. Marie Claude says:

    Craig, the “oil card” , hein ???

    nah !!!! rather the “empathy card”